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B Chapman Sep 2017
I fear for my son and the example this sets.
We had other options, why choose this?
'Grab the women, exile the dark.
Worship like us or bare a mark.'

Off goes the tv, the radio down.
I'd hate him to hear such heartbreaking sounds.
We'll wait for the bombs when this man's temper explodes.
But they always said a woman wouldn't be as controlled.  

You call us childish as we fight for our rights.
They're yours too, you're just blinded by pride.
You bang on your chest and cry for respect.
But we'll know who to blame though you'll deny and deflect.

You voted against me, your wives, mothers, daughters, and friends.
But we won't kneel before racism, objectification, and threats.
I bow my head to pray and to weep.
Because of this villain, our country will bleed.
I wrote this on inauguration day and forgot it was hiding in the draft folder. I'm terrible with technology.
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
No ambiguity let there be;
All racists are abhorrent to me!
If those we elect can't say the same
Alas 'tis to our eternal shame!
For the views of those whom we elect
Rightly or wrongly on us reflect!
sophia sacal Aug 2017
Torches lit the night sky,
A glowing river of flames
Burning with the passion of hate.

Body after body marching on,
Faces devoid of any humanity
And a grotesque amusement
Sparkling in their eyes.

Senseless chants piercing the air,
The place quickly becoming a gathering
Of ignorance and hatred.

The minutes tickled by,
The violence spreading like a wildfire—
No act of kindness strong enough to
Extinguish it.

**** flags painted the sky a ****** red,
The white no longer a sign of peace,
But rather the symbol of white supremacy.

This is what the place we call "home" has become.
matthew Jan 2017
To the man with the comb-over,
I resent you.
For the way you talk about women,
Speaking of us like property,
For taking away our choice,
Of if we want to conceive.

To the man with the loud mouth,
I ignore you.
For shooting down people’s words,
Putting a lock on their mouth,
And interrupting them with your nasally

To the man with the twisted morals,
I abhor you.
For the families pushed out of the country,
By the wall in your heart
And the one you want for your country.

To the man with all of the power,
I fear you.
For the lies you tell,
You reek of deceit.
For how you make war,
Or peace, if that’s what you want to call it.
xerez bridglall Jan 2017
Do not ask your citizens to apologize for you,
For your iron fists and oppressive ways.
Do not ask children to cower in school yards because they can't understand why they're being told to go home,
" I have to wait for my mum to pick me up."
Do not ask friends to shield friends from being punching bags,
From iron fists you support.
Do not ask women to surrender their rights,
Because you as man need to be dominant.
Do not ask companies to shamefully prevent travel,
Because you are iron ****** and dense.
You do not ask because you do not care,
But we do it nonetheless.
While the world sits on the edge of their seats and families cower in the dark. Trump sleeps at home surrounded by men willing to take a bullet for him. We as humanity should be prepared to take a bullet for oppression. He does not ask, he does.
Pauline Celerio Nov 2016
Just like the wind before it was named,
we were one.
Just like the skies--whether blue, black, or gray,
we were one.
Before time was night and day,
we were one.
And before water became seas, rivers, and lakes,
we were one.
But the colors became powers,
And these differences of ours,
Named the weak and the strong,
and the right and the wrong.
When freedom became property
And feelings became tragedy,
That's when love emerged a warrior,
And time a dictator.
Long were the days when life was like the wind
And the skies, and the day and the night.
And the seas and the rivers and lakes,
One before the reconstructions of time.
Long were the days of the free,
But those days were long gone.
And with every peek of the setting sun,
I remember the time,

When we were one.
Sethnicity Nov 2016
It had to be a yes
It coulda been a sure
There ain't no way to know why don't you go and ask the *****

I'll blame it on the Drinks
no matter what you thinks
**** it up to having fun outside of roller rinks.

Blame it on my Dad
add up all he had
Never had the time talk but yo he wasn't Bad.
But Don't blame it on the Rah ra ra raw ape **** Culture!

Blame it on the hips
the rubbing and the dips
**** a rubber neways it woulda ****** ripped
I asked that ***** twice
don't I sound nice
Check my stats wow Now you know she wanna slice

Hey Hey it wasn't me, It's spaghetti strapped tees
skirt above the knees
my eyes are steady sayin please

I can't control my blink
they way you dress in pink
I'm the best to women no matter what they ****** think
But Don't blame it on the Rap ra ra ape **** Culture!

I saw you from a far
you walked up to the bar
It must have been a sign from god so now your in my car

Of course you are a tease
there's no way that I could leave
A damsel in distress in need of what I gotta see

No one believes that I
ever be apart
something had to make me
act that way
ain't me
It Won't happen again
believe me cause
I need too
hold on to my status
as the baddest
of the good dudes

So I'll Blame it on the Dress
Girl I won't confess
Blame it on my Name
that got you feeling all that shame
or you can Blame it on the Ra Rah rah Raw ape **** Culture.
Blame it on the Rap rah Rah raw ape **** Culture.

Blame it on the Drinks
forgetting what you think
Blame it on the Money
cause we all could use some Honey,
Blame it on the Ra Rah rah Raw Ape **** Culture
Blame it on the Rah ha Raw Ra ape **** Culture!

Soon You'll be a wake
have time to contemplate
No matter what you do
they'll favor me before you

Say whats on your mind
Sell your rhyme to Time
Manufacture a movement
hashtag a catchy tag line

I objectify ya body cause I'm picking up the tab
calling you a goddess but I'll never call a cab  
Tell'n me ya problems my shoulder is your tissue
would it make it better If I just got with you
the scratches on ya body are old bf issues
Even Judge and Jury will straight up diss you

So you can Blame it on my Dad
The one I never had
Blame on the rain
*** you faking just for fame
You can
Blame it on the Ra ra rah Raw ape **** Culture
Blame it on the Ra ha ha ha ha **** Culture.

I'm saying what you want
You didn't look that drunk
I make you feel good bout your body
Call me Trump
My hands are all up on you
but you didn't run so I got you
I'll blame it on the Stress
the money and success
I'll blame it on the way you looked
standing by my desk
So Blame it on the Ra Rah Rah Raw ape **** Culture
Blame it on the Ra ha Rah Ha ha Haha **** Culture....
That moment when all the party and ******* songs loose their flavor.

Blame it on the **** Culture!
I'm not done w/ this piece yet.

— The End —