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D Loup Oct 2016
caffeine crutch
restless midnight rush
memorize words to pinpoint precision
leaning on a coffee cup
fuel for cognitive ignition
unproductive nocturnal emission
of restless sighs
and tears from tired eyes
out of mind
passing time
dreary dreamer
2am alpha wave fighter
front line gunner
of disappointment in the making
time wasting
consciousness fading
daylight breaking
clock resetting
D Loup May 2016
I'll soon forget the color of your eyes

But your name is still burned in my throat

And I'm wide awake, trying to drown it away

With words and whiskey
D Loup May 2016
Stay a while, just a little while longer
let me just retrace your face with my eyes
I'll memorize your sunlight gaze, I'll take a picture

Cause wherever you go is wherever I won't
And whenever I say, it's not that you don't
I just want you to stay, stay, stay

And every day that passes, my anchors get heavier
And whenever the wind blows, it doesn't lead me to you
I whenever I breathe, I can never breathe you in

So stay a while, I'll just take your picture
Every little detail, I'll scar on my walls
It will never be better than what's in front of me now

And by the time you read this, it's already too late
You're already gone and no, I'm okay
But it would be better to stay, stay, stay

And I'm trapped inside these words and pages
I've found that feelings don't go, they attach
And so wherever you are, I'll write about you

And I say no I'm okay just like the moon says
No, I don't want a brand new day
Dear,  I say no because you never said yes
D Loup Sep 2015
Dear, you are love
You are hopeless moments
You are sweet nothings
You are empty stares
You are emotional fatigue
You are physical disinterest
You are indifference
My dear, you are love.
D Loup May 2015
Oh moon, take me with you
Take me with you
To another place
So this night won't end

Oh moon, take me away
Take me away
To a place where time stands still
And so does the beating of my heart

Oh moon, take me to you
Take me to you
Where your calm is suffocating
Strangling life from tired eyes

Oh moon, take me
Take me
D Loup Feb 2015
I've made a mistake I cannot undo
That is, my dear, to fall hard for you
Even though what my chest screams is true
He found you first, he loves you too
D Loup Jan 2015
I am a structure, hastily built
Cemented within my chest, the weight of the world
Burdens of nations, plastered on my shoulders
My base starts to move
How long til I crumble
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