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Mateuš Conrad May 2016
only today i came across what interested Heidegger
after writing being and time, a selection
of essays, revealing that he came to be interested
in language - not knowing this, by mere study
of the introduction some things became apparent -
being quiet democratic in my reading it's a shame
i don't have the academic leisurely pace of becoming
a Heidegger specialist - it's the almost damnable
pulling-apart having to cite many influences and not
focusing on one, but since i don't have academic
leisure, the summary in the introduction
by jeffrey powell (editor) of the book heidegger
and language
will just have to do: apropos this
being an antidote to those bemoaning that we only
write about reading books, carefully choreographic
our lives for mints and espressos and ammoniac
(inhalants in a boxing ring nearing a knock-out) -
hide pretty bird, hide, hide pretty pretty bird
first your song inside a cage, then the cage inside
the heart, and thus the song with the cage,
silenced inside the cage, raging mad inside the heart.
well, the antidote is that i already have some ideas,
and reading the essays contained in this book would
put me off what i was intending to write about,
so, in summary, read the major work, then read introductions
of critical books from those studying the subject,
invent an original approach from that, and elsewhere.
before i venture into the whole affair of having to
reread certain passages from the introduction as to
guide me in this Bermuda Delta i what to do a little
sidewinder interlude:
in chemistry there are two major bonds (for the purpose
of what i'm intending, let us just assume that
we're only talking about π and σ bonds) -
and while psychology dehumanises man to strict
theories without clear proofs to a universal standard,
i want to do what will come later regarding Heidegger's
take on language, for me there's no clear philosophical
vocabulary to be used - i'm not into orthodoxy and
rigidity which says

                piquant sun strokes against
                the bargains of spring's last
                hope for a kept bazaar
                to bloom to then deflower
                petals from trees fall to earth
                like glasses, the tree stands
                as a reflection of shattered glass
                the petals remain the tree intact
                worn at the Royal Ascot
                or in a woman's hair.

obviously something like this is a poem - what i mean,
however, concerning what's identifiable as philosophy is
to me the following:  
                                        blah = monotone x algebraic
                                                    for­ non-differential
                                                    purposes, just filling up
                                                    the page

            blah blah blah blah blah blah subjectivity blah blah blah blah blah blah essentially blah blah blah blah blah blah in-itself blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah thing-external v. thing-internalised blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah metaphysics blah etc.
                          and so on and so forth, a fixation on using a certain vocabulary to be equivalent or justification to be "apparently" talking philosophy... yet still no gain from the words of grammatical categorisation... for me? too many propositions, the basis of what the academic environment deems to be "pure" verbiage, or none (akin Wittgenstein) - that famous quote about a lion and having tea on Tuesday... or as Buddha would say: said so to shatter thus the fear of ketamine thoughtlessness;

but that's beside the point, i want to return to
how any chemist might treat psychology as a science,
keep it up to date, given that psychology likes
to shove its nose in everyday activities for a strict
expression of equivalent rubric that mathematics already
possesses and shoves into a child's brain to make
the child become accustomed to symbol encoding;
so π and σ bonds, let's say between two carbons atoms...
but in psychology we don't have the luxury of
many alternative examples...
me and language: to write in terms of optics,
to encode images rather than sounds,
language as optometry rather than a hearing-aid...
so what "elements" do we have in psychology,
essentially what defines consciousness, its sub-plot
and its unfamiliar territory - the using the dusty
Freudian units, we know the concept of the superman
(superman was a bad bad boy) from Nietzsche
evolved into the super mm hmm, and we know
there are two other units, mm hmm and the id /
it or that? it is for me, that is for scalpel for the analyst,
the prober, unlucky for the person who took to
objectifying himself, but better than being objectified -
still, remember i'm working with language in terms
of optics rather than phonetics - enough organic chemistry
diagrams and you will see that the bonding between
mm hmm, the super mm hmm and the gemini id
(one the patient, the second the analyst) trapped inside
an electron cloud of bio-electric processes is rigid and
stable due to the opposite of π and σ,
i chose the optic route using the bonds δ and ψ -
symbolically δ is the mathematical term for sum -
summation, the total of - currently i have no clue about
the significance of ψ just yet, but ψ is a symbol of
psychology like caduceus is the symbol of medicine;
a brief expansion on the natures of the bonds,
quack-science δ bonds being all alike meaning uniform
meaning holding every aspect uniformly, meaning
that a δ bond is of the same nature between mm hmm
and super mm hmm in a petri dish within the
solvent of the conscious sub-plot, likewise other variations
δ bonds are uniform bonds, i.e. ensuring one detail
is related to the other, and so to others.
ψ bonds, not much expansion here as promising detail,
asthma the highest research of breath, and all
major theoretical squeezing through the Suez -
depending on the measure of breaths, we can depend
on the internal things - but never so much Pamplona encierro
cleaning-up to do theorising an affirmative sound
like mm hmm, or other affirmative synonyms -
if it were can *****, it would be mince rather than
a clean dissection - mince meat, should mm hmm be
not an *****, let alone a body. so many attachments
to mm hmm these days, it should be attached to zoological
studies than activities of breathing: theory as a cage,
one after the over, eventually not even cages but
the caged animal turning into matryoshka doll -
Kant doesn't venture into the dynamic of his thing-in-itself
represented by the matryoshka as ad continuum -
maybe he does, but to me here merely pinpoints it,
coins the phrase noumenon and ensures the thing
is opened, god or nothing is put in it, the thing is
closed, locked and the key to unlocking it is thrown
away and never found (i'll mention a short process of
his argument some other time, most notably his
three impossibilities concerning proving the existence
of god: ontological, physico-theological and cosmological).
yes, i know, when reading these ****** books
i have to paint the arguments, i need to simplify
them, a poet reading a philosophy has to paint
the words - the best poetic technique applicable to
understanding philosophical books is imagery,
not as a technique of for the purpose of writing my own,
but as a way to paint what was written by some boffin -
precursor to understanding the three impossibilities
of proof, i find it strange that such proof is necessary,
what would you do with it? prove it once on
paper, or in your head, show it to everyone and then
slowly everyone is able, then the so called "man in
the sky" - it seems strange that scientific positivism
of the Enlightenment supposed such a proof, the proof
is more implausible than the existence - Bertrand...
just smoke your pipe and sit in the easy-chair talking
******* with Wittgenstein... more on that later.
i promised quotes from the above mentioned book
(heidegger and language)...

           das wort kommt zur sprache,
             das seyn bring sich zum wort.

working from phenomenology, to later reject it,
thus precipitating the school of deconstruction-ism,
and with Heidegger we do get to atomic elements
from words, from compounds, thank god there are
no sub-atomic ventures with language, quiet impossible
to de-construct language beyond this point,
let's face it, if you go as far as:
'as preparatory for raising the question of being...
language is one of three constituent moments in
the analysis of the being of the da in dasein (being there)'
furthered by equal atom bombardment replacing
the un-compounded sein (verb, be) with seyn (conjunction /
noun, being) - this is modern physics to my understanding,
i'm not particularly interested what he's saying,
i'm interested in painting what he's saying -
i'll spare you the details of what philosophical systematisation
is actually involved in: restricted vocabulary -
a certain limit is allowed, rigid meanings are involved,
rigidity of drilling in of non-deviation, philosophical
systems are not dishonest in that they are consistent with
a limited vocabulary - i will spare you the torture of
seeing one ball being juggled - the shrapnel of the English
language makes it even more distracting to understand,
as with the above, another e.g.?
'every saying of beyng is held in words and meanings
which are understandable in the view of everyday
references of beings, and are exclusively thought in
that view, but which as expressions of beyng,
are misunderstood...' of course i could be cherry picking
Heidegger like a Jehovah's witness cherry picking
the bible, but i'm not interested in what he's saying,
merely painting you the picture, to scale then:

books                      -              celestial objects
chapters                 -               cycles of celestial objects
paragraphs            -               prime features of
                                                 celestial objects
                                                 (e.g. Jupiter's red eye,
                                                  Saturn's ring,
                                                  Earth's oceans
                                                  and continents)
sentences                 -              
words                       -
syllables                   -
letters                        -             atoms / elements  
                                           ah, it was going oh so well,
i think i started too big, and went into too small,
which made visualising sentences and words and syllables
hard to compare what could fit between
Australia and and atoms of RuXe - by chance ruxe is
an actual word, no as stated ruthenium and xenon,
although that too, ruxir (ruxo, ruxin, ruxido) in Galician
meaning to roar.
Lawrence Hall Jan 2018
Down at the Auto Repair - A Waiting Room Discourse

Blah blah blah Trump blah blah blah Bannon blah
Blah blah blah da(ng)ed schools blah blah it’s all
Fake news blah blah blah double-blah media
Clintons blah blah blah kids these days blah blah

Blah buzz buzz buzz that wouldn’t have happened
In my day blah blah blah I can’t believe
What they’re charging blah blah blah FEMA blah
Blah Trump blah blah they don’t want us to know

Blah blah blah da(ng)ed schools blah blah it’s all
Fake news blah blah blah double-blah Jesus

(You can turn it over if you want, but the other side’s just the same)
Jeremy Duff Aug 2012
Angsty feelings portrayed with unflashy adjectives.
blah blah blah
Hateful words directed at people in general.
blah blah blah
Ranting about cigarettes like a pig.
blah blah blah
My music is better than yours because no one else likes it.
blah blah blah
Society *****.
blah blah blah
Quotes from pop-punk songs.
blah blah blah
Depressed ramblings.
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
Love *****.
You *****.
I ****.
******* *****.
blah blah blah blah...
JDK Dec 2015
'Tis the season to spend money!

blah-blah-blah, blah-blah, blah blah blah blah

I'm so broke it isn't funny!

blah-blah-blah, blah-blah, blah blah blah blah

Going down, my credit rating!

blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, blah blah blah

By next year I'll still be paaAAAaaying

*blah blah blah blah blah, blah-blah blah BLAH!
If it makes you feel any better, it's money well spent. Happy holidays everyone!
Matt Apr 2017
Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah

Area managers

Blah blah blah
This is her life

Lady next to me
Blah black blabbing

Andre's team
Blah blah blah

Has been in the role
For 6 and 7 months

Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah
Sjr1000 Oct 2014
It's the
Blah Blah Blah
it's gonna
drive you mad

It's the
Blah Blah Blah
every time
you turn your head.

The mouths are moving
but you're not hearin
a word
their saying,
a dog listening to Russian
it's all
Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah

My partner's complaining
My children are whining
Your parents eyes are dialating
The teacher is lecturing
the bosses are gesturing
the customer is complaining, irate
the salesman with smiles
is bombing your face.

You're told
you're not good enough
fast enough
right enough
tough enough
too slow
too late
you know what they're saying
all you are seeing
the old
Blah Blah Blah

I'm looking
every one's
they all seem surprised,
I'm not really sure
what it is
they are all really doin',
all I'm hearing
and probably saying
Blah Blah Blah
GussE Jan 2014
Blah blah blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah blah,
blah blah.
finding gravity on a bicycle...

surely... given that most people
don't write a ******* hemmingway...
and there's no william buckley jr.
doing the interview...
and there's no norman mailer...

and that: no one really bothers
with kierkegaard and that:
kant "famously" didn't marry starry crap...
why didn't i have kids
and start a family?
uh... dunno... mother's best lie...
or the best lie a neighbour brings
with her... whenever you're
being a 2nd witness without
the 1st witness being there...

and she says an "also" with regards
to her son having the same luck
with women...
when the comparison comes:
a koala bear versus a gorilla...
bonsai tiger!
like a koala is a ******* bear
to begin with...
cuddly soft-pouch toy-ah-thing!

but there's that great feat!
finding gravity on a bicycle...
my mother helped me with that...
and that famous fail of
a rotondo... well... more or less
a cricket ground egg shaped, oval...
or a rugby ball...
the shoulder on the salto bike
hard... rammed into a car....

as a child you were supposedly well
and this is modern poo'etry i hear about?
here's to: john sounding like johny...
will sounding like *****...
richard sounding like: **** and not richy...
it's cute... matthew... matti: finnish...
leonard is: leo oh leo...
why art we all not named: Li Lo Po!

of course everyone managed to spot
the tetragrammaton vowel catchers that's
hey'zeus! no... not the bloke strapped
to the mannequin of tailoring...
oh no... not the crucifix pendulum
"for us all"... by blood... by cross...
who is to exfoliate on the crucifix...
better than some well scouted for materials
on a mannequin canvas for tailoring
a suit?
the guilt?! oh the guilt!
well... thank god this metaphysician would
never address the material realm of
enjoying a... dabble with... wool...
when donning a suit...
or leather shoes... or any presence of suede...
beside the crucifix mannequin: replica
and pittance!

- but finding gravity on a bicycle is one thing...
finding gravity when swimming is another...
it's called gravity...
but some heretical circles call it:
after all... it is both gravity...
and balance... given that while riding
a bike... or swimming...
you're pretty much sure, assured:
to not be falling...

you can find gravity with newtonian hindsight...
of sure...
that's there... it involves the magicians orbs...
copernican mathematics and...
target practice when it comes to
propaganda spew...
and Steward... the lesser... Stew...
cousin of the house of Stuart...
not Steward... Stuart...
which is (again)...
a McKiteit and MacCoddlewit...
some Glaswegian *****-donor clinic
"miss-up" mix-it: tend to...
lounging busy... which is of course...
besides the "look"...

5 bazookas cleared for a salvo!
hip hip! burger-pound!
hip hip! boom shizzle shoom!
hip hip! hooray!
oh now we'z getz uz best
partay birth doy wishy-washy

but given the current Persian affair...
i couldn't help to notice...
love actually... the narrative...
the u.s.a. and england...
the Z-spezial re-la-tion-ship...

so... who's spastic... and who's fantastic?!
spaz: B-bristolian-esque joking...
never aside...
who's the spaz and who's the frizzy-fuss?!

spe-zial mother russia talks down
to dog Kiev: yes, it's in (the) Ukraine...
spezial iz not what iz?

h'america... kept a yorkshire terrier...
media leetches of england
firmly in its grasp...
cuz onez we woz: once -
the militia contra the crown...
of north virginia...

coz b'rah: a 79-year-old man
who lit himself on fire protesting
against russia's language policies
in the capital of the volga region
of udmurtia has died;
name? alberto raisin...
which sounds terrible in its
non-native spanish...

but there's something worth of gravity
without debating
the heliocentric model...
finding one's balance on a bicycle...
a posteriori events...
but... the same balance can be
translated into a swimming session...

my god my father tried to teach me...
if i was supposed to learn
to swim in the sea...
with the fear: of not seeing the depth?
isn't that like a thesaurus
congestion of: acrophobia?
isn't there a word in the borrowed
lexicon of the ancient greeks...
concerning... fearing to swim in a body
of water... where you can't see the bottom?
i could learn to swim in a swimming
pool... thankfuly all because and due to...

i also found gravity in water...
i could... lie in water and become...
the antithesis of: the body consists
of 90% of water...
yes sherlock watson & sons... ltd...
but in water i'm mostly fat...
if i find the right balance...
i float...
which is why swimming is a bit
like riding a bicycle...
you find: the center...
or gravity...

again... in this special "relationship"
of bruv-love...
between h'america and whittle brit-pop interlude...
oasis on the continent...
my my... blur, even...
breakfast at tiffany's back in the dough-dough-us...
who is the ******* SPASTIC?
in this "SPEZIAL" relationship?
i guess the english must be the SPEZIALS...

a bit like watching:
go-go-gonzales trip up on a spelling mistake...
which is all i care for...
like a comedia...
a deviation from the informal, later,
subject of language implementation...
and all this peacocking prior...

where else does gravity allow itself...
a presence of the multi-vector?
up and down... left and right...
it's not as easily explained as:
on a ledge... with an apple...
drop it... newton with a header!
a 1-all equalizer in stoppage time
an F.A. cup re-match!

gravity on a bicycle...
it's hardly a drop affair...
gravity in water...
it's hardly merely swimming...
there's that aspect of finding... buoyancy...
there's not need for you to swim...
to exhert so much effort...
that you might as well drown 10 meters
in after swimming the 'undred...

no buoyancy: no chinese fortune cookies...
i still don't know which is more grand...
beside the acrobatics of... olympic level

it's not bound to youth via lifting weights...
or supreme mao tse tung's winter olympics
of: hunger strikes in Vinter...
the gravity bound to a bicycle...
or the gravity bound to swimming...
after all... the latter is a bit "funny"...

"levitation" and buoyancy...
the dracula soundtrack:
only because of gary oldman and the composer
wojciech kilar... and the given, current...
b.b.c. spin-off and how...
yes... it's that terrible...
i don't even know where those five-stars
came from!
the archetype of feminine romance novels?
the syphilitic lover? the "vampire"?

yes, no? two guesses as good as: nein - keiner...
and, quiet honestly...
nothing could make this exercise in:
not engaging in any of all the available
comments sections on any website...
any worse... than it already is...

it comes as no surprise that: i write this poo'ems
not because i don't write poetry...
but because i will neither write
a poem by standards reserved for
pedagogy or demagogy...
or write identifiable puzzle-bog-trots of...
language reserved for politicization:
and not for... counter-marxist...
"psychiatric" post-...
hardly modern or... "today's journalism"...
eh... pushing it toward a Beckett-clause...
concerning language that is not expected...
oh but i certainly do know
a difference between formal language
and... this... the informal language...
the cognitive extension that does not
require a "free speech" protection bias...

none of this was spoken...
it was seen...
weaved into "thinking"...
that's the difference... isn't it?
from my end of the tenniscourt "promenade"
i've heard nothing but clickick...
off this dead-end replica piano
of a qwer

unless my shadow spoke... or there was some
telepathic connection
with the schizoid "group-think" of me
sourcing my sometime odd...
cognitive-murmors of "thought"...
so be it...

this defence of a freedom of speech...
how does that even extend into writing?
i will never know...
and to be honest? i don't want to know...
writing is an extension of thinking...
which is also an inversion of speaking...
but it's never speaking...
where's the audio on this piece?!

how about... plucking your eyes out,
after fating yourself with the
original curiosity to begin with?
sounds better: than... what still persists as...
not being, said!

this was written, it wasn't said...
this is not a transcript...
this is not a transcript...
if this is censored...
then my... "schizophrenia" is not even
my original thesis of: bogus
mono-lingual parody of bilingualism...
no need to cite **** sapiens
jurisprudence advocates...
lawyers... the thesaurus bargain barons etc.
this is... what's those words they use?
invasion of the tabernacle?
do my "auditory hallucinations" stem from...
these words...
a private investement in internet access...
again: nothing is being said!
because this is a "public arena"...
a "forum"...
and the eyes on the other side of this text...
are c.c.t.v. eyes?!
not private eyes?

what's the point of freedom of speech?
when the freedom to think:
and subsequently write... is bombarded
by being who: see via reading braille...
and read... comments likes dislikes and all
those other ratios?

writing is an extension of a freedom
to think... most people who speak freely
don't speak via a precursor script...
that's not free speech: that's scripted speech!
and just because it happens be placed
in a public "forum"...
that's the argument that this writing
is a freedom of "speech"?!
really?! i guess your average u.s. citizen
is more despotic than the *******
president... then...

again.. blah blah blah blah blah...
blah blah.... blah blah blah blah blah...
blah... blah blah... blah blah blah blah blah blah...

you'd sooner convince a parrot to sing
you a song in sparrow than call this "debate"...
evenly focused on one or neither side "winning".
Matt Jun 2016
I've just got
To make more money
Just got to work
40 to 50
Hours a week

Just got to

I don't know why
No one can tell me why

That's just how
This earth system operates

I've just got to
Love full time work

And the American Dream
And blah blah blah blah

I've looked for work
I can't find any

There are thousands of other
People like me
With a college degree
And a teaching credential

They don't
Pay us
Hardly anything

I don't make enough
For my own apartment

I don't make enough
But I've just got to
Got to keep on trying

To find full time employment

Blah blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah blah

The ego is an illusion
The Taoist is understood

Here in America

Loud sounds, shouting
Flashing lights,
Going here going there
Busy bodies

I'm just here to do
The minimum

I don't care
If I'm hated
By everyone

Who cares

I'm tired
And I'm lonely

And I don't have
Any female friends

Blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah

I sit in front of my Ipad
Watching documentaries
There are no people here

And no
It's not
A "nice day"

No matter how much
She says that

It's not nice at all

Just another day
Alone in America
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2016
oddly enough i'm not bothered about existential Darwinism... i don't mind whether we die out and never have a second chance to draw cartoons, or whether we manage to partake in cushion making... the cure for Darwinism is existentialism... and existentialism just says: does it really matter? Darwinism is more an economic system than anything*

just like me... nuns;
nuns are included,
Macarena became
**** Germany... hey
dale a tu cuerpo alegria macarena
que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y
cosa buena dale a tu cuerpo alegria,
macarena hey macarena!
hey chi cheap chatter
**** Germany... hey
Argentina! ah'ya!
                     C A                RI           c a              TURE
                                                  blah blah blah blah
                                                  blah blah blah blah
                                                  blah blah blah blah
                                                  blah blah blah blah
etc., whatever...
                               **** & anomalies...
i take my art, as seriously as the fact it isn't.
Commuter Poet Sep 2016
*** Ego
Media Frenzy
Guilty pleasures
Super rich

Mates Rates
X factor
Love me
Bust up

Gold strip
Top marks
Fashion icon
Last chance

Manic Depression
Micro meals
Super size
Up grade

Bookies favourite
Hope glory
Buy now
Pay later

Luscious lips
Hot tips
Big bones
Smart phones

Buy sell
Last few
Finish first
Quench thirst

Message me
Face book
Insta gram
Twitter handle

Blah blah
Blah blah
Blah blah
Blah blah

Blah blah
Blah blah
Blah blah
Blah blah

Blah blah
Blah blah

To the sounds of birds singing
9th September 2016
Matt Aug 2016
I believe in a world
Without objectives
Without goals

Without meaning

Just a bunch
Of random times
And places

She keeps saying
Have a "Nice day"
Like she is part
Of a program

She is not okay

Have a nice day too
I don't really give
A bleep
What you do

12 turns to one
Then to two

Life is mostly

Welcome to Earth

Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah
Dina Van Meter Jul 2015
It's Thursday, the 9th of July, and although you've gone a day
I feel so inspired to write this to you, there are things I have to say...
For real, I feel from deep within, these things I share with you...
don't think I'm typical or like the rest, what I say is felt and true...
What may be words of blah blah blah, blah blah blah, I love you,
blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah need you..
those are simple words of sheep, but sheep I do not follow,
I speak of words only from my heart for we may just die tomorrow...
and if tomorrow never comes and my voice you  never hear,
I want you to hear me inside your head .. now as these words appear...
#1 in , in all my years of fourty-five, the likes of you seen twice
I know so little about a love.. this letter is not advice...
I will not bore you or make you believe that this kind of behaviour shall follow
but if i shall never see you again, you need this today.. not tomorrow..
Someday, now, later, next week, you'll have a soft moment of silence
and in your head you'll hear a voice that whispers to you so Giant,
you'll feel a touch, a breeze so gentle, upon your arm, your leg, your face...
it is from me, my thoughts of you, so powerful, so loud, with grace...
oxymorons, whispers:loud, powerful:gentle, but true
opposites attracting, proven here, in these words I say to you...
to send an emotion, such this strong feeling... the sense of myself touching you...
so far, so long, a distance compared, to me touching the moon...
is powerful, is real, and can you feel,  right now, me touching you?
I know you can, I can feel those touches coming from you...
I have tried to learn to allow my heart to allow my love more love,
from everything he is surrounded by .. because well.. we all need love...
and to deny my loves ~ more love ~ more love, I'd be stealing like a thief in the night
you should get as much love as you can get, we deserve love in our lives..
It was so hard to accept that my love may be getting his love from someone else,
but I could not control all happenings in a 24/7 realm...
all I can do is know one thing, and on this, I don't think twice..
I loved my love as much as I could and never sacrificed
one minute of happiness, from my own, sometimes, dramatic life...
If someone can love my love more than I, than so happy I shall be
for you only live once, you should only get as much love as love can be...
I felt your love, so gentle, so strong, so soft, so loud.. for me
and if I never ever hear from you or your face, I never again see
I'll remember that feeling.. that moment.. of time.. when  it all was given to me...
So sad to me.. the distance... our lives, could be  a true catastrophe,
if I were so selfish, and so cold hearted, that I just couldn't see
that you deserve so much love from everyone.. and not just love from me
for you only live once and who should live in such loveless misery...
That breeze you just felt, that kiss on your lips, that whisper through the tree,
that touch on your leg, your shoulder, your arm, right now.. my love.. from me..
And when I go to sleep at night and whisper inside my head,
goodnight to you, sweet dreams to you, and laying in my bed
I'll know when to you, traveling so quiet, my feelings and more words said..
I will feel the imprint of your body, the kisses upon my head..
the taste of your lips, the strength in your presence, I will have you in my bed...
and there we will be, just you and me, for another moment in time,
and again I will have you all to myself and so selfishly I'll imbibe
for tonight you are mine and I shall give you all the love I can...
I am your forever woman.. and you my for always man...
Forever you will have all of me, whenever you may need
I will never not love you, not for one minute, you are everything to me..
Jack Radbourne Jul 2019
Dog you hear my words
For you just mouth sounds
Only in your dog head
So you hear me say:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Walk; Fetch; Sit; Stay.

And to me similarly conveyed
From others I have some
Vague recognitions
Among words meant to help:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Protocol; File; Save; Trending.

And now all is a bleak
Brief inexplicable future
I hear much of confusion
So give it to me straight:
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Blah de blah
Life; Beauty; Death; Ending.
Izzy Jan 2019
Treat me with a new sweet trick
And repeat until I get sick
Start to believe I am in love

All the floating oranges
Reflect off the metal horses
Why do we bow, when he's above

The tapestry was well designed
And hands were chopped off in due time
Then woven over, redesigned
Now let the blind lead the blind

I'll face the moon and count by threes
With fingers crossed under the trees
Night shade feels extra warm to me

You jump through the parallels
And warn, this one goes straight to hell
You would rather stay than be free
Happy New Years, who else secretly hopes that finally those youtube videos, about the world ending, come true?
Matt Feb 2017
Blah blah blah
Dollars and deadlines

I here them blabbing
About it at Starbucks

Some professors here

Supply chain management
Blah blah blah


His first stand out

He sits in the front row
"Here is someone that wants to learn"

Blah blah blah

No plans here
To work
Or get any more degrees

Just walk around in gardens
Not motivated at all


The banks....
Blah blah
stay and go

We do a pretty good job of....
Blah blah
It's a good place to work, etc

This is their first or second real job...

Blah blah

Not a lot of new products
On the credit side

Blah blah
Drunk poet Apr 2017
They said my grandfather had seven wives,
So came the story of their predated lives,
Their troubles and pains led to his ornamental hunch back,
Resulting to his death from an heart attack,
... Blah blah blah.
They called my father an oaf,
Poor him! He couldn't afford a loaf,
His destiny was surrounded by black birds our village,
He only hoped and hoped till his black bears became grey across his age.
He barely paid half of my mother's dowry,
And hardly had himself to father me,
... Blah blah blah
But this time I chose my path,
I drew my line,
I followed my mind,
To a radiant, like Venus raising from a foam-flecked sea.
With you I want to see years go by,
To you I will sing sweet lullaby,
Only you I would love or go blind
... Blah blah blah.
Balogun David
(drunk poet)
© 2017
It was great writing on this title.
strong desire Mar 2015
blah blah blah
insert deep thought
Blah blah blah
love blah blah
insert a pair of rhyming words *
Blah blah *sobsforasmallpenis

Poem are so boring
karin naude Mar 2013
peoples mouth's open and close
i see there lips moving and expressions on the face
I don't hear anything?
blah blah blah never real words
no, i am not deaf
sounds fill space but nothing worthwhile connects
wireless communication. instant messaging. one button dial
things are loved people are purposely overlooked and used
money wasted on motivational speaking
hours convincing the self: "i am right they need a lesson"
make believe bandages running with harness

love exchanged for Pandoras box
if I only knew then what I knew now, would have chosen....
wishes are well intended feathers on the wind
God catches them at the end of the world
he reads them with water filled eyes
original sin we all followed loud and proud
foolish Independence
we all assume to want the same, mostly love, how come?
we give up in a whimper, lack of endurance?
how colder the storm greater the harvest - grandpa

a soul desperate for salvation and peace
yet, motivated to strive
follow the curve in the walls,
feel it, listen ,it speaks
breath breath breath
you will touch light eventually or die trying
Brandon Sep 2014
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

All the words you write
All the words you say
All the meanings you intend
All the thoughts you can't comprehend

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Congratulations on fooling the masses once again

Yadda yadda yadda
Radda Radda Radda

You've bored me thru and thru
With every thing you do

Yadda yadda yadda
Radda Radda Radda

Oh just *******
Won't you
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
The rumors are true,
Nighttime crowds, hand stuffed hoodies.
Blah blah blah. Yada yada yada.
V neck t-shirts with decals printed on the back of them.
Sweatshirts. Loose cargo shorts.
The holiday of photo galleries captured between blinking eyes.
Tickets sold half priced.
Too bad movies aren't the way they used to be.
A stigma that everything around changes.
A few empty seats, one empty stall in the men's bathroom.
A exclusively graphic depiction of unzipped blouses, unbuttoned  pants.
Toilet tissue stuck to the bottom of worn shoes.
Suddenly there's a tote for whatever bag that needed to be held.
But then again we're just chatting, aren't we. Two souls with nothing to do but vandalize each other's mind.
Blah blah blah. Yada yada yada.
Matt Mar 2016
A life without goals

Why does my body
Feel akward?

That's just the way I feel

And why does the earth
Bore me?

It just does

And it's all a joke

Why should I care
About the accumulation
Of money

It's a short life anyway

And no
I won't
Work full time

The song
"He's got too much
Time on his hands"

Means they don't
Want you to drift
To do as you please

One should be
And accomplishing tasks

Like an automated automaton
I heard people say
Alot of different things

Most of what I heard
Sounded like
"Blah blah blah blah
Blah Blah blah
Blah blah blah
Blah Blah Blah"

My limbs weak,
My muscles soft
But my grip is strong

The world
Looks upon the man
Of Tao with disdain

And I saw
The elderly man
Staring at his lawn

That's all life mostly is
Just looking
And walking

Poor miserable
Dull man

I'm moving slow
Like a sloth
That's my plan
Goodbye , . . .
Yes goodbye . . .
(Blah , blah , blah)

In the shortness of his breath
All desperation was taking place

I walk off
Looking at the far off , into space

The game is over
Nobody . . . no one
Scored and won

We all lost . . .

The then ,
In a notebook
While sitting on the park bench
Where he once was
A poet king
The old man jots down
(A poem about lost youth
Past days and dreams of
better days to come)

Meanwhile . . .

The sun crossed the sky
East to West
And the day was never seen
Or heard from again
it's amazing
how liberating
and emboldening
spilling your guts
to a stranger can be
but telling the raw truth
of who you really are to
someone who thinks much more
highly of you, that is definitely
a very different matter altogether

fear isn't
the right word;
it's the only one
we have, but in those
moments of tears and staring
at your shoes, shaking off the
cowardice and sheer embarrassment
at what a selfish ***** you've been,
the no i can't, the yes i have to, the
hesitation, the stopping, the starting
when you know you've made a very big mistake
(they can always be bigger), the dozens of deals
you make with yourself in your mind, she really doesn't
need to know this, it will never be the same, they all say
if you do this, you're doing it for yourself not for them...
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

but you look in her eyes
at her bewilderment, and you
know she is already thinking back
to that conversation you had weeks ago
and the horses are out of the barn...

but that fear, the ferocious
magnitude of not knowing how
drastically your life might be
about to change confessing your sins,
all of it, every hurtful detail, when your
heart hasn't (and still isn't) true to them
it's like jumping out of an c-47 on d-day

but then you think about intimacy
and what makes us bother connecting
with anyone on this blue speck in the
universe and what even the smallest secret
can do to put this huge wall of silence between
two people when one has a mind elsewhere and the
other is wondering what the hell ever went wrong
i don't want to do that, to be that, anymore
so i tell her everything

i guess i can tell my mom the wedding is off

i don't want that

then what were you thinking!!?!!

i wasn't, i... i don't know what to say

so what am i suppose to do now?!? do you know
what you've done to me, to us, to US...
to, to, to yourself?!? do you have any idea,
do you even care... you couldn't even care!

i don't know what to say

quit saying that!!! quit saying that!!!
you broke my heart, jason, i love you, but
i hate you right now, i really, really hate you, jason

what do you want to do

what?? WHAT!! what do i want to do?? sobbing how could
you how could you how could you how could you how could
you how could you how could you... so, do you love her?



(****)...i really wish i didn't, but yes

head down in my hands, no response,
nothing but complete s i l e n c e as
i am floating in a place outside of my own
life as everything i know and have known for
close to five years is all gone fffftttttt and no
one and nothing to blame but myself and
believe me that you can live a hundred lifetimes
in five minutes of that kind of silence or maybe even
a thousand of them and there is no way to really describe
it, no one could understand if it hasn't happened to them
and then she finally says something

you're going to have to stop, i mean, this second, S T O P


i mean loving her, it's a choice, it's not in your heart or your ****, it's a ******* choice!!!


it's almost four, i need to get home


you know, you're a real ******* idiot, do you know that?


don't call me


we're going to fix this, but don't call me, promise me
you won't call me, you have to promise me you aren't
going to call me, i need to think about this...we can fix
this, i know we can fix this...can we fix this??

i promise i won't call you...i promise we can fix this

now i'm lying in bed and not
knowing what is going to happen
and those people that say when you
admit to infidelity that you are doing it
for yourself and not for them? they're dead
f'n wrong, because i could not feel worse right
now and it's 7:49 am and i really need some sleep
but how can i sleep so i got my laptop and wrote this instead

what have i done?
what have i done?
oh God, i don't deserve it,
but please help me fix this
mess of a life i've made for
myself and for her,
i'm sorry
i'm so sorry
i am so, so sorry

i don't know what i'm going to do tomorrow
i barely know my own name right now...
but i know i'm not going to call her
and i know that we're going to fix this
One from the archives

— The End —