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Elihu Barachel Apr 2017
One hour it will last, I speak of WW3
The United States destroyed, what will be will be

This was Prophesied of old, Jeremiah wrote of this
Chapters 50 - 51, gone will be all bliss

Then comes a World Leader, blind in his right eye
The whole world bows to him…take his Mark or die

Seven years seven years, appointed is the time
The Wrath of God poured out, His vengeance so sublime

Will this start May 1st? In a little while we will see
Destruction Doom and Death…this most vividly

Then there’s May 13th, Ashtaroth appears
The Ever ****** *****, along with all her peers
Elihu Barachel Mar 2017
People scurry to and fro, oblivious of Doom
You were warned you were warned...death most certainly does loom

World War 1 is history, 37 million dead
World War 2 was somewhat more, 60 million bled

Another World War, the last one of 3 planned
Is coming soon is coming soon! The flames of War are fanned

Atomic Bombs and Poison Gas, the Wrath of God poured out
Millions millions die, this without a doubt

Pretend it isn't so, keep your head stuck in the sand
You'll be killed and sent to Hell, not the Promise Land
Elihu Barachel Mar 2017
What will be the pain? What will cost?
50 million will be killed, 50 million will be lost

Does it matter over here? It sure as Hell does not
Soon, very soon, the War Game will go hot

No one cares no one cares, a **** we do not give
About Korea of the North…if they die of live

The Powers that now be, a WAR they really want
So the’ll go to North Korea, and Kim Jong-un the’ll taunt
Elihu Barachel Mar 2017
Where’s it going to start? Soon we will find out
I speak of WW3, this without a doubt

It could be North Korea, and day now any hour
The War “Game” will go hot, with enormity of dour

A US ship gets sunk, a False Flag maybe so
It really doesn’t matter, to WAR this world will go
Elihu Barachel Mar 2017
Forever this will not go on, the end approaches fast
Could be the start of WW3, the troops are now amassed

North Korea is the place, where a spark could set this off
With a couple atom bombs (more like 500), and a cocktail Molotov

Do you think, really think, that China will sit by?
Ha! You should think again, WW3 is drawing nigh
Elihu Barachel Mar 2017
Of the times and of the seasons, of these I need to write
For ye know not one iota, what it is that I do cite

I cite the Word of God, the King James Version to be sure
The only Book that does exist, that is Holy and is Pure

There’s coming a Day soon, as a thief that’s in the night
In dark foreboding gloom, then gone will be all Light

When “peace and safety” they shall say, then Destruction is abrupt
From which there’s no escape, and you cannot interrupt

Why is this you may ask?…you are appointed unto WRATH!
Ignore this if you will, and skip along your merry path
Elihu Barachel Feb 2017
Day by day, hour by hour, extirpation draweth neigh
No one sees, no one cares, Destruction from On High

As is in days of Noah, so it is today
Oblivious oblivious, to the coming Judgement Day

People scurry to and fro, ignore the Writing on the Wall
It is too late it is too late, soon you’ll weep and wail and wrawl

Foretold this all has been, by the Prophecies of Old
Destruction Doom Damnation, these three will now unfold

Read The Book of Revelation, chapter ten plus ten
Number fifteen the verse…the Judgement of all men
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