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Vladislav Vagner May 2014
Transcend your life,
don’t die
or say goodbye,
just rise into the sky,
look back and ask why…
have you ever been too scared to ask why?
I have.
My own thoughts left me with a black eye.
But it’s alright.
I don’t cry,
just find my vibe,
ride out the night.
I’m alright.
Can you tell that I’m lying?
Can you tell that I’m crying?
I’m alright,
it’s all behind.

Dark poetry by Vladislav Vagner
Vladislav Vagner May 2014
Why does life have to be so hard?
Why can't I just take a knife to the heart?
Rise above this earth and depart
Everyday I'm getting pierced with darts
I don't like this ****, it's not how I wanna live
I'm tired of being the sweat on your sleeve
I wanna get away from this **** so I can breathe
Thinking too much, can't free my mind
It's like depressing thoughts got me in a bind
I try to not mind but it's hard when you're on the grind
Always against the flow, and never on your mind
Never on your team cause I'm not meant to gleam
Or maybe life's about the need to feel wanted
To be in the lead and always be complemented
But how am I to do that when I'm not even noted
People always eat at me until they are bloated
And in the end I'm just the sheep being hoarded
No choice, no sense of direction
No point of pursuing perfection
Because I will always get the door, too used to rejection
I will never be your knight in shining armor
or your superhero with a cape
But don't worry about me, eventually I'll make my escape
If I get enough ***** to leave the states
To finally embrace a life where I can't be traced
Where my shoes do not have to be laced
And I don't have to come face to face with myself, the disgrace.

By Vladislav Vagner
Vladislav Vagner May 2014
Blame it all on me
If your blind, I'm the reason you can't see
If you got a STD, I'm the reason it hurts to ***
If you're losing, I'm the reason you're not in the lead
Blame it all on me

I'm the fault you lost your job
I'm the fault you got robbed
I'm the fault your job is to mop
Getting paid minimum wage
Still by yourself, at your age
I guess I'm the source of all your rage
Blame it all on me

'Cause I'll just sit here and take it
I don't give a ****, no need to fake it
And if I'm the reason you didn't make it
Blame it all on me

Even if I'm half way cross the world
It's still my fault
That you're broken and missing a bolt
Or that you're lovely relationship came to a holt
Blame it all on me

But while I'm steady being the blame
I stare at your life, head down in shame
'Cause while you're blaming me for losing the game
I take responsibility for what I do
If I **** up, I'll be the last one to blame you

By Vladislav Vagner
Vladislav Vagner May 2014
I am writing this just to keep sane
Stop switching lanes and deal with the pain
I’m going to stay same and never give in to shame
I don’t see this as a game, what I’m saying is real
That’s why you feel every line that I spill
Every emotion comes from the notion
That we are the panacea for the poison
Explosion of our hearts started with the sparks
That ignited our greed amidst the dark
So now we find ourselves led by the misled
Bred like a hoard of cattle waiting to be shred
We focus on materials and ignore the cries
‘Cause it’s easier to watch from an iPad, as a baby dies
We work, struggle, and beg for a promotion
Instead of pouring our hearts into a positive devotion
Every person fueled by their own ambition
And integrity is at loss on our way to this mission

By Vladislav Vagner
Vladislav Vagner Apr 2014
I love bubbs with all my heart,
It's been this way from the start.
My love for him will never cease,
Even when I'm covered in grease.
The love I feel will never hide,
even if he'll never make me a bride
I love him so very much,
I want to *** him and such.
I want to pinch his cheeks, for weeks and weeks.
I love him even when he squeaks.
I love bubbs, bubbs, bubbs, rub a dub dubs.
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Vladislav Vagner Apr 2014
There was a land of gray and a sea of red
Painted by the blood that we have shed
If you got called, it is your turn to die
You don’t think but just comply

To do this is your meaning in life
For we must all make the sacrifice
Without a reason or any concerns
They pick whose soul is next to burn

Your stub comes in and you get in line
Following the leader that is most divine
You sit and sleep and await your go
Slowly moving up, in your row

Everybody is distant and nobody speaks
For they have been waiting to die for several weeks
To look around would be to look at death

So you sit and sleep and await the last breath

The end of Part I

Thank your for reading.

— The End —