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A seducer snails’ past
Her Calling mission has reviled
Undoubting triumph

Olympic monument
Reunification spikes
spirits of justice

Her calling mission
Transmit to earnestly love
Unveiled the truth

Harmonize rhythmic move
with a secular ring
She performs a wild ballet 

The waves of light
Transparent erase recreation.
Wind swirled her faith

An entire steel
fairies bumble, tumble, fumble 
in bloom white

Mysterious sketch
An angle of 17 degree
legendary explore

136 meter measures
holly patient in affliction
ego human mind

Fantasised loop
how sad that it’s not aware
tremble gamble dreams

Clouds rumbles
He moves toward the sun 
Gold torch, birds crowd

Calatrava attribute to Gaudi
The earth’s great sketch trick
eyes to hip in glories.

Emotions are tides
Barcelona was heir to full
gazing at distant galaxies
The overall form of the Montjuic Communications Tower is based on a Calatrava’s sketch of a kneeling figure making an offering. The base on which the figure ‘kneels’ is covered in broken glazed tiles in recognition of Gaudi (though with more restrained colors).
Oct 18 · 29
Prayers of Lark Rites

These prayers are written in a place of space:
Our love would last forever.
We are meant to be together


Seventh profound graces, adorest, Gabriel wings
Sixth. A shell, a fantasy of stone, icy cold.
Fifth silver cranes soon flutter at drips meadow,
Fourth. chamber quartet burred with melodic skeletons.
Third spires thrusting in soul’s firmament.
Second had bristlecone(evergreen) in cloudy chamber.
The first was an ascending lark, soft is caul of breaths.

Fire ceased when all ashes left are the bones.
Lift him to the spiral stairs of freedom.
Eternal light in this place called home.

Together, we sang and to have timeless passion
We sheltered his eyes, with lighted roses
External tree of life endurance heaven’s gate

Velvet memories are never grow old
These prayers are written in a place of space…
A requiem song that dedicate to sudden loss of friend. He was a thinker, poet, and a person who has passion to life....
Sep 15 · 226
Sculpture of Love
Golden colours by the river, old and grey 
they sparkle over each side of Bamiyan Valley

Shines and smiles of caves annihilate them
Prior to Monk XuanZang to fabled silk road.
You heard the fire and bombs in the veins of heart’s purr.

They are all stones; one big, another smaller.
It was a Sunday, a pray day and you heard the egos of
screams:  morals! Your eyes and lips ampersand

Dusts and sands persist over 1700 years of Dynasties.
Sculptures of love vanished at Bamiyan valley

Was this loves outcome then, these stones made, red materials                                                 
Addressed with an order of elimination that fires so blindingly?
“Not in vain, not in vain, Shall I look for you again”
The voice of XuanZang transformed his precepts are sound,
“An infinite…XYZ”  with the veins of our eternal love.

Their eyelids say.
The Bamiyan Buddhas appear to have been the work of the Gandhara civilization, showing some Greco-Roman artistic influence in the clinging drape of the robes. Small niches around the statues hosted pilgrims and monks; many of them feature brightly-painted wall and ceiling art illustrating scenes from the life and teachings of the Buddha.
@First Movement

Flash blue, breezes and gentle touches where he is her favourite dancer.
Twitchy tickly itchy movement, likewise violin trembled string
Autumn arrives with butterfly wings. He is a dancer. Fainted @

Noon sun ray. He says “Hi… Give me a Five”
Shine or silver, day to day. It all turns to grey.

@Second Movement

Life in a day where there are knots in every skein. The moment of whispering
And the surprise gifts of the Year. Look. Rains and showers flushed into her skirt.
Autumn lands with a giant painting brush. She is a painter. Arrayed in

Gold and red, twirling canvas panels with leaves upon her ankles.
Their intense autumnal melancholy embittered

@Third Movement

life wonders’ bedroom window. Of oscillating thread
that winds between the living and the living we thought were dead.

Autumn falls with hymn choral from spider’s web. He and she reunions
Soul to soul, pole to pole with blesses with increase and life,
They are gross and simple creatures, jointly servant of the Will.
Reflected with a movie-"Invictus"  Life is a circle, we follows with nature and seasons And we are master our own fate....
Aug 13 · 447
Sky and (M&M)Theorem
He received a candy cloud that contains ‘L. O .V. E ‘
shaped smile.

She then turned on an electric
sky oven.  Autumn baking mode: +/- 272x

Havent you agreed with “(M&M)Theorem states?

The cream + the skim milk would bring the same price as the whole milk

Only if there were no costs of our separation …
How to celebrate Chinese Valentine Day
Aug 4 · 183
One Place(3 Poems)
To imagine and to colour in the universes ocean
They are kindergartener’s painting of the sea.

A quarter of circles spread over the space lines.
Off set, an uppercase ‘F’ shaped triangles covering the skies,
playing the role of FREE spirits, dolphin.

He feels you, countless transparent mute wishes hidden at
the area composed by messes of oranges and pink. He is your day and night

Sunrise follows with dark dusts, that time has allowed and moments flow.
Listen. A sorrow broken guitar in an alley intensely flayed.
The spaceship’s magic fingers twisted with universe’s strings


Enjoy dancing at an enchanted evening,
Space wings set up for lovers. He’s attached with symbols of variation

Desires are viruses. One worlds spins with two tragic worlds;
Lonesome. Ice and heat. Global war,
All those mysteries,spells, absurd truths

We are in one place.
*To dedicate to by Wassily Kandinsky
Jun 14 · 62
On Dragon Boat Day
No, No more ZongZi Nor
Chinese poet Quzi… No. Not for tea time. But
A *** of miso soup with pinch of salmon and lemon

Please please don’t forget to read few lines from Pastan’s
‘ Imaginary Conversation’.
Prior to start another day.

(especially when one lady feels the expressions of another lady).

Feel the emphatic nature of
‘Imaginary Conversation’

Would this helps to explain
No gamble, No gain.
It’s been long since we’ve been in touch,
She knows that he is never far. A muse
Of wonders, where to commence a journey,
an atomic adventure.  The melody and brush are amusing
that stir her muse into atomic scale
She builds her realms from dreams,
where illusion seeps from imaginings.

It's been hard to stay in touch,
She knows that he was sat there. A muse.
Loving her. Trying to make plans together.
To have adventures together.

with their minds when the tongue is applied,
(metaphors are complex grammatical
vectors, nouns are simple grammatical
vectors, so to avoid confusion)

Together, they cross an empty sky-canvas
and shadows in acrylic sleep bleed stories;
awakening others’ spirits. A Muse
or mutually amuse? As for every rational secular noun
there's an irrational religious metaphor:
to join in a subconscious invocation of mind-flight.

Muse or amuse? Together
A journey to atomic adventure.
A journey to an expected path, solidarity
May 23 · 355
True Thoughts
You    Stood behind the flower meadow
           with a state of dilemma
           ONE eye the loner
           ONE eye the shy

Can    Someone loves the rarest, infinity
           who was the all to life
           Be quiet, just listen. Our infinite
           love path is opening,
           One is all or nothing!

Only     ONE destiny
              ONE error, falling.
              ONE sun
              ONE space, entire journey.

Hide     your hesitation and despondency
              shy crystal spirits nudged a mirror  
              which circle an undressed fairy
              why do those unlimited desires spark?
              You. An orange cyclops-eye, pandering to look

Half     of humans believe it to be better off
             with two unions
             the rest agreed to remain a loner, being as it is.

Of       all the colours surrounding her
            light blue, dark purple, green, yellow, and orange.
            don’t we only have one to pick?
            she was there, the brightest ******.

The    summer reeds are deepened
           whist you feathered the dark
           in thought
           within skins
           ONE eye the loner
           ONE eye the evil
           Where they escaped from
           Where they’re better off alone
Half joy half sadness, alone or an pair, story of truth seeker in the modern technological era.
May 9 · 158
Apple Pie Day
Apple cinnamon, ice cream pie
tasty pastries land on my thighs;

Tell me, which side will you like? crumbling crust out layer
Or cinnamon squeezed with nutmeg apple inner?

Secret sour flavour waves off  ice-cream. Sweet tasty apples,
Hot pie with
Cold ice cream
Fresh and yum yum..

~~@ Magda and family
Many thanks to share with us
A homemade Apple Pie 🥧😋
Enjoy a homemade  Appel Pie with friend and her family
May 4 · 55
Time Travel
Memories soar, those cheerful moments,
Soon turn to scars, they are all swords.

You experienced the talons of desire,
Who never is brave never comes of age,
Upon a windy breeze, a silk-road distance,
Day dreamers shift to day travellers.

Hey, our ancestors,
Don't we preserve the same genes?
Scars from swords. Wars, wars and wars,
They all soaked into a blood
ancient book.
Hey, our childhood mates,
Haven’t you healed that patch of rotten wound?
The time has sealed its luminous web,
The remnants remain still.

You who stand firm

like a hidden door receding into eternity!

Your feet are bleeding thresholds,
We find comfort in sorrow,

fulfilment in what’s hollow.
Our aimless time travel continues
and we follow.
To dedicate the memories and histories of Uyghur region in China

Don’t throw bouquets at me

Don’t please my folks too much

Don’t laugh at my jokes too much

People will say we’re in love


At the corner leans
His guitar. Six strings covered
A pair of blue eyes.


Taste of Sour, she forced herself
to bleed the sweet instead.
A set of invisible wonders.


Was everything the same?
Was everything there?
The winds came, who is playing?


Melody is an unframed mirror
Together, those were
Our breathes.
Our duet together. A nonstop
orchestrated love song


He holds a torch in her direction,

attempted to pierce through the empty veil

to remembrance of shadows.


Unfiltered, unedited, surreal, raw
and authentic. She is not under human spirits, 

She is whole. She is more than fragmented.


His Guitar moves without fingers

to the thoughts in the dance you bring to it.


Below, flows, winds, unidentified bowl of
Greens, a glimpse of recognition;

The melody they used to keep.


Melody leads to a path that dances with shadows;

the footsteps that burn the heart deep.


Hot red, voice of D. No tune can be
Determined. He sings and plays over her body
Again and again, high and low, tranquil to whispers.


At the top of her body
He was searching,  light yellow
spirals of tunings.


Crystals, candles, prayer
Cat meditates a burst of screaming
Decomposing secret of notes.


Painting, poetry, science, the occult,
Philosophy, and psychology
melody our hearts sing


Heard only by our ears

none other knows the tune


He felt the need to discover himself  in the crystal mirror
it lights to guitar and that split mirror in two;
Melody auditioned by two

Created harmony for one


“People will say We’re In Love”
Her Guitar lightly tuned
Each silent kiss recreates a note

Every sigh completes the lilt
Each embrace plays a chord


Do we know where we came from or where we went?

Is the life we live worth the way its been spent?


Over a giant D, vibrancy of transparency music sheet
a song forevermore.
“People will say We’re In Love”
Her guitar lightly tuned


Together, we are in living, dying
and reincarnation.
Last week Friday, the Queen is facing life without her ‘strength and stay’:
She will carry on
But it will be a lonelier path.
Mar 8 · 274
Fearless Knight
Knock Knock (Yet Not TickTock)
Maybe or Mightily. Where shall we start?

Feeding up with our own ego.
Fearless knight ready for a battle
Stand on your own! Is there a path
lead to solitude? Look down
where those dropped
Stars squeezed echo.
They all reunified at valley bottom.

Fearless knight dawn your Armor
Who will be prepared to a cosplay night
Angel or Devil? Hold on tight
True heart's desires 
Fearless Knight.
Stand your ground.
Due time for battle.
Maybe, Mightily No fearless.
Together, not alone.

#Dedicated to an official from Aung San Suu Kyi's party has died in custody in Myanmar.
Mar 2 · 189
Blue Cat With Moon
The blue cat sits over the moon
beside the vase of gun and fire flaker.
under the wanting desires 
Invisible Dragons Eyes are cruising

Waves come in and out, crash
Switch on and off and then recede again
Is the parasympathetic nervous system activated?

Roar…  Miao...!
The white lion stands in the wind of a deep violet night

Ancient PaPa flies through the clouds 
He cried for his blue cat: No more
crimes. No need for detention
May everyone is happy. No more
thoughts of confusions
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Roar…  Miao...
Yet it counts, this one  cat
filling our courage of days


One cat at a time.
Dedicate to Aung San Suu Kyi’ who under detention 16 times since 1989.
Also dedicate it to all who has democratic spirits and soul.
Feb 15 · 208
Skateboard Talks
Salad and veggies squeezed
in a bow, no space to dance.

Spring blossom whispers
Is it time to skateboard?

Tick tock, French onion soup say cheese
Who is that lady who lives
in her homeless shoes ?
# Chinese Spring Festival # Skateboard sports.
Dance, no stop. The pigment of the ancient,
it past. Frozen in time upon the wall

She left to gaze upon the world
as the clock chimes across the hall

Wings covered in blue dust
An inner golden flakes spread thin within,
shadows portrayed the life held,
A bird lost in forest, as the black hues

Combine with the blues,
bones of a painting poignant yet pure
Will temperatures be preserved in a warming lure?
By | Angel.XJ 22/01/2021
He hit that first note
that note set her world free
When she fell in love with his sadness
he left to an unknown satellite

Can the best music letters are the ones
written in joys not in tears,
that smear the ink so he played the keys
She started writing:
We are all thought about you, yesterday
Days before that too, with each daily practice
To every moment of concert in live, We think of you
in silence.

She often speaks out your name,
A music warrior, a British Chinese pianist,
A missing soul, Now
all we have is memories.
Your vivid picture in a frame.
And your memory is her keepsake…
Veteran pianist Fou Ts'ong was a British Chinese pianist who died on Monday from COVID-19 at the age of 86, according to media reports.
Dec 2020 · 368
Fruits Portrait
The tea of the kitchen were rich with colour and the smell of fruit.
The leave roots broke under the wave of the flute,
which slowly rotted;
the crops withered in the fields.
When winter can’t resist a gourmet fruit fantasy
Are you ready to wait for me,
at the corner of a seasonal banquet?
Winter fruits, colour of a seasonal banquet

“Victor, would you like to meet at room zoom?
Emily called, she knew he wasn't keen to boom

A little bit to the blue pole, a little bit under the red flag; 

Everyone has ideas, who is ready to share?
Zoom in.  Zoom out.
How many truly care?


Victor, once more we've entered the room zoom

A place we've been to before
the questions remain, simple and plain
Is that a dangling mate?
Is this the real victor?

A choice is a choice, one for everyone
Sum up the numbers, leaving us numb

Is the rhetoric speech, exhausted, at last?
Would the world -all people- wait for exciting news?

It’s all about the covid war, though not the flu
Zoom in. Zoom out. In the end,


The world turned and the pathway ended
Do you still believe we all lose?
Two empty trees shaded like a pair of poles

Emily whispered to herself: “the warmth of the sun in the right.
Divided by a flimsy fence, all that's left is in the cold.
Victor, would you like to meet at room zoom?”

US troops zoomed by leaving a stench of smoke.
The birds however continued their solo chanting.

Note: A legal challenges in the wake of the 3 November vote to contest ballot counts.
Note: A legal challenges in the wake of the 3 November vote to contest ballot counts.
For them to write a haiku,
for us is to define
two variables in a  
curved relationship.

If our form of encoding
sound wasn't  as it already is:
we wouldn't have statistics -
say X and β
f(-) and ε

the succinct -
hard to orientate
units of encoding 
as complete meaning
Nonlinear régressions explains how to define two variable in curves shape
Was it all took a speech?
Then there were the threats, then there were the deaths.

Was it all due to S. P memorial?
14 day ago…

“Drop drop’ red rain sliding, 
In the back street during his morning walk.
Father Ian paced steadily, it was a grey morning,
early November.

Imagined dialogues
Occur in mind, 
a rendezvous with himself 
Hauled suddenly from solitude,

'How now,' Father Ian addressed the empty hall
Counting there, 9 times knives 
Attacked marks, smelling of burning anger.
This was how the school hides indiscriminate ******.

“Fight fight?”  against blue pallor,
Of hell, and not the fiery part.  

'Knives knives,' Father Ian mocked with an Atlas shrug,
'Don't I warn you to stop those ridiculous fables.
In silence, they come alive,
Of dusted harps or gnawing fear:  Simply tells

'What mission?', questioned from Father Ian, 
“Mind as the host, what just epilogue 
Would these too hollow to be chased?’
What flawed earth-flesh could cause this saddened pass?

'There sits no higher court
Than man's transparent soul’.

Attack, Attack, shocked, Father Ian cried
'Can‘t they run and hide, to get inside
Like a last storm-crossed leaf?  Best ghost swore to the priest:
Why again knives, carried at Paris and Nice?
Dedicated to a set of serial terrorist stablings in France, 2020
How do we define a peace land?
And where is the home, craving to return?
Listen, what did the birds and trees say?

The true pleasures lie beneath the mountain
A single bound will take us there
It is our first homeland where we were born free.

Seagull migrates well,
Pine tree wouldn't move
Look, they reunion in one home garden

They imagine that all their 
Woes, hurts and indignities
Would not exist
in their imagined homeland.

Where we learnt justice at our mother's knee
return is easy, we just have to dare
The true pleasures lie beneath the mountain

In their minds, homeland
is in stasis.
The life they left is lingering
waiting for them to return.
Dedicate to a double festival in China 2020-- Chinese national holiday as well as Mid-Autumn Festival

All atremble
Listen to each falling log
The harpist trills string vibration 

Of the winds and leaves
Of a gown unlike all others
Sing, a song of autumn.

Melodic vase dripping
It’s time to reunion
departure or Farewell?

Vivid brightness against sorrow
Heated summers tuned
All darkness


Possess our being: wrath, 
Uncertain, fear, quivering tense,
illusory victories.

Of the lunar and roundness fairy
Of the sun in his polar hades
Dance, the last movement of rhythm

Those black swan whirl, flat rocks.
Hidden to a blue coffin, sing and dance.
until next, winter solstice.

Joy or trest, when there is another fall season arrives, can we enjoy another autumn under a cold world momentum.
Count or stop to count
7, 6, 5… then silence.
Started from the one to countless

Fatally wounded, again inequitable ethnic
the trumpet sound of trauma
In a private car, but this was
not a public performance

7 bullets transmit the pride and prejudice
Police have millions of reasons to suspect,
but we criticize the moon—
tonight it’s dark as hell in a drawer.

Count or stop to count
5,6,7… then gun violence.
His truth is lazy
and infinite as broken glass.

You are in our prayers— we pray infinitely.
We would like to have
a brave trumpet show for ourselves—
Deep sorrow, tumultuous but informative.
Although there will be more details from the Wisconsin police, on 23.August, police shot a Black man in the back seven times, it launched a now all-too-familiar avalanche of reaction.according to officials and a bystander’s video of the incident that has been virally shared. Blake survived, but his family’s attorney said he is paralyzed from the waist down.
Aug 2020 · 112
Time Tunnel Canal
Twisted complex feelings
swings to grandfather’s hometown canal, 
where the heated late summer sunlight burned off 
traditional peace and a quiet Canal Zone. 

Returning scholar
his granddaughter’s blood at his side,
imagine now the men who once amassed
the limestone locks to straddle the canal,
an obsolete image from 
an eldritch past.
After nearly 18 years away from hometown, a spontaneous visit back to grandfather and childhood memories hometown.
One:  Bridge

Is it the bridge
Between, Now and forever?

The bridge of fear
When will you be crossing over?

Is it the bridge between
Possibility and doubt

And will we stay strong
Or are we willing to drown?

Is it the bridge between
Who we are and
Where we lust and love?

Would the distance, Abide
Or will it be us merged, eventually?

Are we ready
To venture, to cross this bridge
To our destiny but no future?

Freeze your breath
and listen to the breeze

A bridge, the transparent gap
We are inclined
If you are, to cross the bridge
That leads to one. Love.

Two: Reunion

When seagull whistles
we all came together at this reunion day
World has changed since we've seen each other
Although remained love never goes away

Where covered faces shades blessing
Without understanding of their souls
We think we know a lot about each other
But some things we will never know

Disgust in uncertain eyes and exhausted looks
A lady in red walks off into silver lake
As a space shuttle pulls away
they will never know her hidden pain
At least not on this reunion day.
The Qixi Festival is celebrated on every 7th day of the 7th month according to Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. In the past days, girls are the major part of participants of this festival and the main activity during the festival is asking for light hand
Aug 2020 · 188
Love was the perfect cover
——Allied, 2016 movie  


WWII setting, covert operations
in German-occupied Casablanca

"Love and Hunger rule the world."
Consequently to dominate the world,
man had to win a victory over hunger,
after paying a very high price.
Scenery I.  Casablanca
All are of one colour: yellow,
Parachuting into the Moroccan desert,
He swept dune seas, hypnotically,
Not a patch of shade, not a drop of water,
only an infinite sea of yellow sand. 
Action I. Max & Marianne meet

Max Vatan (M) took a wedding ring,
Looking, Searching and Wandering:
Order Code:
1. Your wife dressed in purple;
2. A scarf stitched with a wild yellow bird

(Party Hall,Marianne Beauséjour swirled around)
Slowly, she turned back to him,
Loudly, she shouted out in French,
C’est mon meilleur et le plus beau mari.

Scenery II.

Sunrise at Casablanca desert
And the entire desert is theirs.
As all the skies are the stars and the sun’s kingdom.
There are no doors; hearts are open,”
——Southern Moroccan Secrets.”

Featured Conversations:
Marianne lifted up her lips and asked Max:
“Le Québécois? What are our odds?
Of surviving? 60-40, against. Both of us, I don’t know.”

So, tell me about Medicine Hat, Marianne kept asking
Max Vatan: Pretty green. Rolling hills.
Clear water. Just a place I go when things get dark.
You? Do you have a place?
Marianne Beauséjour: When the war is over
it won’t matter where I am.

Action II. Assassin

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it,

Beware the feelings of two agents allied,
they strike in the darkness

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it
Beware the shadows if you value your life
they strike in the darkness

20:31, 20:32… Counting down,
Trois, Deux, Un… 20:35
Allied couple, a possible mission  

Boom! Bang! Explosions screamed
into glass, into fire and smoke.
Is it our only chance of escape?

Before the Mission, Assassin comes 

Nothing to live for, nowhere is safe,

Stick to the light if you wish to escape.

Scenery III.
Along the corridor in the V section  
“they never say what they mean
and they never mean what they say,
and they never say anything on the phone”

Action  III: 72hours Blue-dye” procedure
1st 24 Hours:

Who really is Marianne?
That was a repeated question from Max
As no iron curtains made of steel

conniving happy family with things to steal

A pair of birds perched on a live wire
Only to set up a mission to conspire

2nd 24 Hours

Is this a game or a test?
Max thought he has understood it clearly

That love for a spy is only a game to play.
Have you heard his soundless scream
When the war was there, a game to share
With V-Section, life or death.
A test. A game.

The last hours: Ending letters

Je t'aime, Québécois, Marian said her last words to Max.
She shot herself.
blood and red coat, soaked into the rain  
Her voice swings to Medicine Hat

Where Pretty green. Rolling hills
Clear water…When the war is over,
it won’t matter where I am ..
A young girl, Anna read this letter with her father,
at Medicine Hat.
Quite reflective movie that I watched it 3 times. The story picks up a year later with Max and Marianne married and living in London with their infant daughter in as much bliss as one could possibly hope for during wartime.
Revised 12/08/2020
Jul 2020 · 143
Cat’s Wonder
Looking down on a battle
What can you do with a sneaky cat?
Observing a bird and a rat

They fight for a crumb with mouth and with feat 
But little do they know the cat wants to eat.
This is what happens in everyday life

Who could tell life is filled with pain and strife
As the bird and the mouse continue there fighting
They don't know that the cat will have two meals to be biting

The bird and the rat don't know what they’re struggling for
Their life or the crumb or that shadowy paw
That makes sure that both of  them wont be there to stay
Will the predator catch his prey?
An instant reflections from an oil painting.
Hush Hush...
the mushroom
an ascetic
gives no room
for the thoughts
to mushroom.
Shall we be quiet!
But to meditate together
under it's
umbrella's shade,
Matsutake Soup
And Mushroom skew,
Hush Hush.  Together,
we reshaped and danced
after reformed flavours
Matsutake Soup is one of the unique vegetarian cuisines in China. It is a great experience when under a rainy and stormy day to have tea shaped soup
Rains of TaiHu lake
Spillovers into Hangzhou
Dark clouds whisper of two cities
on earth's opposite sides
Eventually, people say
homesick birds look alike.
That explains why
she adores rain but not
Dynamic touches by mosquitoes.
Who could tell her the secret
when love attention from mosquito king?

Why not just to kiss,
Tea in a kiss, a sweet kiss, an oooooolong kiss
Third steep to keep and keep,
Expensive swishy flower vase tea,
Delicate butterfly **** **** tea.”
Tea time, closing time,
A steep for the road
Sleep off the load
Tea night,
Tea girl cloud memories.
Rain, pain and strain
Mosquito pain,
Travel with Rain.
Against an exceptional long Rainy season, exploring Hangzhou under pain, rain and mosquitoes attacks.
The gleaming moon shined light
Emits bright luminesce, Paul holding his breath.
Floats over the hills
Valleys and streams, shadow of doubts.
Count it, another star rises!
And falls burning.
He wonders about the lantern of faith,
hides an omen of a stormy night

Of those star turbulences of tragedy
Of these days passed with no respite

He lifted the lantern, his soul withstood.
He pondered on a one-way path
Confused but never scared, Listen-
the mountains echoed


A lantern luminates its own soul
you are my light, Paul mumbles,
Absorbing all sparkles, Look
over folk lore, they glow.
Glittery magic, under a mellow hill
He lifted the lantern, a full moon
the faith and fairies bestow

A. Lantern lifer is a one who could share the light and extinct from the pain
Jul 2020 · 425
A Farewell Walk
These are burning clouds, silence reigns
Crowds with tranquil desires
Sky smells clove-pink of death.
Graveyard’s calling us.

She is the pony, a lone walker
Mystery lasts before dawn.
Sunlight was touching her neck hair
Moonlight wanted her to be its own,

Strolling in the wild orange meadow,
Walking on the grounds of heaven
Watching sunset on the line,
Wiggled a giant glass of wine

From the depth of lambent verdure
Whispered singing can be heard,
And these invisible stars of eternal life
Only shine at a paradise land.

Bing ban Bing boo, an eternal door opens to her,
Here is the happiness land, starry sky.
There hides a kiss, it’s the final kiss…
Bing ban Bing boo, time to her go back home,
Graveyard ‘s calling her,
And she rests in peace, an ancient stone
Sunset leads to anther sunrise, are we ready to a Farewell Walk
What are the best lunch options under
another heatwave day?

Look, where that little butterfly landed at?
A bow of crispy chips and half plate of salad

Whispers whispers,
Was she keep nagging:
‘Check, Check please
Why Mr. cheese was not with there at my salad ?

And if cucumbers and olives could talk and were given a face,

it would be butterfly companion in this fall from grace,
And let’s take a short lunch flight in the shadow corner,
avoiding the heat and light.
Summer heatwaves; fresh mind with salad lunch
May 2020 · 368
Mountain Adventures
Of  moving outside our comfort zones
Would you think to meet your echoes?
By hiding in the mountains there are choices:

To turn your back on what you have become,
A wander goat or a missionary bird?

To embrace the fear of knowing that you can go beyond,

To hold your breath, bring the mountain into routine being.

Don’t we all have our mountains to climb,
believe it or not
When we do, the view is amazing
by/Angel. XJ
May 2020 · 238
Choice or path
Hey, why can you hear and not see?
When the sun stopped by a locked window

If there was a choice in the way we could chant
To the way we strut on our feet.

If there were choices how we touch,
To beyond our dreams.

If there was a choice in the ways we meet,
And how we leave behind the people we greet.

She sees there is a choice in their actions,
intentionally, the way they react to 
over reactions.

There is a choice in the way we treat,
Important not to repeat in the 
Explosions which create disease and confusion

If there was a choice in how we raise our 
To apologies and resent for the 
White noise that were not meant.

If there was a choice to be free,
To move away from ever going 

We knew the choices where we can leave,
To create a life to breathe,
Out of moon, No shadows but shine.

As you knew her choice
Unreasonable demand, will
Not to be dictated forever by 
our secret happy path
By Angel.XJ / 24/05/2020;
Hong Kong protesters flee tear gas during rally against China's draft security law
May 2020 · 313
The unknown dictionary
Would you agree with witty words from a dictionary?
And do those confusions all depend on mind play?
Who could help us more correctly:
Definition or detonation?
Lust or Love?

Who will promise to find the differences?
When we dig ourselves into dictionaries
or thesauruses 
Defining our commonality,

Refining our uniqueness, However
the death is the dictionary of unknown words,
Cant’t anyone edit and omit it, to none,
It’s soliloquy.
By Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
May 2020 · 282
A short but intense melody
Catching up with the seen and unseen.

Boundary of day and night,
Where earth's surging spin
Inexorably melts 
Cascading aches and melancholy spills 

Thirsty planets open,
For the ****** of rockets and unfurling of roots.
Nature holds her breath
and decides to wait.
The bursting promise within
the boundary of mountains and water
Life hesitates 

Where serenity of silence rules over this deserted border.
Seen or unseen,the border of unconsciousness.
By/ Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
May 2020 · 211
Earthy love
Are those green hopes?
Can’t we all hear their whispers love?

Calling without sounds,
Dancing without moves

Palms and fingers touch with heartily sun-sprays.

Together, we all grow,
an emerged labour fun
Where commence to our very first earthly love touch.
By Angel. XJ 01/05/2020
1st May, 1st experiences at an arranged allotment in Chinese campus. A fun seed explore at early Summery
Can you see through, out there in the dark lunar light  
there was a petite owl, the voice of Baritone

with his solo soul and fading smiles,
He sits, sees and sings in a forest choir at night,
The bird of baritone was keen to read the note in silence

And his visible presence of an invisible absence.
Where we heard two sets of harmonic voices
in unison, the secret centre

Seasons changing whilst storms are back in the news,

He closed his left eye and looking for better reviews.
Poorly, we are all, it wouldn't be keen

He pushed his tummy and step to a sharp F key, 

Petite owl takes off from the tree with an encore applause
He closed one green eye and choired under moon light

When can we see the world?
For what it reality is? But please
Don't give in without a fight, and
Don't help those who bury the light.
Seasons changing whilst storms are back in the news,

He closed his left eye and looking for better reviews.
Poorly, we are all, it wouldn't be keen
There was once a tiny, fading lily
Her beauty was diming, merely,
Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia

Where wonders trapped her in deep sorrow
Where the root called her to continue to grow

Standing alone, an existence of solitude
While the white lily shall love in delight , 
Nor weeping alone or shining in an illuminous light . 

Lily desires to live, in a place without pain
But the lily’s life is full of strife and strain

Hey, Rain, did the miracle come?
Look, oyster silver clouds replace dark blue skys

Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia
As the rain started to fade into the solo song
As the Lily stood while its immunity could run
Who could take one name and lead an ever gain?

Hey, Rain, the miracle came.
Listen, silent whispers shared across the air
and the rain and peacefully landed on Lily.

Out of the deep trauma that every day grew
Out of the rain, the Lily was relieved that someone else knew 

Who makes her wonder,
if the rain didn’t know of the Lily’s
wayward roots
What does the rain want to know,
although the Lily hold them as emotional loot

Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia
Who is Lily as she solely sings alone in the rain?
And her heart is bleeding from the excruciating pain
when a fading Lily meets up with the Rain where they defeated their boneless and neutrinos with each other, no more solo song....
Apr 2020 · 194
Easter Saturday, Rain
A very first but
Not a very Good Easter Saturday at East China Sea

No, it's not a good Easter Saturday
Lead Grey sky
Wet, miserable
And to make matters worse

Although the realization that Christ was crucified last night
and is dead and buried and won't rise until tomorrow

Would the disciples have no idea that he will indeed rise?
But rain rises first, everywhere.
Rainy and  gray mood at a very first oriental stay Easter Saturday. Biscuits instead of chocolate eggs. Are we all seeking an  Internal light?
Mar 2020 · 204
Hunter, the Silent and Prey
Silent, but not too quiet,
where is the target and who will pray for it?

Hey hunter, haven’t you prepared to stalk and trap her ? 
When those dark roses opened up like Alladin’s cave,
a cave twisted, sharp spikes within 
Hey Hunter, cant you catch up with her
teasing from an invisible foe?

Change, again and again change your form,
When you adapt and chase it,
She can't be captured, but will you ever know.
Hey hunter, who will be hunted do you dare say!
Do you know if you are really the prey!
She has followed your scent and is following closely behind.
Now only her tracks you will find.

If you continue to play her vicous game,
Tears drop, a sleepless night in shame
Would fear turns to a fearer hunting game?
When those dark roses opened up like Alladin’s cave,
a cave twisted, sharp spikes within
Mar 2020 · 280
Wonders of a child’s sky
Why shall we stay
at the end of the day;
What made us leave
What does it mean to live?

What to promise after pain?
What to seek after regrets,
To laugh after tears;
To see when rain clears.

Is he a child, a sonnet?
All his paint was hidden in the sky,
The colour of violet with melancholy,
The one love to be met.

Is she a child, a poet
Her fantasies last as ever;
But not knowing to write
She shall learn over the night.
# fréquent travel record, within a day flew over 3 countries. An pair of child eyes, and wonders to deep blue sky.
Mar 2020 · 204
Anxiety, A Shared Secret
More, once more,
Can you identify these two trees standing nobly in the breeze

where these grasses grow uphill
Is this the place where they met?

Again,and again,
why these puzzles blocked our vision
and disappeared into the shadows ,
Those virtual meetings abandoned by the persecuted

Breathe, a long breath,
The mirror tells us we will all get through this.

We will get through the sleepless nights,
and all the internal fights,
when the world hits us with all its might.
Believe it or not, the day seems right.

Breathe breathe, a long breath,
The wall bounces, but we will get through this.

Nobody could define what anxieties are,
look, when the window opens,
pale faces and red eyes clarify it
Shall we meet in the unmarked strip of light?

Five, Three, One!
Four, Two, Nought…
and breathe breathe, a long breath
By Angel.XJ / 18/03/2020
# Under global epidemic Coved-19, anxiety became to our daily live element
Mar 2020 · 236
Brightly Rainy Day
Gray gray, rainy day,
Could a cup of coffee to bright up our day?

Check check please
when tears clear up and rain stops.
There be confetti in the sky,
there be cleaner blood,
crisp wind and salt in the air.

There be long walks
through the old park,
cardboard lots of treasure
and a peaceful coffee time,
after the rain
By Angel. XJ. Enjoy a piece of solitude moment, coffee after the rain...
Mar 2020 · 286
Beloved searching
Would someone hear a whisper talking?
“Let’s count one moment of peace together,
only between us…”
He breathes into Lydia’s ear until her soul
passes on his fragrance.

He is her soul, she knew it.
And she wouldn't escape his magic spells,
But why would any soul in this world
want to escape from?
When the lunar night reaches to the sky
They fled to an ecstasy screen, together.

She asks him:
“Is everyone a shadow of the Beloved?
Yes, it is.”  He carved an ‘L’ shape on an old tree
Would our seeking be where our moon is seeking?
Could our words be lunar Lydia’ words?

Aren't there enough questions to end with a silence?
Where it leads to the core of our lives.

Isn't all your talk worthless?
Lydia whispered to him,  compare our whispers
to the Beloved.
By Angel.XJ 09/03/2020;  Where is our beloved spirits...
Has the moon sharing kisses all over her white skirt?
The wings of the clouds landing in every North and South,
Was her the tears of the universe,
These are the stars landing on her eyes,
Who could not forget  every start and every goodbye.

In a while it will pass,
You are all special,
and when the Sun will arise,
For new beginnings are always in the way of life.
And universe tears were
“human condition,” and now,
we searched what were worth life,
If we are all don’t belong here.
By Angel. XJ 2nd/March/2020
When there is bad news all over the world,may we rather live in a moment of joy and happiness
Feb 2020 · 262
The past is the present
When stars appear in the sky,
under a dark late night,
Could you hear a dialog between Caterpillar and Butterfly?

Caterpillar: "Aren’t you too beautiful for me,
fly away and find someone as beauty as you.” 

Butterfly: "I will not leave you,
you are as beautiful as me."

Raised his voice, Butterfly looked into Caterpillar’s eyes:
“Why did I ever lose you?
Although they say everything has an end,
nothing will last,
Nothing is meaningful,
except think about the past....”

Caterpillar replied to him with a melancholy tone:
“why is the world moving fast?
Shall we live in the moment like they say...
Live in the moment - it'll be best to stay.”

They are hugging and chanting on a giant leaf—
Whose images are kept in store?
By memory, we are all alone. 

And if rhyme is outmoded. 
Shall I transform it to you, 
Past is in the future 
where it converts to the present,
with you...
Angel. XJ / 23/02/2020/ Revised 25/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 194
Moral, a farewell symphony
Compassion is the basis of morality.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Saying bye-bye, a farewell symphony
To someone you loved

Saying bye-bye, a bitter experience
To something you believed.

Likewise, restrained tears at a departure hall;
As if listening to a movement of the finales
Of a fantastic life symphony

His eyes were drifting away;
Her appearance was pale and fatigued.
When the last movement ended
They hugged,
it was the last time they met up.

Morals or control, what is it?
Wasn't it odd to enjoy the voice of central controlled squads?
And what is the best time to cry for nationalist values?

Morals or domain? where does it exit?
Without realising the truth turns to sinner .
Why are many leaders leading the flocks?
Although, he and she never practiced what they preached.

Morals or law, who is in charge?
Without guilt,  cast the first stone.
Why are those sorrows hidden in their hearts
hence, who gets offended when its upon us?

Saying bye-bye, morals,
A symphony of never finished music scores,
Will they just discover
Once all is said and done 

And was that a successful concert?
were those favourite movement
All along.
Current global epidemic coronavirus leads us to think more about our morality, when there is a natural disaster around.
Feb 2020 · 238
Await, V. Day
Who has seen the black clouds
and lightening passed to the other side?
Keep calm, heart still...,
Look, some are chasers of the whirlwind wonders,
Position, strength and direction are
all important,
likewise, your love touches.
Await, V. Day with you,
warnings are counted in.
With your lips , silence.
A morning leisure walk randomly end up to Highgate village, where we had our first Highgate local explore years ago.
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