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Jul 25 · 56
Cat’s Wonder
Looking down on a battle
What can you do with a sneaky cat?
Observing a bird and a rat

They fight for a crumb with mouth and with feat 
But little do they know the cat wants to eat.
This is what happens in everyday life

Who could tell life is filled with pain and strife
As the bird and the mouse continue there fighting
They don't know that the cat will have two meals to be biting

The bird and the rat don't know what they’re struggling for
Their life or the crumb or that shadowy paw
That makes sure that both of  them wont be there to stay
Will the predator catch his prey?
An instant reflections from an oil painting.
Hush Hush...
the mushroom
an ascetic
gives no room
for the thoughts
to mushroom.
Shall we be quiet!
But to meditate together
under it's
umbrella's shade,
Matsutake Soup
And Mushroom skew,
Hush Hush.  Together,
we reshaped and danced
after reformed flavours
Matsutake Soup is one of the unique vegetarian cuisines in China. It is a great experience when under a rainy and stormy day to have tea shaped soup
Rains of TaiHu lake
Spillovers into Hangzhou
Dark clouds whisper of two cities
on earth's opposite sides
Eventually, people say
homesick birds look alike.
That explains why
she adores rain but not
Dynamic touches by mosquitoes.
Who could tell her the secret
when love attention from mosquito king?

Why not just to kiss,
Tea in a kiss, a sweet kiss, an oooooolong kiss
Third steep to keep and keep,
Expensive swishy flower vase tea,
Delicate butterfly **** **** tea.”
Tea time, closing time,
A steep for the road
Sleep off the load
Tea night,
Tea girl cloud memories.
Rain, pain and strain
Mosquito pain,
Travel with Rain.
Against an exceptional long Rainy season, exploring Hangzhou under pain, rain and mosquitoes attacks.
The gleaming moon shined light
Emits bright luminesce, Paul holding his breath.
Floats over the hills
Valleys and streams, shadow of doubts.
Count it, another star rises!
And falls burning.
He wonders about the lantern of faith,
hides an omen of a stormy night

Of those star turbulences of tragedy
Of these days passed with no respite

He lifted the lantern, his soul withstood.
He pondered on a one-way path
Confused but never scared, Listen-
the mountains echoed


A lantern luminates its own soul
you are my light, Paul mumbles,
Absorbing all sparkles, Look
over folk lore, they glow.
Glittery magic, under a mellow hill
He lifted the lantern, a full moon
the faith and fairies bestow

A. Lantern lifer is a one who could share the light and extinct from the pain
Jul 1 · 171
A Farewell Walk
These are burning clouds, silence reigns
Crowds with tranquil desires
Sky smells clove-pink of death.
Graveyard’s calling us.

She is the pony, a lone walker
Mystery lasts before dawn.
Sunlight was touching her neck hair
Moonlight wanted her to be its own,

Strolling in the wild orange meadow,
Walking on the grounds of heaven
Watching sunset on the line,
Wiggled a giant glass of wine

From the depth of lambent verdure
Whispered singing can be heard,
And these invisible stars of eternal life
Only shine at a paradise land.

Bing ban Bing boo, an eternal door opens to her,
Here is the happiness land, starry sky.
There hides a kiss, it’s the final kiss…
Bing ban Bing boo, time to her go back home,
Graveyard ‘s calling her,
And she rests in peace, an ancient stone
Sunset leads to anther sunrise, are we ready to a Farewell Walk
What are the best lunch options under
another heatwave day?

Look, where that little butterfly landed at?
A bow of crispy chips and half plate of salad

Whispers whispers,
Was she keep nagging:
‘Check, Check please
Why Mr. cheese was not with there at my salad ?

And if cucumbers and olives could talk and were given a face,

it would be butterfly companion in this fall from grace,
And let’s take a short lunch flight in the shadow corner,
avoiding the heat and light.
Summer heatwaves; fresh mind with salad lunch
May 31 · 178
Mountain Adventures
Of  moving outside our comfort zones
Would you think to meet your echoes?
By hiding in the mountains there are choices:

To turn your back on what you have become,
A wander goat or a missionary bird?

To embrace the fear of knowing that you can go beyond,

To hold your breath, bring the mountain into routine being.

Don’t we all have our mountains to climb,
believe it or not
When we do, the view is amazing
by/Angel. XJ
May 24 · 116
Choice or path
Hey, why can you hear and not see?
When the sun stopped by a locked window

If there was a choice in the way we could chant
To the way we strut on our feet.

If there were choices how we touch,
To beyond our dreams.

If there was a choice in the ways we meet,
And how we leave behind the people we greet.

She sees there is a choice in their actions,
intentionally, the way they react to 
over reactions.

There is a choice in the way we treat,
Important not to repeat in the 
Explosions which create disease and confusion

If there was a choice in how we raise our 
To apologies and resent for the 
White noise that were not meant.

If there was a choice to be free,
To move away from ever going 

We knew the choices where we can leave,
To create a life to breathe,
Out of moon, No shadows but shine.

As you knew her choice
Unreasonable demand, will
Not to be dictated forever by 
our secret happy path
By Angel.XJ / 24/05/2020;
Hong Kong protesters flee tear gas during rally against China's draft security law
May 10 · 120
The unknown dictionary
Would you agree with witty words from a dictionary?
And do those confusions all depend on mind play?
Who could help us more correctly:
Definition or detonation?
Lust or Love?

Who will promise to find the differences?
When we dig ourselves into dictionaries
or thesauruses 
Defining our commonality,

Refining our uniqueness, However
the death is the dictionary of unknown words,
Cant’t anyone edit and omit it, to none,
It’s soliloquy.
By Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
May 10 · 107
A short but intense melody
Catching up with the seen and unseen.

Boundary of day and night,
Where earth's surging spin
Inexorably melts 
Cascading aches and melancholy spills 

Thirsty planets open,
For the ****** of rockets and unfurling of roots.
Nature holds her breath
and decides to wait.
The bursting promise within
the boundary of mountains and water
Life hesitates 

Where serenity of silence rules over this deserted border.
Seen or unseen,the border of unconsciousness.
By/ Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
May 1 · 95
Earthy love
Are those green hopes?
Can’t we all hear their whispers love?

Calling without sounds,
Dancing without moves

Palms and fingers touch with heartily sun-sprays.

Together, we all grow,
an emerged labour fun
Where commence to our very first earthly love touch.
By Angel. XJ 01/05/2020
1st May, 1st experiences at an arranged allotment in Chinese campus. A fun seed explore at early Summery
Can you see through, out there in the dark lunar light  
there was a petite owl, the voice of Baritone

with his solo soul and fading smiles,
He sits, sees and sings in a forest choir at night,
The bird of baritone was keen to read the note in silence

And his visible presence of an invisible absence.
Where we heard two sets of harmonic voices
in unison, the secret centre

Seasons changing whilst storms are back in the news,

He closed his left eye and looking for better reviews.
Poorly, we are all, it wouldn't be keen

He pushed his tummy and step to a sharp F key, 

Petite owl takes off from the tree with an encore applause
He closed one green eye and choired under moon light

When can we see the world?
For what it reality is? But please
Don't give in without a fight, and
Don't help those who bury the light.
Seasons changing whilst storms are back in the news,

He closed his left eye and looking for better reviews.
Poorly, we are all, it wouldn't be keen
There was once a tiny, fading lily
Her beauty was diming, merely,
Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia

Where wonders trapped her in deep sorrow
Where the root called her to continue to grow

Standing alone, an existence of solitude
While the white lily shall love in delight , 
Nor weeping alone or shining in an illuminous light . 

Lily desires to live, in a place without pain
But the lily’s life is full of strife and strain

Hey, Rain, did the miracle come?
Look, oyster silver clouds replace dark blue skys

Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia
As the rain started to fade into the solo song
As the Lily stood while its immunity could run
Who could take one name and lead an ever gain?

Hey, Rain, the miracle came.
Listen, silent whispers shared across the air
and the rain and peacefully landed on Lily.

Out of the deep trauma that every day grew
Out of the rain, the Lily was relieved that someone else knew 

Who makes her wonder,
if the rain didn’t know of the Lily’s
wayward roots
What does the rain want to know,
although the Lily hold them as emotional loot

Aiya Aiya…  Lucia Lucia
Who is Lily as she solely sings alone in the rain?
And her heart is bleeding from the excruciating pain
when a fading Lily meets up with the Rain where they defeated their boneless and neutrinos with each other, no more solo song....
Apr 11 · 104
Easter Saturday, Rain
A very first but
Not a very Good Easter Saturday at East China Sea

No, it's not a good Easter Saturday
Lead Grey sky
Wet, miserable
And to make matters worse

Although the realization that Christ was crucified last night
and is dead and buried and won't rise until tomorrow

Would the disciples have no idea that he will indeed rise?
But rain rises first, everywhere.
Rainy and  gray mood at a very first oriental stay Easter Saturday. Biscuits instead of chocolate eggs. Are we all seeking an  Internal light?
Silent, but not too quiet,
where is the target and who will pray for it?

Hey hunter, haven’t you prepared to stalk and trap her ? 
When those dark roses opened up like Alladin’s cave,
a cave twisted, sharp spikes within 
Hey Hunter, cant you catch up with her
teasing from an invisible foe?

Change, again and again change your form,
When you adapt and chase it,
She can't be captured, but will you ever know.
Hey hunter, who will be hunted do you dare say!
Do you know if you are really the prey!
She has followed your scent and is following closely behind.
Now only her tracks you will find.

If you continue to play her vicous game,
Tears drop, a sleepless night in shame
Would fear turns to a fearer hunting game?
When those dark roses opened up like Alladin’s cave,
a cave twisted, sharp spikes within
Why shall we stay
at the end of the day;
What made us leave
What does it mean to live?

What to promise after pain?
What to seek after regrets,
To laugh after tears;
To see when rain clears.

Is he a child, a sonnet?
All his paint was hidden in the sky,
The colour of violet with melancholy,
The one love to be met.

Is she a child, a poet
Her fantasies last as ever;
But not knowing to write
She shall learn over the night.
# fréquent travel record, within a day flew over 3 countries. An pair of child eyes, and wonders to deep blue sky.
Mar 18 · 152
Anxiety, a shared secret
More, once more,
Can you identify these two trees standing nobly in the breeze

where these grasses grow uphill
Is this the place where they met?

Again,and again,
why these puzzles blocked our vision
and disappeared into the shadows ,
Those virtual meetings abandoned by the persecuted

Breathe, a long breath,
The mirror tells us we will all get through this.

We will get through the sleepless nights,
and all the internal fights,
when the world hits us with all its might.
Believe it or not, the day seems right.

Breathe breathe, a long breath,
The wall bounces, but we will get through this.

Nobody could define what anxieties are,
look, when the window opens,
pale faces and red eyes clarify it
Shall we meet in the unmarked strip of light?

Five, Three, One!
Four, Two, Nought…
and breathe breathe, a long breath
By Angel.XJ / 18/03/2020
# Under global epidemic Coved-19, anxiety became to our daily live element
Mar 10 · 185
Brightly Rainy Day
Gray gray, rainy day,
Could a cup of coffee to bright up our day?

Check check please
when tears clear up and rain stops.
There be confetti in the sky,
there be cleaner blood,
crisp wind and salt in the air.

There be long walks
through the old park,
cardboard lots of treasure
and a peaceful coffee time,
after the rain
By Angel. XJ. Enjoy a piece of solitude moment, coffee after the rain...
Mar 9 · 176
Beloved searching
Would someone hear a whisper talking?
“Let’s count one moment of peace together,
only between us…”
He breathes into Lydia’s ear until her soul
passes on his fragrance.

He is her soul, she knew it.
And she wouldn't escape his magic spells,
But why would any soul in this world
want to escape from?
When the lunar night reaches to the sky
They fled to an ecstasy screen, together.

She asks him:
“Is everyone a shadow of the Beloved?
Yes, it is.”  He carved an ‘L’ shape on an old tree
Would our seeking be where our moon is seeking?
Could our words be lunar Lydia’ words?

Aren't there enough questions to end with a silence?
Where it leads to the core of our lives.

Isn't all your talk worthless?
Lydia whispered to him,  compare our whispers
to the Beloved.
By Angel.XJ 09/03/2020;  Where is our beloved spirits...
Has the moon sharing kisses all over her white skirt?
The wings of the clouds landing in every North and South,
Was her the tears of the universe,
These are the stars landing on her eyes,
Who could not forget  every start and every goodbye.

In a while it will pass,
You are all special,
and when the Sun will arise,
For new beginnings are always in the way of life.
And universe tears were
“human condition,” and now,
we searched what were worth life,
If we are all don’t belong here.
By Angel. XJ 2nd/March/2020
When there is bad news all over the world,may we rather live in a moment of joy and happiness
Feb 25 · 153
The past is the present
When stars appear in the sky,
under a dark late night,
Could you hear a dialog between Caterpillar and Butterfly?

Caterpillar: "Aren’t you too beautiful for me,
fly away and find someone as beauty as you.” 

Butterfly: "I will not leave you,
you are as beautiful as me."

Raised his voice, Butterfly looked into Caterpillar’s eyes:
“Why did I ever lose you?
Although they say everything has an end,
nothing will last,
Nothing is meaningful,
except think about the past....”

Caterpillar replied to him with a melancholy tone:
“why is the world moving fast?
Shall we live in the moment like they say...
Live in the moment - it'll be best to stay.”

They are hugging and chanting on a giant leaf—
Whose images are kept in store?
By memory, we are all alone. 

And if rhyme is outmoded. 
Shall I transform it to you, 
Past is in the future 
where it converts to the present,
with you...
Angel. XJ / 23/02/2020/ Revised 25/02/2020
Compassion is the basis of morality.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Saying bye-bye, a farewell symphony
To someone you loved

Saying bye-bye, a bitter experience
To something you believed.

Likewise, restrained tears at a departure hall;
As if listening to a movement of the finales
Of a fantastic life symphony

His eyes were drifting away;
Her appearance was pale and fatigued.
When the last movement ended
They hugged,
it was the last time they met up.

Morals or control, what is it?
Wasn't it odd to enjoy the voice of central controlled squads?
And what is the best time to cry for nationalist values?

Morals or domain? where does it exit?
Without realising the truth turns to sinner .
Why are many leaders leading the flocks?
Although, he and she never practiced what they preached.

Morals or law, who is in charge?
Without guilt,  cast the first stone.
Why are those sorrows hidden in their hearts
hence, who gets offended when its upon us?

Saying bye-bye, morals,
A symphony of never finished music scores,
Will they just discover
Once all is said and done 

And was that a successful concert?
were those favourite movement
All along.
Current global epidemic coronavirus leads us to think more about our morality, when there is a natural disaster around.
Feb 14 · 163
Await, V. Day
Who has seen the black clouds
and lightening passed to the other side?
Keep calm, heart still...,
Look, some are chasers of the whirlwind wonders,
Position, strength and direction are
all important,
likewise, your love touches.
Await, V. Day with you,
warnings are counted in.
With your lips , silence.
A morning leisure walk randomly end up to Highgate village, where we had our first Highgate local explore years ago.
‘Not allowed to speak.
Not allowed to die.
Now allowed to be angry.
Not allowed to desire.
Are we allowed to at least remember? “

--Dedicated to a truth teller- Dr. WL.L

I. Tears
Isn’t the voice too fragile to alarm?
the breaths within that death room, countless,
cornered. Surrounded. Lost.

Armful of mystique shrouded in gloom.
Can we all hear the drops?
diamonds tears clink and bounces. 

The fatal seashores wrapped cries.
Where an uninhabited hero lost his life.
Tragedy that the height you fell from was meteoric.

II­. Truth
He expected a thunderstorm.
He had no other choice

Excep­t that isolated island- away from the maddening world.
Except tho­se wild thorns

He was nurtured and became a solo star
He was like a diamond among the stones

Paranoid by his determination
Why fatherly fate sent him to such a hell like mission.

III. Wonders

The winds chanted a loud symphony of sorrow.
Where Dr.WL. L with a conscience, uninhabited hero …
Who would reject the sample-evil has triumphed over the good
Why the truth sunk into dead sea swirls?

He was hopeless and looked down upon.
Stormy roars, over a babble of voices.
One truth teller doctor passed away.
Thousands of eyes full of tears.

Tranquil island, berried a brave soul
Shouting for the devotion
Smashing the majestic power
Who shall turn an isolated island into a beautiful heaven?
Dedication to a truth teller who discovered Coronavirus at late December, 2019, and been unfairly treated.
In a crispy ocean-blue land.
They live in a paranoid narcissism tent.
One who was pointing at a chest of tools,
the others eyes were on a no soul weakling metal.

Can't they hear an echo curse?
Robots robbing rich robbers.
Would artist gods and goddesses,
lead to terror terrifying terrorists?

Can they share a platform
to unleash gifts and power?
Was there a fizzy dizzy violet haze?
Where they dance and dive

Would mint hue bubbles squeak?
When the world’s head spins
Shall we see coins in change?
Any day it spins and bubbles.
Have you seen a quiet girl
with a sinister smile,
she, siren of mystery of the future
Mirror mirror,
there is a robot in your mirror
Filter filter,
where was a peach chin fighter?
When no innocence against glitter litter
Guilty until proven later.
Have you seen a quiet girl as a terrorist?
Blurred errors mouth haste terror twist
If terrorist from the ancient,
they hide in between every end.
Attempted ****** as problem solver.

A true storyteller can’t tell us a part
From her crooked eyes
WH warning tears burst.
Bubbles heated never anchor
Restart will never reach to a real world.

Robot with or without soul
Hero magic twist with terrorists.
No soul knows no harm no fail,
Will memory tattoos identify you?
By. Angel. XJ
Tulips, who is trying to save them
By Angel.XJ 29/01/2020

Tulip blooms, she smiles
The pebbles cemented into the sidewalk
And why didn't we notice it earlier

Tulip blooms, he smiles
Piles of tulips in deep lilac

His sentiment to her.
His private messages delivered to her heart 
Thank the tulips for all they do.

Tulips blooms, she smiles
When these fragrances reminded her
Tulip blooms, he smiles
Leaning on his solo path.

Spring is here.
A symbol in the journey they take
a petal for each milestone

Tulip blooms, she smiles.
Tulip blooms, he smiles
A swap role in each chapter they make

Who is trying to save them,
really, who is it? If Tulips were fragile,
like them too?
By Angel.XJ 29/01/2020
Have you seen the Corona Dressed in Black?
No,the sun's corona dressed in blue

Arent they the darkest coronas we‘ve ever been?
Language is a virus ,
We are already affected, sick.

Let our heart's converse to corona,
Could you feel the sentimental kick?


When shadow gathers round.
Is staring at the ground.


Corona Dre­ssed in Black
The new year’s virus wrapped in blue masks

What are the probabilities?
To find the rare relief of peace

As the stars come to the fore
Tears shut behind the door

Who will wiping sleep from sunken eyes,
If she bids farewell to honest skies
Please- comes to sight once mor­e.
By Angel.XJ 23/01/2020
Revised 27/01/2020
Rock, paper, scissors,
and close your eyes
Don't think, don't speak,
but move please.

Within an invisible hand,
who would trade the world in words?
for a life ever long.

Under the sun on the sea-tide
Who would trade the world in words?
  for a perpetuated song.

Somewhere, a child is born 
yet in another, a life is lost­
While someone is making a fortune, 
another person is losing it ­all

Beneath a lonely tower
Who would trade the world in words?
 for a pulpit on high

Peak of a rocky mountain
Who would trade the world in words?
 for the moon over the sky.

One baby was born into riches­,
another into misery
Someone is living in a peaceful land
Yet an­other's land is dawning on war. 

He would trade the world in words.
  for his immortality insured
She would trade the world in words
  for her love still unheard

Rock, paper, scissors,
and close your eyes
When one deals end
another bargain commences  
When if there is wind from the left to the right.

Shall we trade the world in words?
  for fame and fortune 
Shall we trade the world in words?
  —would our soul regress from 0 to 1
 then remain.
. By Angel.XJ 23/01/2020
Jan 14 · 79
Resurrection,the light
Endless, the light of darkness,
Rise, again rise 
Who dare to speak out,
life is dust
And there is no stop after a brief rest

Endless, the light of mysterious soul
Rise, and rise again
Why do the shades of melancholy freeze
illuminating the warped convictions of a 
perverted crash?

Light once knocked 
at the stony tomb of your conscience 
calling out your name. 
Light once allowed,
the light of the resurrection,
Travels with velocity at morning silence.

Follow her, please follow her:
Believe, and believe it  into your soul
Nothing to you is lost
Tell her the truth,
there is a real crash.
Resurrection but relise.

What we have for nothing, lived, suffered!
What was created must perish,
What perished, rise again.
By Angel. XJ  13/01/2020
Dec 2019 · 166
Drop drop, rain drops and music stops
Were they chanting at a dark dust light?
Echoes,  at year‘s end sea tide,
who knows those cares from left to right side sea bank.

We must depart,
off to departure together.
Where it leads and where to exits
it's little what they care.

Although you, Sir of year’s end
Nichole whispered to Tomas
Isn’t it better to toast a wine to our departure?
December‘s snow roars to an early spring

Tomas replied to her gently,
I could see through the willows of the inn-yard
And identify who will be going greener and greener?
And you have a solitude soul
where ocean waves rise high.


Nichole and Tomas hand in hand
They were chanting together: “
It doesn’t matter where the path they take
Shall we departure
Off to departure
together, slowly walk into the darkness.
# Departure # Darkness
Sky, trees are
grey green but light
Still lakes, move sorrow motionless
Rotten leaves below –and above.
Rain water, deep

Who with who?
Where is where?
When is when?

DingDang TingDang Dinng
Will our party come up soon?
Fantasy dances but will reality confuses
Feelings are out of blue,
Suddenly breathing air;
(moonlight leaves shadows).

DingDang TingDang Dinng
Shall we open box of candy canes
Fantasy sight to see prettiest holly that will be
silver lanes aglow 
There silent images shimmer now
and - air breathing suddenly - break.

His and her stories world-over,
that your personal poet is
warming to record.
It doesn't  matter about rain or snow
But isn’t’ it beginning to look like in a
(Christmas Fantasy land now)
By Angel.XJ  20/12/2019/
Cant we quit to see this world in a labour or conservative view?
And would justice adjust to a world better for the better people?

Listen, fools, which we all are.
Wouldn’t fall for this political stylizing conservative values.

Heck, who are cheat
And who will lie.
Who indeed tends racist more?

Under the church,
a stained 7 colour window
Can we halt to see this world from and black and white view.

More than agree with who? ——
Yes, there are other hues.
Who need to  therapy?
Yes, the world only comes together
when we try to make it better.
By Angel. XJ. 13/12/2019
In a crispy ocean-blue land. 
They live in a paranoid narcissism tent.
One who was pointing at a chest of tools,
the others eyes were on a no soul weakling metal.

Can't they hear an echo curse?  
Robots robbing rich robbers.
Would artist gods and goddesses, 
lead to terror terrifying terrorists?

Can they share a platform
to unleash gifts and power?
Was there a fizzy dizzy violet haze?
Where they dance and dive  

Would mint hue bubbles squeak?
When the world’s head spins 
Shall we see coins in change?
Any day it spins and bubbles.

Have you seen a quiet girl
with a sinister smile,
she, siren of mystery of the future
Mirror mirror,
there is a robot in your mirror
Filter filter,
where was a peach chin fighter?
When no innocence against glitter litter 
Guilty until proven later.

Have you seen a quiet girl as a terrorist?
Blurred errors mouth haste terror twist
If terrorist from the ancient,
they hide in between every end.
Attempted ****** as problem solver.

A true storyteller can’t tell us a part
From her crooked eyes
HK warning tears burst.
Bubbles heated never anchor
Restart will never reach to a real world.

Robot with or without soul
Hero magic twist with terrorists.
No soul knows no harm no fail,
Will memory tattoos identify you?!
By Angel.XJ 06/12/2019
His face blue
He raises it through
Can you find a utopian loop
Where people’s grace grew?

Her face is red
A misplaced puzzle zoo
There is no wall to climb 
But into a wall of bricks

Will more people and more walls
Another sequel with another fall
She dreams a wall is ineffective.
Although he has built doors for a world at war.
The big brothers in, the heavier the doors 
She knows how Tu Fu escaped from a bamboo wall

Iambic Tetrameter
By Angel. XJ. 28/11/ 2019

Have you seen faded flowers in the night?
Where an unknown heart got burnt at moonlight.

Would they wrap pale sunlight?
Allowing petals to sneak into a treasure box.
She lay in her chamber in the sea mountain side..
Fire flame burns the window green...
Wooden floor danced on crystal glasses..
The wind rushes out of the cloud by night,
Stabbing and poking her, Madam Huang
Of those who were wiser than us---
Of many far talents than us---
Pray, neither for the angels in Heaven above
Nor the devil down under the tunnel
For the moon sunk in late November
Without interpreting her wonders, she left the sea bank,
Tears can ever dissolve her stories within the stories
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
When the stars have not risen,
They gather in the chamber by the sea.
A falling star shining in the far and burst,
a bolide flames transmitted Requiem finale.
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
May the sky award true colours of the dying night.

Silent prayers are kneeling there, they seemed to share the shame
Prior to breathing out the crispy air of Late November.
She asked him once Her name.

Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
from the chamber in the sea mountain.
By Angel.XJ 23/11/2019
His Shadow,

The fire flame,
Of magical illusion unconsciously plays.
With no trace, but discrete soul frame
Would these emotional contacts delay?
When hidden blinks end our days.
Cast in stone, in foundation of lies
Will all these shadows,
in searching of the hidden soul.

Her shadow
Covered in blood, sang aloud in sin
Who could tell where the sad little dove was?
Counting pale hearts, purple loves,
can anyone return her festering secrets safely?
If purity be poisoned, life to blame.
When there is an unwanted birth, 
dark Angel denies.
Her shadow, hidden soul
where the shape of magic academy, can you touch?

His pain

A sleepless night twitch
Whose illusions knew the game?
Faded smile fast frozen
Who will believe his heart would ever bleed?
A little broken lost child
has carried tons of stones, climbed up to endless hills.
Noting these issues,what we ought to feel?
Shadow of love,
magic academy, hidden soul.

Her pain
A set of painful memories, long times ago
Though, she knew, she must let it go
When dreams trigger upon the aching scars.
It burns within an injured heart.
Tearful moon shadow, in the wake of lies
What was missed?
magic academy, hidden soul.
By Angel. XJ 18/09/2019
Music by: Mahler Symphony No. 2
Sep 2019 · 1.1k
Farewell, Vampire
Red or Dark eyes? 
Vampire, is it time to say goodbye
He stopped kissing her
Her heart broken, with love. 
Gold or pale leaves?
Vampire, where is their destiny?
He turned off the light
and left them with darkness
and she escaped from
twin towers last night.
Are they **** or ethology creatures?
Vampire, who could interpret the sound of his voice?
Early last summer, they met at a mask party.
Vampire found his true love after a Brahms themed concert, 
Vampire never intended to make a crime.
Vampire didn’t know what he had until he lost it.

The dusk arises to heal his wounds,
with the blood of another.
Vampire, opened his eyes, light came through heaven
Thank you for the fragile and painful love that you give. Muttered the vampire under his breath.

Vampire, took her to all the places that she never knew.
He came and she found what she wanted

Will she remember that she was there in his debt?
those days were a little bit daunting the days she’d rather forget...
Farewell, Vampire
He changed her life for the better 
And now he knows it’s better to be brave than be scared
to a little painful but fragile love.

Farewell, Vampire
He knew he had no choice.
But will he ever have one?
By: Angel.XJ
Revised 14/08/2019
Sep 2019 · 347
【Pitfall Seed】
Would nothing be guaranteed?
Can short pain be part of the journey,
when moving towards long run joy?

Although it is always safer not to go on that journey,
Unknown is the path, nothing is guaranteed...

A thousand and one are the hazards of the journey,
many are the pitfalls -
Nothing can be guaranteed...

Will each small piece of love compose to a secure jigsaw?
Didn’t we search for love in a crystal ball?
It was hidden inside,
a *******.

And the seed was very hard and
the sprout had
“very, very limited’ room to meet with treasure for all!

But the seed tried,
she whispered, but assertively,
If it was an effort;
She drops the hard shell.

Does she start moving?
Immediately the light twinkles:
the struggle with the soil, together with the stones,
dancing with the rocks.
By Angel. XJ 04/09/2019
The Hurricane clouds at home are emerging.
She saw their cry after June.
She knew which piece of symphony made her stomach churn.
Isn’t it like a diamond showers pushed through her brain
Isn’t it like a thunder of choral ends, rushing out like a hurricane roar?
Isn’t it  like a memorial bonfire blowing past her rear garden door?
Isn’t it like the home cloud force of an invisible hand,
smashing down on her floor?
Invisible,but’ a hurricane it is.
She had an urge to rush to her home.
Hurricane knows we are all under the same home cloud.
Sometimes, Hurricane seem full of menace.
And other times,
she maybe just need to be loved and at home.
Do we all need to be loved and at home?
If home is anarchy.
If home is happiness
And if home is war.
Then what and where is home?
By Angel. XJ. ;19/08/2019
【A Mosquito, Killer’s kisses】
By Angel. XJ  09/08/2019

Gentle, but deeply ...
Mosquito whispers to herself :
Will I have the last kiss with him tonight?
Shall I forget how much it hurt,
when he left from my sight?
Shall I ever speak to him agian  
I am not a killer, only I love to kiss,
gentle, but deeply...
Mosquito toned up her silky voice,
she was singing to herself,
in the spring a paradise,
in the summer a hell,
and in the autumn a heaven..
But is there another lonesome heart that I could kiss?
Dont keep reminding me about
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
I am no killer,
but addicted to kisses,
I am no killer,  but only like to kiss
Likewise, Mozart’s requiems where hidden the code,
A mosquito’s love and destiny.
Gently, but deeply...
Mosquito stops her whisper,
No more kisses and only shows teeth,
desperation in her eyes
it pierced her bones.
With sweet, painless,
a Mosquito, killer's kisses,
gentle, but deeply...
A lonesome Mosquito
Jul 2019 · 192
【Terrace Portrait】
Windows sneezing past the trees.
Other flowers streak past with snarls.
Vitality of descending moment,
springs forth prior to the receding dusk.
A woman cleans her garden terrace.
Rehearsing for the next guests’ visit.
But then she left.
A boy jumps to a swing chair,
catches up with a butterfly breeze.
He wondered and asked,
could you help, if she is left there?
Gesmoi’s solo bark has no echos.
And then recedes silently.
Prior to his hind-paw stretch steadily.
Gesmoi’s barking voice is lasting.
Long breath after a finger click.
Dismount and leave the garden ride,
day dream.
at fiends’s terrace garden.
By Angel. XJ 30/07/2019
She meets them at the reading corner,
they from work,she from sky.
In the grayling dusk of a thank god,
It’s a freedom land, Thursday evening, prior to weekend.
They greet her with words semi-adventurous -
Can we have no more volatility spill over analytics?
Can we stop discussing AI validate code?
But at times leisure, pleasant surprise meets, cheers at beer bar break.
#Pleasant surprise ;# Cheers
Jul 2019 · 161
Mr. and Ms Petite Tree
How were these melodic notes made?
A thousand symphonies
from the sky upon him laid?

Mr. Tree and petite Ms Tree met with a distant ancestry,

Although he sprouted from a Cherry pit,
She has been growing from an apple seed,
Together they play,
hiding and seeking with the wind,

Silly them when thinking about the humanity
while they both have plans to grow to be.

Petite Tree sits under Mr Cherry tree
They laugh and laugh, won't leave.

Mr. giving Tree
shares his cherries for free.

Petite Tree eased her hesitation smiles.

Please, please Mr. Tree with cherries,
Petite Tree would like to grow with you distance memories.
Following up with a peer poet’s post in regarding Mr. Tree.
Jul 2019 · 115
Colour of love, she wore
May the nights be clear.
When the lights went out.
She wore red,
Not knowing what love was
"And everyone will be paid for everything"
She hear it not for the first time.
She seems to look young
in a red, shiny dress.
She’d like just one thing:
Not to think about the bad.
She wore white
To meet her future love.
"And everyone will be paid for everything"
She can hear it endlessly.
She will be in a white dress
Without the golden ring.
Her soul is forgiven,
Let's scare the crows.
She wore black
Even before the funeral.
"And everyone will be paid for everything"
She heard it every time.
For she will laugh for a show.
Wearing a black dress.
But when she wore pink,
She did not hear anything, the world was silent.
Find your own colour, if you could there is colour of love, for you.
Music background:  
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto no.2.
Figure: two beggar sisters
Background: autumn, double rainbow, butterfly, accordion, birds, horses, cattle, and sheep
Scene: a large meadow
Not far from the painter’s window
two beggar
sisters sitting in a large meadow
He whistles the birds’ melody,
the distant mountain,
he sees horses and cattle lowing,
after thunderstorm, autumn day
The painter silently watches the two sisters
Has she finished playing and dropping her little accordion without noticing?
Will her sister tell the blind girl double rainbows in the darkening sky?
Wind heavily blowing at the worn-clad pair
And he sees the red haired blind girl gently hold her sister
Can you tell me of these autumn colours?
The painter sees the  double rainbow across the eastern sky
He swiftly sketches through the window
He paints his heart  sympathic love
Will the blind girl feel joyous like yellow?
Perfumes dark green,
vibrant like red enrich their hope
Where the double rainbow appears in the eastern sky
The painter paints his inner calm,
butterfly tranquil mauve.
Themed poetry writing exercise on oil Painting from Millais‘a ‘ The Blind Girl’
Jun 2019 · 120
Mermaiding Date
Who said you are a beauty but have no feet?
Who said you are a fish but have a lady’s body?
But he knows that they will have a date in the sea,
Where, he knew she was hurting.
They went fishing and caught a mermaid,
her eyes dropped dark blue tears,
exploded a desolate soul,
his favorite shade of beauty memories.
With her gentle but painful touch,
With her mermaid waves,
They were plunging into a rock,
Where, he knew she was hurting,
She regressed to the dark blue deep
and never returned.
They caught a fish but it is a mermaid. They started a Mermaiding Date.
Jun 2019 · 177
【Birds or beauties?】
Do we have a transforming party?
From one soul to another.
Exchange space and time zone landing.
likewise, sunset kisses,
sun ray rising,
sea-waves waltzing with sea wolf’s tide plunging.
Together,  they are chanting.
Do we have a transforming party?
Deep learning birds or beauties shifting?
Would that mean: when those blue sea birds move to a cold mountain.
If he was there for his bathing beauties?
Followed up with another poet on ‘ birds’ poem.
By Angel. XJ 22/06/2019
… Wouo wouo..  
...Dindon Dindo
… LyeeYee Lyee
Shall we sing this together?
A song from the fishermen,
When sea waves catch up with sea wolfs
And they’re waltzing with the tide,
Have you heard the wind keeps mourning?
Don’t forget to take great care,
the Sea Wolf's share
And wasn’t it cheered up to his wounded soul overside
... Wouo wouo
...Dindon Dindo
… LyeeYee Lyee Yee…

Sea waves splashes Sea Wolf rides, day by day...

Are those unseen on the crested waves?
And the blue sea wave mists rise from her gray green eyes
When he comes from his salt sea caves.
The fishermen whispers , when storms at night
There will be a great sea bellow and tsunami roars,
Thunder accompanied with sea wolf rides on the plunging tides,
 Can’t you hear his solo tune dashes to sky window

...Wouo wouo..  
...Dindon Dindo
… LyeeYee Lyee Yee…
Sea wolf struggling ahead, under the sea waves,
listens to a tsunami quartet ensemble
Silently, sea waves are
waiting for the sun returns.
Although storms come with shouting and  yelling
The fishermen whispers,
look, that green eyed sea wolf waits by the sea gateway,
will tomorrow never dawn, is another day
Love to dive into the big blue and listen to A G Minor seawaves dynamic with sea wolfs.
Can you hear from me when I whisper to you...
‘I promise that I will always be there for you..’
When moon shades your tired eyes,  
I will kiss your eyes and ease your weariness..
when you are in melancholic light,
I will be a musical Angel that will make you laugh.
When you are crazy,
I will wrap you around under my wings and calm you.
When you are lost, I will not rest till I get you back..
when you are cheery, I will share your joy and happiness.
Can you hear from me when I whisper to you...
‘I promise that I will always be there for you...’
Following up with a friend poetry.
She adores roses
Those are red and fire
He presents violets
These are blue and crude
To stitch-up a broken heart
Do they have a glue?
Roses are red
Jasmines are white
Gentle and subtle,
together with Jasmine heart,
into every night dream.
Roses are red
Sunflowers are golden
She is feeling a bit down
Will you play her cello?
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jasmines are white,
Fatherly fragrant, love  
Just follow the clue
By Angel. XJ  16/06/2019
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