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@First Movement

Flash blue, breezes and gentle touches where he is her favourite dancer.
Twitchy tickly itchy movement, likewise violin trembled string
Autumn arrives with butterfly wings. He is a dancer. Fainted @

Noon sun ray. He says “Hi… Give me a Five”
Shine or silver, day to day. It all turns to grey.

@Second Movement

Life in a day where there are knots in every skein. The moment of whispering
And the surprise gifts of the Year. Look. Rains and showers flushed into her skirt.
Autumn lands with a giant painting brush. She is a painter. Arrayed in

Gold and red, twirling canvas panels with leaves upon her ankles.
Their intense autumnal melancholy embittered

@Third Movement

life wonders’ bedroom window. Of oscillating thread
that winds between the living and the living we thought were dead.

Autumn falls with hymn choral from spider’s web. He and she reunions
Soul to soul, pole to pole with blesses with increase and life,
They are gross and simple creatures, jointly servant of the Will.
Reflected with a movie-"Invictus"  Life is a circle, we follows with nature and seasons And we are master our own fate....
Brumous Feb 2021
When the time comes, I'd feel so numb and empty.
I really want to ask this to you.

Would you comfort me? Like how I comforted you?

Try all my best, like I did for you?

Despite that brewing storm inside me, would you come and rescue me?

Will you be there to wipe the melancholy tears as it falls like the heavy rain?

Can you make me happy, like how I try to do the same; just for you?

Would you care for me, Like I did for you?

All by Myself, In a room with no doors, just four corners. Alone in the dark.

What would you do?
Seriously, I don't know if this is good enough. Some words feels so dry and bare.
some dark
some bright
some come to light
during the wee hours of night
some crystal clear
some just out of sight
but all are real and all are right
as I slip into the fearless flight
of the mind's eye
this was initially a response to a comment on another poem...I liked it and made another! Thank you Lori Jones McCaffery for inspiring this!
Ito ay isang maligayang araw
Dahil ito'y ang iyong kaarawan,
Wag mo kalimutan ang iyong ilaw
ikaw ang aming gabay sa daanan,

HInding hindi ko makakalimutan
Ang araw na tayo'y may kaligayahan,
Memorya na ito'y aking ingatan
'Di mahalintulad ang kasiyahan

Dahil sayo ako'y may natutunan
Na wag **** tigilan ang kasiyahan,
Ito din ang iyong pagsisisihan
Parang araw na puno ng kariktan,

Itong araw na ikaw ay masaya
kahit isang lungkot, walang makita,
Dapat ang iyong araw ay di masira
Nakakasira sa iyong kay ganda,

Walang sinuman ay isang perpekto
Sa aking paningin ika'y kompleto,
Hindi mo kailangang magpabago
Dahil masaya na ako sa iyo,

Masaya kami kapag kasama ka
Na kalokohan **** nakakatuwa,
Mga tuwaan na nakakahawa
Na kinalalabasan ay himala,

Ikaw pa din ang bituin sa dilim
Nagbibigay sa taong may kulimlim,
Ang mga tawanan na walang tigil
Mga saya na madaling mapansin,

Itong panahon ay muling aahon
Walang rason para ika'y matakot,
Walang panahon para tumalikod
Dahil hindi ito ang iyong desisyon,

Sana natuwa ka sa 'king regalo
BInigay ko dito ang aking buo,
Hindi kayang ikumpara sa ginto
Dahil hindi ito isang trabaho,

Ito'y ginawa ko sa aking gusto
Na sana walang mangyaring magulo,
Itong tula ay para lang sa iyo
'Di ko magawa para sa iba 'to.

Dapat lahat ay palaging masaya
Para walang madulot na problema,
Ang panahon ay lalong gumaganda
Kapag lahat may magandang balita,

Ikaw ang may dulot ng kasiyahan
Na punong puno ng kaligayahan,
Hindi dapat itong pinagdudahan
Parang araw tayo'y nagkakitaan,

Walang saya kapag may kakulangan
Dahil lahat ay walang kahulugan,
Katulad ng masayang kaarawan
Walang silbe kapag ika'y nawalan.
Chelsea Rae Oct 2019
I said, "go **** yourself,"
But really my soul was trying to say, "go find yourself."
I still care. I just can't do the indecision and confusion.
Rickey Spence May 2019

Let me show you the other side,
Let me show you the way to see.
There's no reason to hide.
From God, comes abundant mercy.

Let me guide your heavy thoughts,
Let me guide your weary feet.
Don't worry about your secrets,
Through God, you're made complete.

Let me brighten your downcast face,
Let me brighten your clouds daily.
Problems aren't yours to erase,
By God's work, you're made holy.

Let me walk you through the danger,
Let me walk you to a place of safety.
You're not meant to live as a stranger,
Because of God, fullness replaces empty.

Let me carry you through the debris,
Let me carry you when you are done.
The issues of others don't define your story.
Look to God, He'll take your burden.

Let me give you a right perspective,
Let me give you a way to cope.
Depressed thoughts are obstructive.
Thanks to God, you have a wider scope.

Let me lead you to truth.
Let me lead you from the lies.
At first, it seems uncouth,
With God, wisdom you will realize.


I'm the last thing you want,
When you have lost all of me.
I'm rarely at the front,
You must search if you want to see.

I'm what you need most,
When you've given up.
I'm an idea, a ghost,
When will you wakeup?

Look! The Lamb!
God's thrown down a rope.
Here I am:
My name is Hope!
The personification of Hope.
Ștefan Dragomir Feb 2019

The end is near
Because everyone seems to be so lonely
The years have passed so slowly
Somebody must show me
That I must believe
But I don't believe in life
I don't believe in love
I don't believe in you.

I will not live without you near me
My love can not fit inside these words
Because it didn't have to be this way
Words will never express anything
The wounds are in my mind.
Chelsea Rae Feb 2019
I am scared to become human again.

This mind has expanded and this Eye has

lifted this world from grey to color.

If you only could read these words and understand

The me that you knew

Has left the view.

I am I N F I N I T E

and I seep into the dirt and the leaves,

pieces of me are in everything and them in me.

I can finally feel it all so much stronger.

I am no longer here,

I am with

The Mother and The Father.
trf Aug 2018
Can you carve color like you crave attention,
My eyes are starving,
for a golden glimpsing,
Will we wander or will we surrender,
To the darkness,
Blinding our vision.

Will these wild white words
Garner redemption,
I'm just a poor boy,
from the home of the hits and,
Can we feel like we do on the streets of New Orleans,
Watch your glass and half your portion.

What in this white world changes?
Dust bowls now filled, aren't so dangerous,
But let's Forgo the colors and drink from loving cups,
Give your hugs to a stranger.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Nawlins Louisiana , home of the hits, and if you’re from outa town, huh ha, welcome to the third world”
RIP Houseman
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