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Amethyst Jan 23
Do you miss the warm rain like i do?
The way it would caress our skin; it’s touch was light as a feather. Almost unnoticed, but too nurturing to be forgotten.
And when warm rain fell, the sun always followed.
We’d bathe in tender golden light.
And she would wrap us snug in her rays, only to let us nap on her sister’s green quilts of velvet.
In this moment nothing mattered.
There was you
There was me
And there was the warm rain.
Nothing mattered except for us.
We didn’t have to argue or yell, and no tears were shed.
Just you me and the warm rain.
It would dance across our sunburned cheeks and shoulders, mingle with our freckles, and get lost in between our intertwined fingertips.
Although my eyes were closed i knew you were smiling. Smiling the smile that i’ve longed to see since September.
I didn’t want this moment to end i just wanted to stay
with you
Mom yelling for dinner woke me up.
There were white tiles under my head and a shower head infront of my face.
i stood up, wiped the running water from my eyes, and turned the **** to the shower off.
pearls of water formed and chilled as i hopped out while looking for a towel frantically.
I paused the outdated song playing from my phone, that i once resonated with you.
I look through the fog on my bathroom mirror
and i see me.
without you
but i see love.
love inside of me, past my now fair and satin skin
beyond my fading freckles and rosy cheeks
there is love.
and maybe one day when the grass is green again, and the falling rain is warm
i’ll find love there too.
In the warm rain.
you are the composer
of my
eloquently written sonnets
the fingers that gently pluck me
on a heavy violin
the muse behind my intricate ballads

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Engulfed in flames, I scream for you
To hold me, don’t let go.
But as my hand is reaching out,
You flinch, of this I know.

I’m falling down the hole again,
Like Alice in Wonderland.
Except this time there is no end,
There is no ground to stand.

I grasp at nothing, come up clean,
My fingers holding air.
Even thoughts surrounding me,
Are blank or bleak or bare.

Even though my eyes are closed
As something starts to shift.
A light comes on and shines on me
it’s coming from a rift.

Out of the rift comes out a hand,
It’s reaching out to me.
I recognize the hand as yours,
Pulling me to be free.

Once you drag me from the pit,
You stand and brush me off.
Your fingers graze my cheek somehow,
Your features sweet and soft.

I’m captured by the bright, green eyes
Of you whom once I loved.
But I know that you’re not someone
Who’ll help me rise above.

I take your hand and kiss your skin,
This is my last farewell.
I turn my back to you once more,
On this I do not dwell.

It’s on this day I realize
Some things aren’t meant to last.
If we refuse to let love go,
The present will stay the past.
Temporal Fugue Nov 2018
Everyone called her Chickyboo
why or how, nobody knew
she came and went just as she pleased
wild and free as she could be

Came the day she settled down
a one man woman come too town
her wild and spurious days gone by
in her eyes you could see it die

We buried her beyond the hill
just as she wished within her will
we mourned and cried in the rain
her spirit now without the pain

Yes this girl we all knew
by the name of Chickyboo
passed beyond the world and veil
true to herself
at this she failed
Never lose the spirit
never ever tame what's wild
too yourself be hard and true
and never out
of style
Filomena Nov 2018
Solitary creature in the Wilderness
Scared of even those of your own Kind
Staying out of reach of those too Curious
Singing out at night your haunting Cry

Is there some great secret that you Know about
Try to keep the mystery you Must
Deep and sacred knowledge you would Show about
If only there were someone you could Trust

  Can I tame them? Should I try?
  Can they tell me the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart could break
  All for a common rose's sake

when Someone seems Unique in all the World to me
the Reason is the Time spent making Ties
for Only with the Heart can one the Truth perceive
Essential things are Hidden from the Eyes

  Have they tamed me? Did they try?
  Have they shown me the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart could break
  All for a common rose's sake

I Looked for wisdom but I found a Friend instead
Companionship I know was meant to Be
but Even so, all good things must soon Reach an End
my Dearest friend I will no longer See

  They have tamed me, them have I
  and Now I know the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart would break
  For Naught,
but my very own special Rose's sake

-for the Fox
Inspired by The Little Prince.
leah snyder Oct 2018
walking through the forest
a chill in the breeze
inhaling the clear air
breathing with such ease

leaves turning gold, amber
autumn settling in
season of moonlit mist
set under my skin

eventually it ends
crystal flakes drifting lightly
carried by a winter gust
snow reflecting brightly

winter’s grip holds so strong
will it ever cease?
i wish for days of autumn
and winter’s release

ballad (ish)
I’d give you my love,
but my love just wouldn’t do, dear.
If only you could use my love.

Then I’d give you a hug
and a kiss so soft that you wouldn’t fear
what you’re dreaming of, my love.

Oh, why then, love,
why do you cry then, love?
Why don’t you try
some of what I’ve
been thinking of?

Darling, I’ve seen what’s above
and it’s you, but you can’t see the truth.
Let me lift you up, my love.
Lyrics for an AABA swing jazz song.
Piano melody singalong @

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KW Sep 2018
it happened at night
December 20th 1969, my first ****
two kids in their car
you'll have to wait till

April 30th, 1967
i wrote my letter
bates had to die
nothing will get better

now take it back to 1969
last day of July
San Francisco Chronicles first letter
I bet everyone wanted to cry

it's now the 70's
still haven't been caught
i did talk to two police officers
maybe they didn't think of the distraught

i like the attention
and all the fame
to bad you don't know me
i wonder who you'll blame

I've killed a lot of people
I'd say 37 about
you still don't know me
are you losing all doubt

today will be my last letter
1974 in the middle of April
i wonder who will play me in my movie
whoever it is will be shameful

my case is unsolvable
no one cam believe it
they can't find me
i could always go back if i could commit to it

i hope you enjoyed my story
keep my case on track
everybody keeps on wondering
i am and will be the Zodiac
E B K Sep 2018
I met Ms. Brooks just today
Her voice sounded so bright
Filled with pain, and hope, and life
showing darkness, not just the light

She sat me down and showed me her tools
They had all kinds of names.
Like "Volta" and "Cacophony"
Not a single one sounded the same

Then she showed me "kitchenette"
Hammered, filed, and whittled to be
it showed a world that stifled any thought
of Hope, or Want-- It startled me

I shook her hand and took her work
Filing it in my brain
Trying to remember all those words
So that the power remains
Nunca vou pronunciar essas três palavras
Isso não significa que não existam
Mas quando as tento dizer em voz alta
Nada sai dos meus lábios além do ar.

Nunca vou dizer estas três palavras
Decidi fazer disso uma regra
Como Maria Madalena
Não sou uma boba amante.

Nunca vou pronunciar essas três palavras
Mas isso não significa que não seja verdade.
Não vou ficar calada, nunca tenha medo, mas por enquanto,
você não sabe " nada de nada".
I was helping my friend and fellow poet, Everado, with his in English and in return he translated a couple of my shorter poems into Portuguese.
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