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Rains of TaiHu lake
Spillovers into Hangzhou
Dark clouds whisper of two cities
on earth's opposite sides
Eventually, people say
homesick birds look alike.
That explains why
she adores rain but not
Dynamic touches by mosquitoes.
Who could tell her the secret
when love attention from mosquito king?

Why not just to kiss,
Tea in a kiss, a sweet kiss, an oooooolong kiss
Third steep to keep and keep,
Expensive swishy flower vase tea,
Delicate butterfly **** **** tea.”
Tea time, closing time,
A steep for the road
Sleep off the load
Tea night,
Tea girl cloud memories.
Rain, pain and strain
Mosquito pain,
Travel with Rain.
Against an exceptional long Rainy season, exploring Hangzhou under pain, rain and mosquitoes attacks.
Andrew Rueter Mar 2020
I live out of a shopping cart
and sleep in a broken down car
I pray for a stopping heart
to end this life where I starve.

I’m outdoors people
because I ignored the steeple
and implored what’s evil
by sporting a needle.

I try to keep my windows up
in this lonely truck
but it gets hot as ****
and sometimes they get stuck
and I have to deal with bugs
that see me sleeping snug
and start reaping blood.

I can’t feel their biting tinge
while I’m sleeping off a binge
so mosquitoes feast on the unconscious
was it God who brought this
locust plague so noxious?
They eat my sleeping body
the way they eat the rotting.

The mosquitoes torpedo
into me like a needle
a million eels
poke into my skin
which has been unsealed
so they dive in
showing their hunger is real
and they’ll win
they cover my shins
and blanket my arms
their proboscis pins
build a blood farm
built on my harm.

I open my eyes
to my insect surprise
I detest these flies
covering my size
so I shake to try
scaring them from my sty.

A plume of black
lifts from my body
it’s blood I lack
to get them off me
so I’m left to their mercy
and they continue to hurt me
attacking en masse absurdly
eating the unworthy.

I feebly swat them away
while my body decays
I’m dispersing the fray
while hurting in waves
brought by a flood
of those that **** blood
I start to feel sick
but I guess I would anyway
when the needle sticks
this is the start of everyday.
Oasis May 2019
I crawled quietly off the day's activity
My head was still banging hard like the hit of a starved lover boy
Coupled with the blessing of downpour upon the earth some hours before

Retiring to my spacious room with nothing but the beauty of a carpet
Upon the supposed protection of my duvet

A merrying sound of some uninvited guests dancing towards my crib
They all beamed so well with a sweet smile on their face

Their chants wasn't victorious as it supposed to be
But a beautiful chants of conspiracy and rebellion
I cannot be a target I murmured under my large cover


I'm hurt

They all drag my flesh among each other
This is unfair
My heart cry for help but my mouth has been muted
It was suppose to be a celebration of whatever
But here they are feasting on my already tiring body

How come you all want to feast but forget your meal at home
I asked one thousand and one times
I hope I will find something within me when the sunrise

Upon this sadness
I laid myself totally for their evil party

© Wale **** 2019
William Marr Feb 2019
in a sweltering
evening marsh
a swarm of mosquitoes
vexed and unsettled
for a cool swoosh
from a toad
روبرت Dec 2018
You are my citronella
When my thoughts hover like mosquitoes salivating for a bite
You say, “not today ladies”
You are my natural remedy for a challenging foe...
Keep smelling sweet with a hint of citrus
My mind depends on it
Maya Aug 2018
i like bugs.
they remind me
that life is important
on a small scale.
even the most frustrating
are beneficial to nature and
our ecosystem wouldn't be the same
without them.

except mosquitoes.
they can **** right off,
the ***** bloodsucking *******.
i can't stab the **** bug with a wooden stake.
MicMag Jul 2018
I hate the word ****
So harsh so crass
Used as a crutch when thoughts get stuck

But the one thing I hate
More than the word ****

Is these ******* mosquitoes
They ******* ****
Mosquitoes are the one creature fully deserving
to have every vulgarity in every language heaped upon them.
Little *******.
Payton Jul 2018
I thought after
all these years of
being bitten and scratching sores,  
I'd eventually grow a thick enough skin
to keep out the mosquitos.
I was wrong.
Even so, mosquitos are nothing compared
to the itch I've got for you.
You see, mosquito bites are only skin deep,
but I've got this ravenous hunger for you,
gnawing at my bones.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
A warm summer night,
The moon winked at its reflection on the still lake,
A lively  crowd,
The music blared,
A barbeque party,
The smell of delicious grilled chicken made my stomach rumble,
Hurriedly I grabbed some with chips, yanked open a coca tin,
And sat down on the grass with friends.
I had worn shorts,
That was a grave mistake.
The mosquitoes were excited,
A pair of young fresh legs,
What a grand banquet,
They headed straight for my legs and arms,
"Ouch!" I cried after several stings.
"Delicious," they hummed aiming at my legs again and again.
"Hey" I don't give out  free blood samples" I hissed.
I swiped my palms on my legs.
Several lay dead.
I had killed their parents.
The mean mosquitoes took revenge,
They landed on my face,legs and arms and stung fast and furious.
I yanked a tube of insecticide repellent cream and spread on my open body parts.
"Now have your feast and die!"
That was the worst summer barbeque party.I left early.
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