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Twenty-four years’ marriage certificate released today
Mirrors cracked, tragedy lives where apathies traces.
We, create only a smaller voice than
the angels, have crouched hopes in   

We, A Mountain, An Ocean, or at A Journey
Gazing sky, we see no woman and children play

Tears which she planted in a frozen hut are exposed
The tears are saved and we have vases of sorrow drink 

Unfairness imprisoned herself inside this cage
The sorrow that was building transforms rage

And fire within us naturally grow

We, A Mountain, An Ocean, or at A Journey

The Truth, The Sun and all about her fairness right
Armed for slaughter, her mouths spilling words
Mountains echo as we choke on an ocean of sorrow

An end with hopes is what we patiently await.
Note: For a chained woman who been human trafficked
in China.
All beautiful things
can’t compete with your beauty
Wearing school uniform
when you’re suppose to be dripping in pearls
guarded by red roses
Priceless, all the money in
the world isn’t enough
Bad foresight and your fairness
makes me blind to
everything except you
Gentle eyes, the door to the universe
The door to tranquil rivers of joy
The door to air, water and life itself
I talked to God asking if
Heaven is missing an angel.
P.S you’re beautiful
labyrinth Mar 2021
We cannot seem to manage
To be just one another
There is no bigger damage
Or problem for that matter
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Resignation for self preservation
Forever to hide
Or to break out en masse
Communities struggling
For identity safety and Touch
When leaders ignore
Never give up
Kim Essary Oct 2020
The hurt and sadness coming from your voice is ripping at my heart like a jagged knife ripping through flesh
You are mine to protect and nurture and that box made of steel that you are caged in remains my every nightmare as I sleep and my weakness in my thoughts while I’m awake
A young man with eyes that glisten and a beautiful face of an angel, the heart that’s pure and giving
Yet you made some wrong choices but not deserving to be slammed behind bars in a cold cell and treated like a beast of rage
My expression of fury at my fingertips for if I was evil as they, surely I would cast every sinful spell across their beings and make them feel your pain
**** those that pass yet judgement yet hold no crown of thorns upon their head
For He that cast the first stone let him stand in judgement free of sin
For the Laws of this wicked world all turned to the evils of bribery and political gain as there is no longer a man that sits to hold true to the laws that are written for of the greater the judge feels as though he himself can unwrite and interfere with the laws of our God and pick which laws and sentence for the same crime yet treat them different
Stand with your armor as it isn’t seen my son for is the coming of our dear Lord and savior to be the punishers And the  Judge of the wickedness that per-trays to call themself some part of Law and Order as Our God is so much Greater as they will soon see.
There is no rightful judicial system left remaining in this world
Symply Bright Jul 2020

Dear soulmate
Let's walk together
Hand in hand through the pain of rejection into the happiness of approval
Lets walk together
Hand In hand through the uncertainty of our life into the possibility of our life
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the darkness of the night into the sunlight of the day
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the ugliness of hate into the happiness of love
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the storms of the sea into the sand of the beach
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the burning fields of yesterday into the meadows of tomorrow
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the mockery of shame into the laughter of fame
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the tears of our cries into the joy of our caress

Lets walk
Hand in hand without saying goodbye to each other
Lets walk all through these together
And never look back...
Renée Brookes Jul 2020
Let me tell you
Something about me,
I view everything as energy.
***, gender, ethnicity,
I cannot see.

That is simply me.
Elisabeth Meyer May 2020
We all just long for peace at heart
And for life to allow us a restart
With gazing eyes we start dreaming
Reminiscing times when our cheeks were beaming

The weather outside is a distinct drizzle
Making the world appear like a single grizzle
And you just stand there waiting
Because nothing else seems to be more fascinating

Than the rain drops and their continuous sounds
That just makes you feel so inexplicably profound
And you breath deeply through this moment
Thinking about nothing less but gods dethronement
sked Apr 2020
Before the debutante’s
sister got into the car crash
with the drunk, wrong way driver
metal crunching
tires screeching
wet slippery highway
her dazey thoughts were
gray clouds
cool, prickly skin
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