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Symply Bright Jul 24

Dear soulmate
Let's walk together
Hand in hand through the pain of rejection into the happiness of approval
Lets walk together
Hand In hand through the uncertainty of our life into the possibility of our life
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the darkness of the night into the sunlight of the day
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the ugliness of hate into the happiness of love
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the storms of the sea into the sand of the beach
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the burning fields of yesterday into the meadows of tomorrow
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the mockery of shame into the laughter of fame
Lets walk together
Hand in hand through the tears of our cries into the joy of our caress

Lets walk
Hand in hand without saying goodbye to each other
Lets walk all through these together
And never look back...
Let me tell you
Something about me,
I view everything as energy.
***, gender, ethnicity,
I cannot see.

That is simply me.
We all just long for peace at heart
And for life to allow us a restart
With gazing eyes we start dreaming
Reminiscing times when our cheeks were beaming

The weather outside is a distinct drizzle
Making the world appear like a single grizzle
And you just stand there waiting
Because nothing else seems to be more fascinating

Than the rain drops and their continuous sounds
That just makes you feel so inexplicably profound
And you breath deeply through this moment
Thinking about nothing less but gods dethronement
Harrison W Apr 17
Before the debutante’s
sister got into the car crash
with the drunk, wrong way driver
metal crunching
tires screeching
wet slippery highway
her dazey thoughts were
gray clouds
cool, prickly skin
aennij Jan 19
men were terrified,
of the power females held
thus, women belied
“Women, they have minds, and they have souls as well as just hearts, and they’ve got ambition, and they’ve got talent, as well as just beauty. And I’m so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for."
— Louisa May Alcott
Elkay Aug 2019
She was mistreated; it was not fair,
And the world went on without a care.

Yet she remained so patient and kind,
not for them but for her own peace of mind.

For they would know who they were,
and, who she was, she would be sure.
Rick Warr May 2019
good health
i have had a comfortable life
with middle class privilege
but i have known and seen
bullies in my class
making me stand against it always

they are leading the country now
and are demonstrably showing
brutal intransigent power
over those without citizen identity
because we had wars
in their countries

so they have done nothing more
than seek a better life
who wouldn’t have?
and now they can’t go back

so many people compromised
by oil greed and power avarice
rendered without country
without wealth
without identity
without dignity
these people are no different
in human need

i have place
i have citizen identity
i have freedom
on reading no friend but the mountain
can’t comprehend their disappointment about australia’s election outcome
Stand up against bullies.
Love yourself.
Realize your worth,
You deserve food on your shelf.

Have an opinion.
Use your voice.
If you're pro-life,
Still respect pro-choice.

If you don't like something,
You don't need to comment.
For if you do,
It might come off as torment.

You deserve your own opinion,
No need for facts.
Stop harassing minorities,
Get off their backs.

Be compassionate.
Compliment others.
Treat women like sisters,
and men like brothers.

We are all humans,
So treat us that way.
Thank you for reading,
That's all I have to say.
larni Feb 2019
is it all a game?
you're wanting to play?
to leave me on open?
to see what i'll say?

you know i'm upset.
you know how i get.
so how is it fair
to leave me on read?
Marsha Feb 2019
What have you, that I not have
To claim superiority (over me)
When you and I both bleed the same red?
Underneath the skin, we're all the same.
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