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Johnny walker Mar 15
Laid there watching my sweetheart whilst she did sleep moonlight through the window came to cast a glowing light upon her face
Like the flickering of a candle flame to light, the beauty of her face with an almost childhood Innocents, whilst I laid there watching
totally unaware that I was even there, she looked just like an Angel laying there the gentle rise and fall of her ******* with every breath she did
Like a flickering candle flame, the moonlight shone
all around her beautiful face, but she never even noticed I was there just like an Angel she was laying there, fast asleep and totally unaware that I was even
I lay awake and watch Helen sleeping there just like an Angel she did look
purple turtle Mar 16
The scars I have sought vigorously
Was I impure?
Untrue of what I did
Or is it ignorance
I longed fear?
And dread it comes off
Nothing but despair
Anya Oct 2018
It was a sad thing
To realize
How limited my topics
Of poetry are

Either some embodyment
Or my overflowing

Or a strange
Out of the box
Analogy to something I
Learn in school

Simply a reflection
On the people
Around me
Something I’ve
In my sheltered

One of the above
Coupled with
Some fantastical
Of my imagination

But apart from that...

Politics, issues, society
Beyond that which I have
Been exposed to
There’s absolutely
Plenty to write about

Rather than
Focusing on my
Little bubble
Anya Sep 2018
She says that people don’t listen to her
I hold back my retort that
“She doesn’t listen to others”

She mentions how everyone keeps leaving her
I hold back my retort that
“Maybe if you were more aware of others it’d be easier to stay with you”

It’s more complex than that

To an extent,
I admire
Her ignorance of her surroundings
Those around her

I’m hyper aware
Too self conscious
Too worried about how others think of me

She’s the opposite
So wrapped up in a cacoon
Of her own problems
She doesn’t notice those around her

But this can also pose problems
Of problems
We were best friends in eighth grade
But we grew
And I couldn’t handle
Such a close relationship
With her

I tried to expressly wait for her
Remember her birdthday
She didn’t notice
Or even if she did,
It was never reciprocated

I was talking
She’d respond
Immediately switching
The conversation
To herself

It’s not maliciousness
It’s just plain ignorance

But what can I do?
I’m still friends with her
She’s just not-nowhere near
The top of my list

I can’t go up to her
And tell her this
She’d take it the wrong way

But even then,
Who am I to tell her how to live her life?
I have enough social issues of my own
And she’s fine just the way it is

It’s extremely frustrating
Seeing a problem
But being unable
To do anything
About it

She wants more friends
She has to put in that effort
And I can’t
To advise her how
I’m grappling with this amorphous *******,
Whose refusal to come out and fight,
Come out and fight,
Come out and fight,
Yet deal me black eyes and gut clenchers,
Like a Vegas card shark leaves me,
Flailing against an enemy,
I estranged, doesn’t play by any rules I know,
He she it strikes whenever I don’t expect,
Stalking me in my room,
Listening to music,
Watching a movie,
Reading a book,
Talking to friends,
My friends, no worse for not warning me of the oncoming onslaught,
They are fighting have fought will fight or wont,
Regardless most if not all are as,
Hopelessly blind as myself,
And sometimes you resign to the beatings,
Just let them come,
But that’s not always defeat,
Everyone gets tired,
No one can fight all the time,
But don’t fall complacent or retreat,
To societies’ low standards,
We must keep on
Especially my kind
I must keep on
Keep on
Keep on
Dog Years Jul 2018
On an old windowsill of a crooked windowpane in a beaten house
Lies a window-moth on a ***** window cloth.
drained, defeated, and done
Time and again,
It tattered its wings and shattered its face,
plunged at the glass, losing its grace.
She's drawn to a dim light
spilled through a cracked window
into the darkness of the room.
Like a waking terror of the night,
With one half there and the other out of sight.
Hallucinating a pathway through fantasy
  Seeking clarity in rays of insanity
Contained by a glass and wooden frame.
painfully numb,
with an urge to move forward
A consuming obsession,
to make it to the Moon.
That lambent orb in the skies
A brilliant ball full of lies
Ignorant to the impenetrable mass,
or the number of miles between the moon and glass.
No matter how much it desires,
No matter how much it tires,
No matter how large the power of will,
The glass is unbreakable,
the goal unattainable,
The truth unbearable.
The Godforsaken feeling,
of seeing, and believing,
yet never achieving.
inspired by night terrors, where one is conscious in sleep and can do almost nothing to get away. Reminds me of a moth chasing a light, unaware of the glass window keeping it there
Kaitlin R Jul 2018
They see my smiles
They see my eyes
They see my act
If only they knew the truth
That’d be a surprise
Not a single ounce of truth outside
But deep with in I’m barely alive
Wishing it was easy
Wishing I could be happy
But instead here I am
Hiding behind my own two eyes
Gray Jun 2018
Feelings that never end.
Over and over again they repeat.
Readiness to stop is unknown.
Each day each moment.
Venturing off into a timeline unknown.
Everything no longer makes sense.
Reckless behavior is bound to happen.
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