Pyrrha 2d
You were born with wings
Not to live life in a cage
But to fly, to soar
Haiku's are so easy, I've been experimenting
Pyrrha 2d
I know too well that
Breaking some promises is
Like forbidden fruit

More enticing than
Anything certain or safe
I understand that

And you should know that
Promises are made of glass
But not to shatter

Words that hang in a
Still, suffocating, silence
Squeeze your lying lungs

A small punishment
For those who will treat themselves
To forbidden fruit
Pyrrha 2d
Love is a strange place
Where you lose yourself wholly
To someone's promise

Love is like a cliff
Where you fall endlessly to
Find yourself again

Love is like a home
Where you place yourself inside
Of another's trust

Love is like a cage
For a bird who's song has been
Silenced in their hearts

Love is a strange place
Where you continue to fall
Into loves chasm
Pyrrha 4d
He's cast himself into my memories like a curse, a hex
He's a demon sent to taunt me
A ghost meant to haunt me

I tear away only to be pulled back once again
Like the waves of the ocean are controlled by the moon
He takes control of my willpower pulling me back to him, and away from me

He ties lace around his words
Glitter falling off every syllable
Black glitter to trick your eyes

His lovely lace wraps around my throat
Consuming my thoughts
Trapping me in his silky spider web

Why is it so hard for me to leave
Something I know is not for me
When will I find my way back to me and finally

Pyrrha 7d
One day this world will shake and fall apart
All the volcanoes will eurupt
The waterfalls will flow backwards
All the flowers will wither and die
Ashamed of their petals
Out of jealousy everything will combust
Until all thats left is you and I

For nothing in this world holds a feather to you
Pyrrha 7d
How someone can just walk out of your life so fast
Is insane to me
One day you can be all thats on their mind
The next you're nothing
Just a ghost

The in between of a feeling and a fading memory
Pyrrha Jan 12
My passions are not yours
My dreams are not yours
I am not yours

I will love my passions
I will follow my dreams
I will be myself, you will have no say

So please stop tearing apart
Everything that is me
Simply because it is not you
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