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Pyrrha May 13
When our love died
It's blood fell into the blessed earth
And from that drop sprung the fauna of our hearts
Sunflowers and Primroses grew in every place we've walked
Trailing back to the deathbed of Marigolds, Pink carnations and lovely Chrysanthemums
But what only you can see
Is the trail of Forget-Me-Nots
Leading back to me
Pyrrha May 11
Breaking up with someone mutually
Knowing you both still love eachother endlessly
Feels like your whole body is grieving
My heart and fingers are shaking
And my eyes are stinging from the mascara mixing with tears
The worst part of it is that I'm not sad or angry
I know I'm okay, but unfortunately my heart isn't as rational as my brain

You don't have to worry, I'm okay
Pyrrha May 11
If all the wrong doings and doers that have or will come to me
Were to hand over a key to their destruction before they leave
I'd melt it down to nothing so they never again feel that initial fear
I'd never allow such weakness to remain in these moments tied to pain
For from within every weakness either strength or evil is released
So as I melt away the demons fears, so too myself have I reprieved
Pyrrha May 11
When did I become a second thought to you?
I always put you first
I assumed you did the same
I thought I'd at least be a second thought
Perhaps a third?
Or maybe not
Perhaps you do not think of me as I think of you

Or was it that you never did?
Pyrrha May 11
I text you when I am scared or crying
I ask "What are you doing?" or "How are you?" to set my mind at ease
Because knowing you exist is soothing in itself

But you've stopped responding

The lifeline-
Cut and abandoned
I still ask how your days is
But you don't answer

Because you've stopped trying
Pyrrha May 10
I bought sunflower seeds and planted them in a little *** on my window sill
I watered and tended to the leaves everyday
Every time the leaves seemed sick or browning
I had to hold back tears as I cut away the rot
Is it weak or dumb of me that I cried?
Like witchcraft I cared for that flower as if it were our love
As the leaves would rot so too did our hearts
As the petals fell so too did your love for me
And in every falling petal
Every cut leaf
Every inch of that flower
I felt you grow farther and farther out of reach from me
Pyrrha May 10
Why does this relationship feel like unrequited love?
I knew loving each other would be our downfall
But I didn't think it would feel so empty and lonely
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