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coulorfulSmoke Apr 2020
i just want some quiet
and to stop running from things

want to know what it's like
to hold on to something
for more than seven seconds
Bhill Feb 2020
Live every day the best that you can
You will never know, how long it will span
Take on each day, with a new and fresh view
See how high you can go, how far you pursue

Don't be afraid, of the scary things in life
They're there for a reason, that reason is strife
If it all was green, you would never know red
Would you even know blue, or just be mislead

Live each day the best that you can
You will never know, how long it will span
Remember this note, it's the same for all
You live many days, but get only one fall

Bran Hill - 2020 # 36
Make sure each day has value.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Standing at the launching
of rabid filibustering grenades,
soaring high,
bursting brilliant,
reeking havoc
--chaos like inner city canyons imploding
in on themselves;
--then again--
news breaks of blood
on a naked white girl, and
the memory of them fades...
neth jones Feb 2019
to the colouring book
and the maddening imagination
the insistence of the scribes
and the glandular power of our missions
of the dome and the species
the turn of the trickster
and the business being
within our clan
in our hand
in the span of our grind
a product of our natters
is there shared scheme in mind ?

                               - an inhabiter
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
Pay Attention!

Who would name their child, "Attention?"

Attention works in the ticket booth

Five cents per entry

Surprise of the Century!

It's crazy inside!

So, Pay Attention

if you want to take a ride.


from this you can't hide.










is great!




Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
You need no hardware
across the zero’s span.
Only software will do
to land you a full
360-degree run.

A little null punch
but gives you
a colossal rise.
Run around the null
the way to go is digital!
Maria Etre Jul 2018
hit me
and I
n              g
i    a
Hidden truths proof the match
When the forms of moon seduced
Beautiful takes further inside
Catch the charms of the earth

Transforming the forms
Cracking in to another
Growing in to others
A form of meditation to move
The Sage to God,
Will be the poet of eternal span

Poems would be the forms of pictures
Be moved to the rhythm of
The waterfalls, rivers, seas-
Would be made of a ****** horizon
Thinking of man's divine desert

Where exists a timeless love,
An infinite light,
As if a celestial tension of stellar
Can take them away from
The center to endless

The known world,
The days whole games of yours and mine
Would be over
Could be broken down all days and nights
Off course be moved from the enchanted earth
@Musfiq us shaleheen
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
Everything will change
It’s anxiety
With a little bit of surge in tension an anxiety takes hold of the mind
What will happen now?
What will happen next?

In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
Everything will fall in it’s proper place as per thought prior
As per planned
These are expectations
Expectations are built upon expectations when expectations from prior are met.
When expectations from prior are fulfilled.

In a moment or so
Within a short span of time
All the efforts made so far will yield the desired results
It’s hope
It’s hope that keeps everyone working towards the future

With each passing moment
With yet another advancing day,
Very soon that will become part of the present, time passes by
Time flies, however, life continues

With all the twists and turns that happen in everyone's life
With all the odds that come along the way
With all the ups and downs of life
All the highs and lows in life
Life continues
Life does not stop waiting for someone
Life continues as it is
At it's usual pace.
It's important that reconciliation takes place in life. When looking out for a resolution, it ends up with something you never wanted in the first place to happen.
Ann M Johnson Sep 2014
If the Average Attention span is 8 seconds
How do I increase it for studying?
The statistic above regarding 8 seconds, I got from
I am taking a break from studying due to my attention span waning.
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