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b Sep 2020
i am just now coming to terms with
the fact that i may be scary

time bomb, pocket bomb.
if there can be a universe in a fingernail

mine is long, protruding, sharp.
piercing through the styrofoam of a stressball.

please do not keep me in that dark thing.

i could make you orange slices or
a little figurine, of a moose.
b Nov 2019
my class ends at 11:30 and ill
be home by 12.
so little in this world can give me
comfort like a closed door and a
grey sky through a
b Nov 2019
do you ever think that
in a deck of cards, when we’re
using them that the sixes miss their
fellow sixes and their neighbours the
sevens and fives.
when we first unleash them from their
structure that their world could
just unravel?

or maybe, it feels like running into
some old friends.
i haven’t seen ace in years
jack’s got it figured out,
good for them.
like a highschool reunion
that doesn’t end.

i don’t believe in bad bets
we are just playing cards.
if you ever need a friend you know where to find me
b Nov 2019
that i liked the song your
boyfriend made.
i don’t. its bad. it doesnt mean
he is bad, just the song is bad.

all the alcohol i “drank” and
all the times i got “****** up”
or “smashed” in between
the ages of zero and nineteen.
lies. all i knew was the sadness
of others, my neighbours magnum opus.
why would i ever touch a brush for
myself when i could remake something
we all agree is beautiful.

when you once told me that
if two people stand at opposite sides
of the room and close their eyes,
if they keep walking forward
they’ll kiss. and when it didn’t
work the first time i guided you
into my lips and you smiled like
the sun was in us in that moment.

is that so wrong
b Nov 2019
the stitches in my thigh are
healing so now we can all shake hands
and watch the money
poor in. the bombs are not coming,
please come out from
under your desks, you are safe
now and if im being honest
the desks wouldn’t protect you
from the shrieks of a
war plane. they sound
like nothing you’ve
ever heard
a frequency you unlocked
just for this
particular pain. you can almost see
the sound pour into your ear drums
like a bartender mixing
the ***** and the cranberry.
it sounds like 6am
it sounds like the same song
over and over.
b Nov 2019
ive never been hungover
ive been drunk, but never
hungover. i just wake up fine like
nothing happened because
nothing happened i just drank. and what of it?

i drink water too. when i get home
ill swing the cupboards
open and try my best to find the
best cup. the only one
that can hold what will take me out of
the haze in my eyes.


i finally bought a painting for my apartment
it was small enough to take
home so i did. i
ran my hands all over my empty walls
felt the paint bumps in the drywall.
god, you could be anywhere. so i
put you in my room i kept you
for myself only my space can
feel like home now.
  Oct 2019 b
i tell the hummingbirds in my belly
to keep track of all the places
they've started fluttering

a doorway in virginia
where you stopped and gave me that grin
and i heard your voice calling me "honeybun"
for weeks

a couch in memphis
pulled out and covered like a ghost
i felt transparent as you slept
and rolled over to me
but you curled around me like a flower petal
and that's a smoothness
i can still feel

a backseat in south carolina
an alternating current of whispers
about things we can't change now
and jokes about things we
wouldn't want to

a living room in knoxville
your assortment of alcohol was
displayed on your cheeks
rosy and pink and i wrote a poem
about it already, about how
i wanted a hand on my knee
but i was fine with little giggles
on the walk home

on a plane in california
you were thousands of miles away
but i needed you to tell me
that i'd make it home safely
and you did

a late night diner on melrose place
french fries and opinions
i told you something important
and i don't think you've forgotten it

four a.m. in the back of the library
talking about biology
and our favorite things in life
we'd laugh until nothing was funny
and then we'd just be honest

in a booth in the middle of a mcdonald's.
i had forgotten this one.
i had been wondering recently
when our friendship actually started.
what were we,
before honeybun?
before sharing a bed?
before car rides home?
before too much wine?
before i needed your steadiness?
before too much backstory?
before hours of biology i never even learned?
before that first time,
when our group of friends
said, "let's meet at mcdonald's"
and it turned into just me and you?

when did the hummingbirds start fluttering?
when will i learn
that they're not going to stop?
jcl. sometimes i worry that you're my soulmate. i don't really believe in soulmates, but i just love you so much. it seems as if some things just fall too perfectly into place. i could talk about it all for hours, but i'll probably never tell you. i hope we're still gravitating.
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