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Ara Apr 2019
I know that
Im supposed to follow the love
And supernatural goodness
In this life

But i love the feeling
Of sweet sorrow
The humanity
Behind pain

The beauty of
Sobbing every
Raw word
Musicality out of sight

Will I not reach Heaven
For finding beauty
In such pain?
Ara Oct 2018
I throw my heart down at your feet
I bend over and wash it clean
It glitters before you in perfect shine
Like the sweat
Dripping from my body

Its so coated in that fragrant varnish
That my aching back
Is the last thing
To which you are keen
I felt bad writing this
Ara Oct 2018
Hold me
Not for you but for me

Look at me and see
My happiness as something
You want

Not for you
But for me
Ara Aug 2018
If I tried to leave
Would you put up a fight?
Or would you watch me go
And only remember me for the night

When was the last time
That you took initiative
I cant remember the last time you tried
To show that I mattered in your life

And i want to leave
My heart says i wont last
But what if you still care for me
Would I be giving up too fast?
What is Love?
Ara Aug 2018
I feel like ive done everything
Ive thrown my whole self in
Grab me
And hold me

Show me you care
That there is something left
In the me that i gave to you

Because i cant tell
Whats real
Or what just feels good
Ara Jan 2018
My heart is breaking over you
Even though you're still mine
I want to give you all of me
But there's just no time
And as yours
It should be
the least I could do

I have to remind myself
That you're what I'm allowed to
And that's the reason
I'm finally understanding why
every time you leave
My heart is breaking over you
Ara Sep 2017
I apologized
Because I thought
Thats what you wanted to hear

I laid
My life
In front of you
And told you
To do as you pleased

I took the blame
For what you did
Instead of the help
I needed so desperately

You pushed me
Into the grave
You had dug for yourself
And I buried myself
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