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stranger May 18
My mommy saw death today again,
She sat on the stairs, ciggarete in hand and spewed away,
How her mornings were **** and her cigs don't really hit today.
So I knew it was serious and put on my concerned face, the one she only loves anyway, and I told her not to dismay.
And as I pick at my skin and other ***** insufferences I listen as her voice forces, a sadness as to alarm me this may be concerning.
She says that on her way to work this morning she saw a little old lady in a crane,
This little old lady tripped on straight surface, hit her head so hard, a haematoma bloomed in her brain.
And mom blows the smoke again.
"I heard the sound and the pain in my leg did not matter" she said. "I ran so fast, I was so worried that little old lady cannot die on me".
So she ran and the woman was bleeding, "her mask so ****** she could've choked" as she confirmed, "many passed by as I was trying to lift this lady but none bothered to care"
She said that at once a biker dropped his bike and jumped in to help as they called the ambulance in despair.
Mommy said she asked the lady her name, age and a kid she could contact.
Little old lady was 83 and remembered her boy's number fully.
And so my mommy calls to tell him that his mom's at the emergency and he picked up and said:
"Has a car hit her yet? "
Death is nice
stranger Apr 26
I miss you
I love you
I envy you.
I grit my teeth at the thought of you.
You're drowning in Dostoievski and I'm just a hungry animal.
I'd recite my poems to you but you'd pay no mind to such illusion.
Send me a dream when I were simpler.
You know I'll love any song you'd show me so now that I caught you it's just plain suffering.
Because the more I sink into it the better spacing for all my lungs air to escape, out of lost love.
I wish i had a chance to emote such thing to you.
Unleashed dogs like me can't afford such luxury.
So I'll let you live in memory.
I'll paint my adoration as jealousy,
And keep you withing me.
Buried as a missed opportunity,
Non-corporal conspiracy.
You know you know you know you know
stranger Mar 8
și noi vorbim vorbim
de azi până mâine
râdem murim,
cu sau fără companie.
dar noi vorbim.
iar când dormim
atmosfera miroase  a mine și tine.
și cu toate dezamăgirile,
golim rapid iubirile
și ne regăsim pretutindeni.
tot vorbim,vorbim
la nesfârșit, cât de teluric
visele ce le primim
cu sau fără merit
ne șoptesc șovăielnic
că nu vor să-mi achit
ura pentru tine.
stranger Mar 5
medusa can you feel me?
i've become hard of hearing.
medusa can you see me?
or are the slithers interfeering?
medusa i can feel you staring
why is counciousness abandoning me?
daring yet consoling,
this cigarette that i'm holding.
one more hit and im running
one more hit, i'll be glowing.
the fog in my head, medusa , is nothing but healing,
bet you all my ancestors are proud, ever so loving
surprinsed at the vices i'm honing.
medusa our turn always comes, you don't have to worry
we are centenced allegory
condensed spring scented fury.
medusa spit on me.
i am anything but awake,
anything but aware
kiss my dreams away
**** i think that was my last hit hahahahahhaah little simz is a genius
stranger Mar 2
You know taking a bath when you're cold is bad for you yet you still do it.
The cold will catch up to you once you're out.
Unless you boil yourself to the point where you can't stand the bath water and the cold is all you crave.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
You know this anger harbouring will get you sick and at some point something will have to break.
Yet you deny it and cry in surprise once you realise how ****** up your mind can get.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
You know that you not functioning without your headphones on the street is a mental deficit and you're scared of being alone.
Yet whenever you say you'll go out without your headphones you can't help but connect them again to your phone.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
You know the silencing glare and the subtly swallowed hate wont be enough to fix them or you yet you take no action and only speak when the times are worst causing everything to crack up again in your dysfunctional household.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
No amount of self diagnosis with narcissism, psychosis, psychopathy or plain depression will ever soothe your need of validation. So why bother.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
Your body's stiff, you know the causes.
Yet you try to dance, sing move as much as you can. Idiotic sensual slow killing.
You know you're only making it worse so why keep on hurting?
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
Your blood vessels bursting under your jeans, your veins dying to pop.
Yet you still walk. There's something not quite right with you.
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar
Your ribs cracking under the spring sun, your toes bleeding from that last run when will you understand you're marked for death when will you be done?
Liar liat liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
You promised you'll shave your arms, start up another life yet you're still here.
******* around.
You're nothing but a
Liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar.
That's not true I'm just tired
stranger Jan 3
may i impress
and may i terrify
the streets confess
that they search for my eye.
contently lost,
i do my best to irritate.
though if my eyes find you... will you fear or run to.
74 stares, 16 call outs, 7 offered rides, 1 ****** coffee.
all for a pretty outfit.
like nirvana said
**** me.
they would never.
because along with the pretty there is volatile anger
eyes that search to burn not to kiss,
hands that will only ever touch to ****.
but still so pretty,
mirror me admits,
said she'd **** me.
such beautiful lost potential walking the streets
floating in this pavement sea.
dream about me will you?
something nice, some sun, a smile or maybe even two,
dream of me and love,
not hunts nor haunting questions.
dream of me in peace.
****, did it on purpose, attention deficiency **** kid, that's me
stranger Nov 2020
i swallow salty tears as i remind myself what my 14 brings every year.
it brings me the "you're so alone" whispers,
the i have never seen such misery.
you tear *****.
you cry behind the ladder in the backyard while another round of bores rest in your house for this year's round of applause.
i age so carelessly i wish to never age like this again,
and i tell myself so
i know what 14 brings.
lustrous giggles
empty minds
sleepless nights.
nothing more than impurity
**** this 14
**** time.
i don't want my time anymore.
pointless to think my 14s will ever feel more than running out of air in your lungs,
ever feel better than a slap across the face from mother universe.
it laughs in my face.
i'd cry a little more if i wasn't running out of time,
cry at the romanian poetry I've received as a gift,
cry over my Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath gifts.
cry over my mom telling me i don't know how to have fun ever since we've moved.
cry over my daddy blowing me kisses from a phone thousands of kilometers away just like when i was six.
cry with myself in the mirror because i always end up like this.
november is the month of disaster and 14's the day of revenge.
happy birthday.
you'd think aging would matter
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