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Nicholas Mar 2020
It’s about your inflexion
and how you deal with rejection
how you go straight to deflection
cause you never learned about confession
only perfection by selection
since you refuse all objection
like you need to have protection
like you can’t allow inspection
Nicholas Mar 2020
I left the pack
Cause of too many whispers
And all of the filters.
You want the listeners
And I want the strippers
They are not prisoners
They are practitioners
Unlike you “thinkers”
You gossip like sisters.
Talking **** in your slippers
And all I hear are whimpers
From all these high up sinners
Reading made up scriptures.
Nicholas Mar 2020
Going from a smoke bomb
to a pipe bomb
to a fire bomb
call it vietnam.
Take it to the car bomb
to the time bomb
to the flying bomb
we call the atom bomb.
Nicholas Mar 2020
Keeping my calm
like an Islamic
but I don’t read the psalms
I’m watching them drop bombs
like a repeat of Saddam
Nicholas Mar 2020
When I get online it says you’re active
but in life you’re so distracted
like this **** is so contrasted
that I’m seething
as I look for some meaning
In your leaving.
Nicholas Mar 2020
Our lives mean more than a nine to five
and just because you’re breathing
doesn’t mean that you’re alive.
Nicholas Feb 2020
I don’t have a lot to money
but I’ve got plenty of honey
and it’s even sweeter than money honey
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