Devin Ortiz Jul 12
Consequence is the Heart of Belief.
Whether a Truth .
Whether a Falsehood.
Whether Virtuous.
Whether Vice.
Conviction alters Reality.

Human existence is a stream of consequence.
Flowing through ebbs of Right and Wrong.
Of Heavy currents of deceit, which overflow the banks.
And pools of Stillness, in stagnant paradigms.

This Race of Fact and Fiction rampages.
The Powerful and the Hungry.
The Weak and the Proud.
All caught in the Tides of Creed.
An Undertow which swallows all.
Indiscriminate in its Finality.
Devin Ortiz Jul 6
Dawn breaks,
Wind rages,
The crow caws thrice.

Marvel at the poet's sin,
Bardic Rule of Law,
Inspiration at Death's Maw.

Deep pockets of space-time,
Treasured energies and auras.
Always looking outward, never within.

Universe, overture of divine sadness.
Humanity, limerick of contained madness.
Bound infinitely in harmonic chaos.

Rivers run rampant.
Time tinkers tides.
Vengeful voids vie.
Worlds wither woefully.

And yet, endless and forever,
The iridescence of written word,
Bends all things against discord.
Devin Ortiz Jul 6
Alliteral allure.
Boundaries bottomless.
Controlled cantor.
Deities demonize,
Ethereal epiphanies.
Future forfeits,
Gravity's grandiose.
Humility heckles,
Indignant ideologies.
Jealousy's jungle,
Karated killers.
Lunacy's lovers,
Maddened martyrs.
Noise, never,
Only omens.
Purgatory persuasion,
Quintessential qualms.
Revenge, revenge.
Sultans suffer.
Tyrants terror.
Unilateral understanding.
Violent venom,
Worn wonderfully.
Xenogogue's xenial,
Youthful yearlings.
Zombie zealots.
Devin Ortiz Jun 22
Driving home,
Highway is a black blur,
Miles of nothingness,
And still it goes on.
The bridge comes,
Passing over a strange sea,
More accurately a lake.
A lake of unknown depths or means.
First thought, first piece of madness,
Swerve into the blue abyss.
Another episode of violent death.
A deception, a delusion,
Real as day, strong as night.
It comes again, all too soon.
Gas pumps fill the mind.
Fuel for fires deadly.
Let the ocean of petroleum,
Spill unneath uneasy boots.
Light flicks and boom.
But again, another episode.
Just another thought.
And the brilliance of this dark matter,
Is that in time, in change,
The light still blooms.
Peave of mind, peace of heart,
Perseveres manic highs and depressing lows.
Breathe. Enjoy. Live.
Just a thought.
Just an episode.
But it is never the end.
Devin Ortiz Jun 20
I feel like an incomplete puzzle,
Clumsy waltzing in a field of wood chippers.
I don't just fall to pieces, I shred.
I tear and bleed, most importantly I hurt.

Fuck. I hurt.

I've never been full,
I've never seen the bigger picture.
Always out of reach, lacking perspective.

As my own world is ripped apart,
I further delve into gnashing teeth of hell.

But it's not just mine, this shared damnation,
Leaves us all to rot.

I've no clever line to sum it all up,
I've lost the words which sing of hope.
Devin Ortiz Jun 10
Amber elixir divine,
Reach this heart of mine.

Teach these words to rthyme
Find refuge in time.

A pen, a paper, a thought.
A medium once sought.

But in the twilight of age,
A digital master is sage.

Collector of words and woe,
Self forever more the foe.

All too soon, often or not,
Write away to stop the rot.
Devin Ortiz Jun 7
The wakeful crimson spiderwebs,
Creep slowly to the golden rim of irises.
Red gloom explodes into the rot of exhaustion.
Sights scream in twilight, baying for dark curtains,
To envelop them in a cocoon of nurturing rest.

Keep pushing on, the cracks began to cackle.
Thunderous youth begins to flicker with new age.
White hot spring of passion, curdles in purple toxicity.
To be a walking corpse, dancing the days ensemble,
But deep within the bones, finality screams 'enough.'

Sweet slumber, always on the edge of tomorrow.
Won't you whisper this dreadful soul a lullaby.
Soothe the aches of day & age, slay this disease,
Burn away time, and exist in ecstasy.
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