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  Apr 2022 Hamna
Shofi Ahmed
A hiss of the moon tucking
into just a pair of lock
let alone in pavilion-tresses
on the back of one's eternal silence.
Giving autumn shadows
to seven skies' azure.
What now the stars are gone
followed in their countless galore!

Eyes of the buds ope
dreaming nightingale
hops up to the morning rose  
singing in what a balmy fold.
  Apr 2022 Hamna
You are more than
the fear that holds you back.

You are more than
the sorrow that you carry within.

You are more than
the pain that keeps you away
from yourself.

You are more than
the anger that consumes you.

You are more than
you think you are.
  Feb 2022 Hamna
David P Carroll
If I could write a love song
About Kashmir and we
All sing along to this
Beautiful love song
Smiling and dancing
And singing about
Beautiful Kashmir and
This beautiful Kashmir
Song we sing dancing
All night long and
Having so much fun
In the Srinagar warm sun
Singing to the sweetest melody's

Singing we love Kashmir
All night long

And my heart beats along
To this beautiful love song
It's so beautiful and so magical
And Kashmir is the place to be
I'm watching the sun
Smiling at me
And the sky is so blue
And little the birds are singing to
And the Kashmir nights they
Shine like diamonds every night
And with all of the love
Inside my beating heart
And we will always be together
Me and Kashmir will never be apart.

David P Carroll.
Beautiful Kashmir Song.
  Jan 2022 Hamna
Yousra Amatullah
When you see me,
Don't fool yourself by thinking I've lost everything I've ever had, and lost everyone I've ever met
For I am facing the qibla
Alone, with everything I am,
And everyone I ever was

It is you, who wouldn't care enough to see
I am gathered, by The Greatest of company
Love my solitude
  Jan 2022 Hamna
Sarita Aditya Verma
To know that silence
Is just a pause
A pause to water the cracks in the dry earth
For the shoot to breathe a sigh of relief
Be tickled by the gentle breeze
A tiny shadow under the sun
It takes nurturing to see the plant bloom
And silence to experience
The stillness of the calm
  Jan 2022 Hamna
Hooria Iftikhar
Even the most trusted person can lie.
Even the best friends could change.
Even the sweetest person can cheat.
Even the strongest friendship can get ruined.
Even the person you love the most could be gone.
Sad to think, hard to accept but this is the reality.
Treasure what you have and be happy❤️
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