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moria May 29
in a society where we are not allowed to speak to one another;
how does one know if they are being seen or truly heard?

the words spill out as letters on a blue-light screen,
bright enough to make me see;
but am i understanding the depth of the people around me?
My stomach twists and turns
every time I see you staring down at your phone screen
as I’m trying to conversate with you
but you don’t dare look up at me,
probably because you don’t care about what I have to say
your phone is more interesting...
Nikkie Jan 29
I deserve love, only the best of the best, from the best!
I’ve spent too much time not being happy; too much time,
signing my own song, too much time, being all alone.
I want so much for you to believe, that you and me
are total alchemy.
There is no one else on my radar screen, no one else,
confiscating my dreams.
No other man on this earth has autographed his name inside my heart.
I used to believe in fairy tales, now I believe in dreams coming true.
You have captured my spirit with your strength, and laced it with a dose
of pure perfection.
v Dec 2020
"It was as if the universes stood still...
as if time created time within...
built with nothing but...
I felt your soul through it all
Till this moment my moments are just continuing...
as if my soul my mind my spirit was a record and it was kept on loop
I'm still reliving the most precious 6 hrs of my life...
I'm falling"
- F

Anastasia... I'm falling.
Yeah I am falling too...
for all of the ******* tenacities,
and everything I ever wished to be true
Falling for the "love at first sight"
or with us it was "love at first type"
but this world isn't a Disney movie
no not "all your dreams will come true"

"Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember"
Stuck up hairs, shattering things, fears that have me dismembered
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Nothing great happens
Hopes and desires fade out
Movie screen endings
Because all good things end
Jenie Aug 2020
in house work play hubs
locked flooding storms shredding
Wi-Fi future set

Zoom Slack Mouseion
locked gyre shift flagged
Wi-Fi future set
2 versions of same 5/7/5 - husband teleworking while museums and science centres are covid-19-closed and the storms start early, preparing for life on screens
undermyfeet May 2020
I have spent too many hours looking at the screen
I searched again for words that'll make me feel complete
but all I write is something that I'd heard before
and my words all look like you
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