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lua Oct 2019
i feel their eyes on me as i walk along the street
their mouths hung agape, panting like dogs
like a wild pack of wolves
ready to pounce
ready to strike
ready to ****
i lower my head in fear
my heartbeat quickens as it sinks to my stomach
i walk and i walk and i walk
i run and i run and i run
and when i turn my head over my shoulder
i don't see them behind me
but i watch them from afar
each howl and snarl that slither through the cracks and gaps between jagged teeth
their blood stained paws move to the side
and i see it
i see it
i see it!
it was another wolf!
but it had collapsed
and when i turned my head to the side
all i saw was teeth marks
and red
it was a traitor
NM Jun 2019
People run in packs because they don't feel safe alone.

I run alone because I don't feel safe in packs.
Thought to reshare. (:
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
A pack of wolves is
Sometimes preferable
To a pack of cigarettes
Makes for a coup de grâce
A merciful death
And I’m fresh out of wolves
aaahhhhooooooooooooowwwl . . .
              long silence
aaaaaahhhaooooooooooooowwwwwl . . .
               even longer silence

Lonely wolf of the night
   howl of loneliness so blight


In our own wilderness tonight
Full of fright
Running with the pack
On pack mentality

No black . . . no white
Only shades of gray

— The End —