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JR Jul 2021
I only know how to walk with tears
To learn something else is my biggest fear
The slamming of doors is all I hear
Stories of heroes but none come here
Will anyone care when I can’t breathe air
Or will they stare and watch as the end is near
I only know how to walk with tears
Because life is maze made of fear

Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a dream one week ago:9

when that world came to an end

I saw all the colors in hindsight-eyes bend

cheetahs brush the graves on a pupil in the browns they fade

kisses planted on necks for a goodbye imaginary mates no meet made

stake on the runs

cars jogging in place neon lights with no sun

the packed stuff stumble on frights and screams I can't shut

the hell does it mean when you're choked on fatal without a but

doors abandon left sensations in scare in must

breathes don't do any when opened after this disastrous dust

when the world came to a salty end

a smile in me shattered on no coming backs forever send

Raven Blue Feb 2021
It's overflowing;
I'm full;
It's wearying me;
I can't...
I can't breathe....
Bailey Apr 2019
Black dots
Breathe in
Dont panic
You may not be
AtMidCode Feb 2019
and i envy those who have been freed

those who were able to bleed

they had that chance to let their deaths seep into a surface other than their bodies

their ashes had been swallowed by the ever-present storm

what say they

to the people

who are still struggling

shamingly desperate

to find a puncture

a hole

any point of escape in their skin

just to get the void out

----mind you, they're decaying
have to get through this, fella
forestfaith Oct 2018
Again and again I go back to it.
To its slimy and suffocating grasp.
It’s clawed grip on my heart.

Why am I not committed?
Maybe a part of me likes this world I am in.  
Maybe a part of me likes how broken the world is.
Maybe a part of me doesn’t want the world to get better.
My spirit and flesh is weak then who can I fight with and against?

Don’t let me go there again....o please.
I want to be led into that promised land.
What if I can’t make it?
What if I am not perfect.
Not the perfect leader...the perfect child of God.
Why am I stressing?
      B r
E a the.

Oh the pain of the grip on my heart.
It’s claws digging deep.
It’s claws crushing it.
B r E
A t
H.      E....
Please keep me in prayer brothers and sisters in Christ :)
Elaine Apr 2018
Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts?
Like, it physically hurts.
Every time you're right beside them
And they don't step closer
Tuck you into their shoulder
Make you feel safe in their arms
It's like a punch in the gut
And your chest seizes up
And you think you'll never breathe properly again
Until they love you too
Lyda M Sourne Feb 2018
A crackling upon skin

Numbness penetrate into the bones

Watching the world, but not really being a part of it

Watching. Watching.

Sinking inside, bringing out a different side to deal with what can't be done

Ears ringing but there is no sound
I'm weird, that I can attest.
Fran Jun 2017
Today I got blue hair.
And it felt so good.
Finally a change, something new for me.

It's night and I can't breathe.
I hate myself suddenly.
And those tears I can't hold back. Not tonight.
Because at some point  I do have to go down. It appears to be tonight.
So I cry myself out. Another time.
Another awful night. Another restless sleep.

And tomorrow nobody will notice. It's a new day. So: just gotta continue to survive. To be the one, how everybody knows me.
Written 3.6.2017
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