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we learn through
iteration and repetition
repetition hones your craft
iteration grows your craft
our fantastical future 
full of promise and joy
where dreams become reality 
where we go to die
there are days
gray monotone days
when i feel nothing
i want nothing
i love nothing
i hate nothing
i am nothing
my mind floats
between dream and reality
a foggy purgatory
of nothingness
this scares me
more than suffering
mothers and fathers
do not wish
upon your children
a life free of pain
that would be impossible
rather wish upon them
strength and learning
from the pain in life
F A Pacelli Aug 9
when did mankind
mutilate butcher and crudely
stitch back together happiness?
for i cannot recognize
what we call happy anymore
cheap thrills and shallow substance
happiness, the drug of choice
for the modern generation
ancient moral virtues
lay fallen by the wayside
take out your pitchforks and hunt down
that “frankensteinian” happiness
for he is an abomination
of what happiness was
of what our society needs
make an example of him
to set us on the right path
F A Pacelli Aug 8
should happiness be our purpose
does it carry the same meaning
aristotle intended for us
we live in a society of addictions
swim in anxious waters
float in melancholy skies
yet demand happiness at every turn
happiness has become
our new addiction
F A Pacelli Aug 7
strong winds
following a storm
pure and sweet
full of life
kiss my cheek
cleanse my spirit
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