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While one is
Searching himself/herself
Some books
Will turned their way
Some songs
Will touched their chords
Some souls
Will changed their life
Some questions
Will taught a lession

When he/she will see
Your eyes

That very moment
Harmony vibes

"I find myself"
"In you"
Genre: Observational
Theme: Questioning eyes || Answering souls
Darryl M May 8
Like the soil, I’ve been diggin’ you.

I’ve found a place for my heart.
Could it be with you?
I don’t know what forever feels like,
But I want to love you forever.

Your pants ain’t for my *******,
However, your heart I shall unveil first.
Look at your hand
There is a sparkle of
Enhancing light
started to sprinkle from it.
There is a magical universe
Blazing from your hand.
Say it as magic or illusion.
You are the one who can do
These miraculous things.
Unveil the wonders
Your hand can do.
Recoganize yourself
There is the creater hiding
Within you. The one
Who can make every
Impossible things into possible.
Realize it. You are ruler of
What you want to become.
Believe in you.
Asante' Nov 2018
He can’t stand to love,
Yet he can’t stand to hate,
Afraid of exposure,
Its vulnerable weight.
So he builds up his walls,
To protect him from feeling,
Covering old wounds,
Which keeps them from healing.
And she sees he’s guarded,
Yet tries to unveil
The past he is hiding,
His secrets to tell,
Hating his walls,
But she can’t tear them down.
Wherever she is,
He just builds them around.
Anya Sep 2018
The question really is
how much of yourself do you want out there?
For one and all to see?

Social media-
other online platforms as well,

Allow one to remake themselves
or simply unveil what they choose

in the end
if you try to hide it

You're still you
I'm still me
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
Awake and witnessed
Inhaled, then relaxed
I felt the sacred world
Like the calm ocean waves

[Take me to your universe]

I don’t have separate world
All mine, all yours
Just needs a small change

Silence your mind
Reconcile with peace
Be anonymous

Forgive, forget
Value all lives
Purify your soul
Seek the light within, and
Keep on moving
Even if you pause,
Your thirst will drive

You are divine,
No less than me.
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Blue Canvas, white words. Peaceful Buddha Jayanti.
Alan S Bailey Mar 2018
Such faded tracks that tell of all our special needy things
These ever needed-ever traded blanket things
They gave us this under cloaked shawl
And disappear into the wilderness. Why?
Because you feel warm? Your giving light beckons all...?
The drab dulls and grays that welcome you into home square,
The spider web in the loft of the ever white inn house,
This is how we are in for living now.
Give me a shovel "I would" dig to Hell's Inferno well,
OK, now you're there, but gold you see is not in there, yea,
It's like they say in the early retirement way day to day,
Your only too old when you can't come out and play!
These questions, unveiling,  appearing from the balcony,
She is in the well made protection for one of small size.
This is all in pure need, we are all in need,
The whole world is in need. Let us need
Until at our enemy necks, with knife and pistol,
Let us need until we must be bitter for the water glass
Is never half full. Let us be in need until we find
That this is how real life was already best destined to be,
Still with empty pockets ever in need of more,
Just keep digging deeper for more anyhow.
Getting even no matter who died was still a must,
All bought with a few million lives.

In God WE Trust...
Maria Etre Aug 2017
The day you discover
your power
is the day
you unveil
your life's
true meaning,
kiss it with passion
and wedding it
to become
your life long partner
through art, it conceals
through art, it reveals

I speak symbolism,
only eyes and mouths that bear the fruition of my words can seek for truth

let the wind blows, let the storm howls
be it a fault or a foul,
only those eyes and mouths that bear the fruition of every truth I hold
could seek for clarity within them all

I was born for agony, not harmony
I was born to ride the waves, not streams

through art, it suppresses
through art, it unveils
SassyJ Apr 2016
Laid on my bed and woke up on a beach
Spotted by the sand and shells spikes
Blurred by the sunrise and mount of waves

On the deserted shores I escaped to the bush
The trees spoke and the air was so excited
Palm trees soft and exotic perils, swept visions

The blackness entwined on my melanated skin
Saw the light of the day and shimmied to the current
Just like the day I run away from this fainted world

Suddenly life was so exciting, an ecstasy of existence
A mind dancing on the wrinkle free base and terrain
The spotlight fades, the output curtails,my curtain unveils
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