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Jean Sharlot Jan 22
I like him
But I'm inlove with someone else
I want to talk to him
But I might get hurt the one that I love.

I thought he was the one
But he isn't beside me,
he was my childhood friend
he cared so much but that's it.

This is part of loving someone
at the wrong timing they said,
that moment when you know everything
but it seems I have to let go.
Jean Sharlot Jan 21
I wanna see your face
not from the camera we used to talk.
I wanna hear your voice
and not just read your messages from day to day.

I wish to hold your hands
even squeeze your cheeks,
Tickle you until you cry out of happiness
And hug you tightly while you were still beside me.

I wanna tell you stories I was happy about
staring at you from day to night
and those were the moments I wished I can seize
but then again I remember we were apart.
Jean Sharlot Sep 2018
Sometimes affection

makes us expect for more.

Sometimes we let our love

hurt us the most.

Sometimes we already tell our genuine feelings

but they tend to ignore it,

Because towards those people

Even if you love them they will not do the same.
Jean Sharlot Sep 2018
A coffee on my right side
With a teaspoon of brewed coffee,
A tablespoon of creamer to make it fuller
And a teaspoon of sugar to add a little bit of sweetness.

A bread on my right side
With overflowing nutella
That I can't control
And I just smile to the fullest.

A notebook and a pen in front me
Mixing it all together to fill up my soul
To reminisce those pain that I had
That turns into a memory now.
Jean Sharlot Sep 2018
When the music starts,
My heart is eager to hear your voice
It was beating so fast
Even though i might get hurt.

Those lyrics breaks every strangers heart
And your soulful voice says it all
But no matter how this might end,
Atleast I know from the start that I'm not dead inside.
Jean Sharlot May 2018
When did you get hurt?

That moment when I first saw your name
That message makes my heart flutter
That night when our eyes first met
And those hands that I hold for seconds.

Does it still hurts?

There's still glitch of pain
But I think
Maybe were not meant to make memories for long
It just ended the way how it started.
Jean Sharlot Apr 2018
Out of the blue sky
in the peak of summer season
on my busy hours
we cross our path again.

I'm still the girl you met,
but there's a lot of things happened
and you are a little bit forgotten
or maybe not you, but the pain I felt.

It feels great to see how I've grown
with those heartaches that I endure,
those tears that made me paralyze
and the memories that I seize with you.

Maybe were not meant to be together
were just build to be friends
but thank you for the pain,
it made my heart stronger.
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