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Jean Sharlot Aug 9
Why you love him so much
They ask

I dont know
I said

Tears were falling
And their hands taps my back

And Im sobbing.
Jean Sharlot Mar 9
I was in a deep coma
of loving you too much
of wanting you to stay
of making you believe in me.

When will I be awake then?
Jean Sharlot Mar 9
In this life,

I wish I am invisible right now
For people not to see these tears
For them not know I'm in pain
For them to realize I am happy.

But then,

I can’t hold it in
I really wanted to burst it
I am too sad to smile
And I don’t know what to do.

And if I quit,

I will lose everything
I work so hard to be on this
But if you don't want me anymore
Maybe you were right,

Let’s just end this.

(but then I can't.)
Jean Sharlot Jan 7
Why we always have to wait,
Even if you know
You’re not important
To that person

Can we just go
Can we just runaway
And never look back
Even though it hurts.

Why do we always have to do it,
Even if you know
That it’ll make you cry
And keep on wanting more

Can we just accept it
Can we just forget it
And never ask for more
Because we just wanted to go.
Jean Sharlot Apr 2019
I wish I was her

Being spoiled,
Whenever she needed him
There he is
Holding her tight

I wish I was her

Being her guard,
Whenever she’s going to work
And going home
While holding her hand

I wish I was her

And I envy her so much
That tears were falling
And nothing in the world
I wish but to be her.
Jean Sharlot Apr 2019
He has to go
though I don't want him to
he gonna let go
though I'm holding him tight.

I never beg
though my actions says it all
I don't want to cry
and now I'm trying not to.

But as I watch you walk away
far from were I'm standing
tears were falling
but then I'm the happiest

For I know that you'll come back
in my arms,
one day,
after few months.
Jean Sharlot Jan 2019
I like him
But I'm inlove with someone else
I want to talk to him
But I might get hurt the one that I love.

I thought he was the one
But he isn't beside me,
he was my childhood friend
he cared so much but that's it.

This is part of loving someone
at the wrong timing they said,
that moment when you know everything
but it seems I have to let go.
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