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Cloudy Heart Sep 2019
Do I need therapy?
Or do I just need to write?
days seem cloudy
and all I do is wait for the night
you make me crave to be alone
because that is how I feel
Even when we're both home.
The light may not be fading in you,
but in me
why is this so difficult for your pretty eyes to see?
You go on acting like everything is okay
when the reality is
it isn't, or won't be. even in a couple days.
Cloudy Heart Aug 2018
Start date: 5/16/17.
Your scent is intoxicating
It hurts how badly I crave you.
I want so badly to move away with you, leave everything behind, just go.
You're my favorite place
When I'm not with you all I do is bite my nails and wait until I'm with you again.
I know I break down quite a lot but I love you with every fiber of my being.
All I can write about is you and your sun kissed eyes
I will never, ever forget our first kiss.
You told me not to worry and for the first time ever I didn't
You're what makes life worth living.
Your smile is as calming as the sea
Not certain about anything really but I'm certain about you
You're my paradise
I can taste you in my coffee
You're the blood that flows through my dainty veins
There isn't a safe place in this world except your arms
I'm so incredibly in love with you
I just want to spend a whole day locked away uninterrupted with you
I love you so much that it physically hurts.
You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.
You fill me with warmth I could NEVER feel anywhere else
Everything that comes out of your mouth is an amazing story I get ****** into
You showed me that home is not a place, it is a person, and that person is you
Your eyes are the absolute sunshine of my life
I never knew what comfort was until I met you
It doesn't matter where we go as long as I'm with you
Let's melt into the bed sheets
I want to write about all the good you make me feel
I'd follow you without thinking twice
I know I have a temper and my emotions are off the wall but I love you with all that I have.
I wake up just to sleep with you
I don't wanna be if I can't be with you
Please feel my yearning for you and come back to me.
I love you so ******* much, it felt so good to hold you.
You're my world forever.
I just wanna do everything I can to make you feel okay.
I could write about you forever baby
You warm my heart and my soul
My goal is to kiss you more times than the ocean has kissed the sand
I can feel our souls connect everytime we touch
Your fingertips kiss me and I am home
We are such a strong flame
I'm never prepared for how fast time flies when we're together
You make my heart overflow
You make me smile literally constantly
I don't mind going to sleep because I know you'll be in my dreams
I love when you leave me hickies
Being next to you is the only way I can sleep without sleeping pills
I cannot even express in words the absolute happiness and warmth you bring me every second of the day
In love with the way your smile plants a blooming garden in me
You saw me on the floor and you picked me up with just your smile
Your perfect smile gets me drunk
Listening to you talk is like reading my favorite book
Days really do feel like weeks without you
When we got together, love songs finally made sense
Me & my heart talk about you 24/7
I want to spend every second with you
Nothing tastes as good as your lips
Your eyes stung me at first, maybe that's because you saw straight into my soul all at once.
I wanna sit on you and bite your lip
I can write a book about every adventure we've ever had
Running my fingers through your hair brings me so much happiness
You paint pictures inside of me I can't even describe
All I saw was black and white until you came along and made me see color
Your eyes light up my whole entire life
I found myself inside of you
you made all my dreams come true
I didn't think I could ever be this happy & then you came back into my life and I can't even remember how upset I used to be
His whispers caressed me softly
You're my every star
I could write about you until the end of time
I want you in every way always
The only thing that truly makes me feel awake is his presence
I can't get over how beautiful your soul is
Our pictures make me smile from ear to ear
Every little line in your lips is poetry in itself
You were the water that made my rose of a heart bloom
I've always loved you, always
You're the whole forest in my heart
I want to wrap my arms around you forever
I used to sit on the train tracks for hours, wishing for someone like you
I absolutely love your hickies, show the world I'm yours on my skin
I write I love you all over your body with every kiss I plant
You make me feel so full in this empty world
I dream of time pausing and us exploring the world together
I live for our little getaways
Our love is so precious
I need your cuddles always
If you can't get drunk together and blast Backstreet Boys he ain't the one (****)
All the love songs are always about you
You make my heart flutter
I was always so lost then I found my way with you
I dream about your perfect face every night
I feel like a literal zombie until I finally see you again
You are, always have been, and always will be my entire universe
You make me melt so much
Home is: you.
You’re the everlasting warmth I feel running through my cheeks
You’re always always always on my mind
You’re my inspiration
He’s the only one
All I can think about is you and how you make me feel like cotton candy on a warm afternoon
You’re the only thing that makes life bearable.
You make me forget about all the troubles I’m going through
The world is ours
You illuminate me
You make me feel like my soul is melting in the best way
I’d be yours in a million lifetimes
I fell for you before I even touched the ground
You make my world go round
I’m sorry but nothing exists without you
I want to give you everything you want.
I'm just a sack of skin and bones without you
Baby I love you to death
I have always been and always will be yours
I don't wanna eat I don't wanna sleep I just want to be in your arms and hear your heart beat.
You are the only thing that makes everything okay
I love you with my entire being
We both started crying because we didn’t know what we’d do without each other, and that was such a special moment.
Eyes for you and only you
I love you so much, you have no idea
Take my hand, you and me against the world.
Thinking about marrying you makes me cry every time.
He is my every single heart beat.

End date: 8/6/2018
These are little mini poems I have written about him from may 2017 to august 2018. enjoy.
Cloudy Heart Apr 2018
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
I feel left in the dust
I feel the broken trust
I feel pain in the weirdest places
blood stained shirts without the traces
I feel alone
like I'm missing my home
there's so much going on
and so little hours in the day
I feel as if I've gone crazy
as if I'll never find a way
I need comfort, I just do
and I don't want to feel like I burden you
these broken pieces I place in your hands
are yours to fix, because this is pain I can't stand
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
  Mar 2018 Cloudy Heart
Jackie Mead
We are strong and in love, I love everything you do
You pull me to your side, put your arms around my waist
Kiss me on the lips so tenderly and sweet
Take off my shoes and massage my feet
You make me laugh when I am down, working hard to remove that frown

We are strong and in love, I love everything you do
You wake me up with your kisses all over my face
Let me know that you want me the minute you're awake
Fill me with your love, in bed it’s give and take
You show me your love and support every day, in all that you do and all that you say 

We are strong and in love, I love everything we do
We raised three children to be good not bad
Had lots of laughter and our fair share of sad
Young grandparents at just 45 but holding little Tansy bought such joy to our lives

We are strong and in love, I love everything we do
Fabulous holidays to the South of France
Romantic Meals followed by a dance
Days out to the beach and the Park, parties in the garden until after dark
Holidays to the Caribbean and the USA
Along the way loved ones fallen but memories remain
Talking about our losses keeps the mind sane

We are strong and in love, I love everything we do
Now we step back into our roles as husband and wife but
most importantly lovers for life
Hold my hand baby and let's go
the whole world awaits for us to roam

We are strong and in love, I love everything we do
Love for our family will never end but now is our time my dearest best friend
So let's live our life, enjoy the ride, taking each day in our stride
Forever together and by each others side

It's been 36 years since we said I do
36 years of loving you
I wrote this for my husband but he says I can share it with you.
Cloudy Heart Mar 2018
I don't wanna eat
I don't wanna sleep
I just want to be in your arms
  and hear your heart beat
I have always been
  and will always be yours
every time you smile
   you give me something new to adore
I have always loved you
even when I didn't know
all the times I longed for you
  I wish I could show
but now you're with me
and as the world can see
our souls were absolutely
meant to be
  Mar 2018 Cloudy Heart
the sky was a placid blue and the resplendent morning light enveloped the world in a golden bliss. and yet it felt as though the warmth of the sun could not quite reach me; the natural beauty of the earth unfolded before me as if to mock at my unhappiness and somehow left me feeling all the more empty. i longed for it to rain
Cloudy Heart Mar 2018
Your golden, chocolate eyes wrap around my soul
with love and delicacy

Your soul holds mine so securely
as my soul holds yours

Our souls smile brightly

I will forever adore
your hands holding mine ever so gently

our love intertwining and glowing each second

You make me whole
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