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thesa Mar 2020
i never felt so much

until today
i took a walk in the forest
and came out
taller than the trees
thesa Feb 2020
your smile feels like a burning

an open flame
rising from the depths of your soul

and even if i want you more
than nothing else in this world

i still have
a paper heart
thesa Dec 2019
i can't control my feelings
my feelings control me

seemingly i am
the byproduct
of all that burning
thesa Nov 2019
we played hide and seek by the rivers
and sometimes i would chase you

but never would you chase me
and when i asked why
you smiled because

love to you
was just a game
thesa Oct 2019
i never learnt how to swim
yet here i am
with my head under water
and my clothes soaking wet

that the sea is more honest
with those who are willing to drown
thesa Sep 2019
i never thought
that was possible

but here i am
still trying to catch the breath
i lost when my eyes met yours
thesa Sep 2019
with my head on your chest
i listen to your heartbeat
and i know i've promised
i would never get addicted

but please tell me
how i'm supposed to stop
falling for you
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