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I keep making the same mistakes in love,
Hoping that one day it’ll be enough,
But every time I get close,
Someone reminds me why I shouldn’t,
Someone steals my hope.
Idk why I always convince myself that “this time it will be different”
Zack Ripley Dec 2020
I try not to cry
As the snow falls from the sky.
Not because it's beautiful.
But because it means it's cold.
I hate the cold.
That Girl Aug 2020
“Don’t take this the wrong way,”
I tell him.
I look off into the distance.
“Just stay away from me.”
I begged him.
Sadness laced my voice but it was also firm.
He knew I was dead serious.
I looked into his eyes.
More hurting.
I was glad I hurt him.
I felt no guilt.
After all, that’s how he’s made me feel for the past three months.
But when I told him to stay away my intent was not to hurt him.
I told him because I want to stop hurting.
The way he passes glances my way,
his kindness,
his mannerisms…
It all hurts me.
even hearing his voice stings my soul.
I can’t do it anymore.
I don’t want to hurt anymore.
He needs to stop looking at me,
stop being kind to me,
stop being a gentlemen,
stop talking to me.
He has another girl to look at,
be kind to,
be a gentleman to,
to talk to.
And that girl is not me.
I walked away.
I didn’t look back.
liakey Feb 2020
don’t you dare try to come back,
a haunting memory is all you’ll ever be.
Oliver O'Connor Jun 2019
Stay away from the man in the mirror
You cannot keep going like this, dear
I know your fighting all your demented fears
But remember one day your thoughts will run clear
MaiMai Mar 2019
Ember burning bright.
Born for destruction or born for light?

Can someone hate their creation?  Because I'm afraid of my own design. What I may be capable of. In a snap of a finger my ember can spark destroying what is and was.
"You're loved" is what you say but you can't get it though your brain. I'm impotent to my strength.

You don't want to look at me, don't look at me. You run away from me, run away from me. I am aware of my aftermath toxic smoke so it's ok. I know I cause nothing but heartache.

Beware because I've been known to ruin lives.
Use caution, I might spark into a raging fire
Be careful if you make me to happy I might burn you alive. Causing spiritual death leaving people shattered, trying to pick pieces, due to me forgetting about my hazard.

The word gentle isn't in my mental vocabulary. My touch, my touch is dangerous. It's warm at first, almost comforting in the beginning but the longer you hold me the more I singe. I don't want to cause you sanity. So stay away, far from my ember, in fear your oxygen will ignite this fire.

Embers burning bright
Born for destruction or born for light?
look at me in the eye then you decide.
Jean Sharlot Jan 2018
By: Jean Gutierrez

******* sorrounds us,
When you get to attach to them
They came up with freaking stories
Those rumors that can ruin your name.

And when you let it go deeper,
You’ll be played without knowing it
Those moments when you laugh
Will change into anger.

You’ll be hesitant to say a word,
Some of the letters were gone, missing
And when you hear the name or voice of it
Little by little your blood goes up.

Why are you here?
My hands crumpled and ready to punch
But I controlled it
Because it’s only a waste of time.
Britney Lyn Aug 2017
If you burn our bridge, I will not waste the time or energy to build another. Goodbyes are forever.
The fire that once guided our love has now consumed and destroyed us.
Ma Cherie Jan 2017
Blue moon stay away from me,
let me crawl back into bed,
I don't wanna feel that way tonight,
I need to rest my aching head,
if only you come to leave again,
you'll leave me feeling dead,

An I ain't ready to die.

Ma Cherie © 2017
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