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Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Realm
Author's Note:
Readiness is when your mind is ready, all other senses follow. And what if you are your inner inspiration, honor and integrity? Get more time to appreciate it. You are the truth.
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
A sign of Respect to me is having the gratitude to acknowledge ones error without a preconceived misconception you are superior in anyway.
Ego can be someone biggest downfall.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
To those
Who are the infinite
To those
Who senses everyday magic
To those
Who dreams
To those
Who are like home

To my own shadow
Who believed
The power of ink

Yesterday and always
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: The trails and the traveller || A brief history of the examined Life
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
Every time
They will ask
Who you are?

There is more
Who you are not

They just want
To know
The superficial

As deep as
What they are
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Such is life || Understanding
Bhill Aug 2019
The clock ticks away
Watching minutes passing by
Learn how to control your time
Do things that give you joy
Take the time to realize
Realize to understand
Understand to recognize
Recognize to acknowledge
Acknowledge time has moments
Live for those moments

Brian Hill - 2019 #215
Take the time to respect time
sinagtala Jul 2019
I always think of you
most of the times
on how's your day went
or on how your weeks end...

I always think of you
during day especially in night
right when I am staring
at the moon.

I always think of you
on when will I ever meet you
because you're too far
and seems to be
out of my league.

I always think of you
because you're something
that makes me happy
and at the same time, sad.

I always think of you
that you made me
write this poem
out of the blue.
i don't know what is this
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Sun shines from the east

With respect
Let's raise
From the west
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Mutual Understanding
I don't want to be
The center of attention
There for all eyes to see
I want to be acknowledged
And recognized for just being me
I don't want to be known
For my struggles
But I want to be noticed
When I'm struggling
Not for everyone to see
Just one is enough
Just one who understands me
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Why can’t I write anything?
Why I need to write something?

Between those two questions, I found my way to ink my thoughts being fascinated with words addressing a soul inside the human body. Being a part-time dreamer, full-time realist I tried to reflect human psyche, social-issues, clinical journey, and so forth with an interdisciplinary approach. White Words invariably explores the hidden depths of a human, set free by either circumstance or the truth. With every new day I felt writing is not just an art, It’s a social engineering with thought exploring the boundaries of our mind. Words could be a medium to achieve inner peace, sometime embraced with an autobiographic element. Nevertheless it needs to be visualized with holistic lens, being near and far off from the distance with curiosities to get the true meaning of it.

All forms of arts are work in progress, where artist tries to reflect the craftsman’s imaginations and emotions, other time control it with an armor and conceals things using words easy to say in the comfort of expressive outlet. Honestly, I never cared about getting it right, now the same thing is inspiring me in the form of catharsis to make a free verse of a poetic trail.

I feel blessed to be around the people I've come to admire.  I remember mom for providing much needed optimism and endless devotion. There is always something new to learn and there is a constant effort to evolve with a better reflection. I want to thank all those who enjoy my writing, and open enough to hone honest  criticism. I  am  accountable for all the errors in bringing this up.

Let the White Words be the life to live by. Until we are blind to foreseeable future, live until we die, laugh until we cry and write what can’t be said. Lastly for a moment just imagine, how good it is to have a voice and being heard, and heeded.
Genre: Experimental
Theme: 2nd Anthology Press Ready, Blue Canvas White Words
Carl Webb II Sep 2018
'tis acknowledgement, more than thankfulness, that allows a being to reap all of the glorious benefits that this life has to offer.
it is seeing. it is believing. it is acknowledging
. . .
all that exists . . . acknowledge it. so that its existence does not go unnoticed.
and, notice, i am not asking you to focus on it, i am not asking you to give everything in life more attention than it deserves but be aware.
when something pops into your realm of awareness, acknowledge it;
that's how you stay aware. don't ignore it, don't overdo it.
universal acknowledgement will do
. . .
and once you've acknowledged the presence of the object, only then will you be able to decide how to feel about it.
only then, will you be able to truly understand what is going on around you.
'tis acknowledgement that is the key to our emotions.
before we know how to hate or to love, before we know how to be happy about, before we know how to be sad about, before we know how to feel indifference towards
. . .
we must have acknowledged the object of our feelings . . .
before we are able to be thankful for . . .
before we are even able to thank . . .
we have to acknowledge
. . .
i've fiddled with this idea for a while and i believe i've finally come to a temporary conclusion, just bear with me.
. . .
we pray and we pray and we thank all day long.
we speak to God, or any other entity that will listen, to send us some help or to appreciate.
yet, how do we even know what to appreciate . . . if we are not aware, if we have not acknowledged all that is present in our lives
. . .
how can I say "thank you" for a blessing I know nothing about . . .
how can I know what needs to leave my life if I have not acknowledged it as such - simply a thing that is no good for me - how do I feel no good about something I have not felt
. . .
if I keep my eyes shut long enough, will all of life disappear without ever giving me a chance to be thankful, or without ever giving me a chance to see what is necessary and unnecessary.
will things ever change if we do not open our minds, our eyes, our hearts, open up our ears, if we are not open to all ideas, will we ever be able to see what is truly right and what is truly wrong
. . .
acknowledgement. an automatic ability of a being but there is something that keeps us from acknowledging the presence of the ability to acknowledge, within ourselves . . .
pt. 1
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