M Solav Sep 7
There are clouds of sound and noise
That utters thoughts of muffled voice,
And gestures of hands won’t cast out
Cloudy skies in days of doubt.

Like a stranger lost in a crowd
Whose cries are buried by the loud,
The din of helpless wanderers
Whose presence disrupts and disturbs.

All strangers left on their own,
Islands floating out in the fog;
Orphans with cruel fates to bemoan:
Fates that are swept under the rug.

Who looks with interest, who reaches with an arm,
Not so eager to help, neither late nor too soon?
Who would make this world a little more warm
And freshen the skies of our cloudy afternoon?
Written on December, 2017.
M Solav Sep 7
La porte qui claque
A creusé un trou
Plus noir que noir
Dans le silence
De ta mémoire.

Le silence qui frappe -
Qui luit partout -
Quand vient le soir,
Il plaie les panses
Et te rend fou.

Les plaies ouvertes
Se taisent et pleurent;
Le vacarme discret
Te couvre de secousses
Et disparaît.

Enveloppé dans tes draps,
La lumière devenue ligne,
Une porte entre-ouverte -
Tu voudrais qu'elle t’explique
Cet état d'alerte.

Le temps fait violence
Mais s'apaise comme le vent.
Très vite tu t'endors,
Et les mots se font tendre
Arrivé à bon port.

La veille se couvre d'un voile
Enroulé sur tes nuits.
Toujours l'éclat de noirceur
Qui alors t'attaqua
Luira sur ta vie.
Written in January, 2018.
M Solav Sep 7
We were mixed up when it built;
One another forced to coexist.
As it drew us high and higher still,
Below us grew the abyss.

Overflowing with ecstasy,
We left our hearts astray.
The obnubilating and obsolete
Had gotten our way.

Obstacles vanished one by one,
Increasingly slaying the beast.
Moments we thought we'd won
Are when we'd won the least.

We stretched out our hands towards the sky
Like wretched ghosts wrapped in disguise,
As though we had just found a new paradise
With the devil ahead leading as our guide.

We followed him all through the land:
"This way leads to the great fountain",
And now we're stuck in desert of sand
Wondering when oases shall be attained.

We've taken a bet against our nature.
Was it anyone-in-particular's fault?
For every curse there'll be a cure,
For every flood a drought.

Once more, again, we shall repeat,
To morrow, for ever more.
When the sunshine now seems to greet
And when the darkness falls,

Comes the night time of our lives;
We ponder what we've been,
But what we're we supposed to be
When all was always sealed.

So we wait in such anxiety,
The impatience growing itchy;
And we amass, tall in piles,
To crash on the shores like the sea.
Written in August, 2016.
M Solav Sep 7
​Explosion of the white tree,
A synapse in the damp air.
The fluid around the corsair,
Ambassador of the secret;
The perfume of a comet
Descends upon the wetland.

A goosebump crosses the hair;
Ripples formed across the sea
As nostril and flowers met
Miles and miles without end.

The green flame always return
In a frenetic haze, a burst of fire,
As the solar waves caresses the earth
At welcomed glances, so soft a fur.

A last effort renewed forevermore;
Delirious poison continually brewed;
An elixir against the veil of dusk;
Cause and effect from dust to dust.

As the mind steps out back further,
It finds itself returned at the core,

Until all of Spring elapses.
Written in July, 2016.
M Solav Sep 7
The world is filled with cracks through which I can escape;
Your word have carried me upon one more of those trails.
The land is dry to us, I fail to see to what avail
We walk apart parallel to the truth that keeps us here.

The distant line, horizon, that now draws across the sea...
My eyes have reached out my body in the hope that it could flee.
Whenever I have tried, when I wanted to get there,
A cloud had formed in my mind, no longer was I aware:

Between tangible reality
And a vanishing dream,
The path of least resistance
Still leads me up the hill.

Now a witness of my own being in change,
I no longer mould to all the forms;
I, this dreary cage.

The world is painted black and white, a moon in the lake;
Your word have brought where I watch the mirror pearl.
The waters are appeased tonight, I can see it all too clear:
We walk apart parallel to the truth that keeps us here.

The distant line, horizon, an illusion of infinity...
My eyes have followed its line only hoping that I could see
Some form of higher reason that lie in stable shapes,
But the staring threw me off and no longer was I aware:

Between tangible reality
And a vanishing dream,
The path of least resistance
Still leads me up the hill.

No longer a witness of my own being in change,
Moulding anew to all the forms,
I, this merry cage.
Written in July, 2016.
M Solav Sep 7
Please - hear my voice, your good old
Friend - is talking in to
You - let it ring inside of
You - let words echoe in
and Through.

Please - hear this prayer of a
Child - you once were, don’t let the
Tide - of this moment sweep
Aside - het the water flow out
and Through.

It’s not time to start over;
The bridge's almost done.
You can’t see from where you are;
The sun's rising on the shore.

Please - the other side isn’t
Far - nothing else's ever
Achieved - carry yourself a little
Further - let your legs walk across
and Through.
Written in July, 2016 - for a friend going through hardship.
M Solav Sep 7
In the Melting of Days
We were Swept like the Fog
While a Sunshine of Rays
Made us Crawl in the Mud.
Written in February, 2017.
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