Broadsky Nov 27

We saw each other tonight. We talked about the shitty living situation you're in because we're no longer living together. We talked about old secret handshakes we had with our siblings and couldn't control the laughter. You asked to take me out to dinner soon, how quickly I wanted to say yes surprised me. I told you I would think about it instead. The way you love me eats me up inside and reminds me of the way I loved when I was younger. So selflessly and heart wrenching at the same time. How it hurt to love something that much, but I couldnt control it. How it felt like my brain was cracking in two and every cell in my body was exploding when they said they no longer wanted to be mine. I feel that way tonight, I feel that terrible pain in my gut that makes me feel like we should have never split up in the first place, that I should just forgive you and tell you to come back home. But I can't, not yet.

I dont know if I ever will.
Broadsky Nov 25

It's almost 1am and I'm laying down to sleep. The fan is not running and you aren't here to rock me to sleep. I can truly think of a million reasons why we shouldn't be together, but I am so drawn to you. I'm drawn to the way you hold me, I'm drawn to the way you move the little bits of hair out of my face, I'm drawn to the way you're not afraid to get your hands dirty and work. I miss you. I miss how we would laugh together in our dim smokey room. I miss how we would conquer tasks that laid before us, how we would evolve tenfold past what set us back. I miss the light that shown within you.

I miss you.
Broadsky Nov 23

I'm sitting at my work desk after hours because I have to get this off my chest. You loved me in ways I couldn't love you back.  I loved him in ways he would never understand. These empty nights of  just sitting alone  haunt me. They bring me back to all my winters past where my skin turns a ghostly white and my eyes sink in like a body on a soft mattress. I felt tattered and worn when I was yours. In fact I have felt that way with all of my lovers, tattered and worn like a favorite piece of clothing, worn so much it's falling apart.
I am again falling apart.

We broke up. We no longer belong to one another.
Broadsky Jun 2016

Don't text him, don't cave.
You've made him believe you're gone, don't prove yourself wrong.
Don't prove that you can't handle being away from him.
I caved...
I am weak.

I am pushed, pushed, pushed away... and I keep coming back.
Broadsky May 2016

Under the bridge is your favorite red hot chili peppers song.
You hurt your head skating the other day.
You kissed a girl and she didn't call you back.
You smoke Marlboro reds like they're good for you.
You drink beer like it's water.
You drink water like it's liquor.
Your cigarette burns will go unnoticed by the new girl you're talking to.
You flash a smile and my stomach drops.

You broke me in two and it seems I've still not had enough.
  Apr 2016 Broadsky
Becca Saltzman

Can I just wing my life
Like I do with my eye liner?

Make a mistake
And remove it with a cloth of water?

And start over
When it doesn't come out how I want?

  Apr 2016 Broadsky

Your eyes, my eyes.
My face sees your face.
My cheeks turn red
and I look away.
Stupid, stupid feelings.
I don't even know you.
Why is it like this?

Your eyes, my eyes.
My face sees your face.
Pretending I'm not here,
there's no trace.
Stupid, stupid me.
I don't even know what to do.
When did ever it get like this?

Your eyes, my eyes.
My face sees your face.
My cheeks turn red
and I look away.
I look away.

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