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Broadsky Dec 2020
your head laying on my chest in the still hours of the night reminds me of tree branches dancing in the moonlight

your lips moving over the peaks of my ******* sends memories of us flowing into my head like water rippling up to a river bed

your love is like skipping stones on a calm lake, when you look at me I feel these walls I’ve built start to break, and the barbed wire around me start to deteriorate

I’ve never known a love so true

I’ve never fallen for a boy like you

when you kiss me I see comets and cosmos, and shooting stars too, I feel the pull of the earth and the coolness of the moon, I feel the ground shake beneath me and flowers start to bloom in all the cracks and crevices, can’t you smell the perfume?

if you are truly mine, now and forever, then I’ve loved you since the dawn of time when we were just visions and thoughts in God’s glorious mind

you are the wind rushing through my hair, you are the creaks in the steps going up the stairs

you are the home where I want to rest my head, just to wake up in the morning and do it all again.

I love you effortlessly, like the clouds love the sky. I’ll say it again and again til it’s etched in the scrolls of time

your love keeps me high, it’s pure and utter bliss; can you feel the butterfly wings flutter as we kiss?

like the dew on a blade of grass at dawn, you kiss my palm, I love you baby because you’re warm and sweet like cardamom.

like chamomile and kava

like ashwagandha and marijuana

like rosé and champagne

after tasting you, I’ll never be the same.
Written for a boy I love
Broadsky Dec 2020
I’m chasing the sun as it falls beneath the mountains.
Disappointment fills me.
“I will wait” I say longingly,
I will wait for spring to bring the flowers that fill the air so sweetly.
I will wait for summer’s deep kiss that turns my skin into honey.
I will wait for the warm river water,
and the temperate breeze.
I will wait for the sun to return to me.
The sun sets at 4:45 pm... only just for now.
Broadsky Oct 2020
I remember when I was fresh and crisp like orange peel

now I sit and wonder "when will these aching bones finally heal?"

I used to be as strong as tungsten steel

now I'm realizing

I am my own Achilles' heel.

the records of my memory are quickly sealed,

pieces of myself are now completely concealed,

getting to them is like walking through a minefield.

yet still I tiptoe

through this treacherous land

it's so dark, I cant even see my own hands.

nevertheless I wander through the sands of time,

even though in this world I'm completely blind.

because I will not leave myself behind,

even in my current state of mind,

it is myself I will find.
being okay is harder than it looks.
Broadsky Jun 2020
"can I see you tonight?"

already **** well knowing what the answer will be.

still I ask,

because I don't think you know what you do to me, tracing the grain of your skin... you don't know how long I've waited for you, I'd pass the time drinking gin.

you used to move me
like sweet notes sung by a violin
but I can't wait forever,
my patience is wearing thin.

walking on these egg shells, trying not to crack
when all I want to do is yell
"you're absolutely crushing my heart, please give it back."

"I didn't think to ask"
you say; isn't that such a shame?
when you look can't you see the discrepancies between us?
does it not shake and rattle your brain?

I wouldn't think twice to climb a mountain for you in the pouring rain,
but honestly, sweetheart...
I don't think you'd do the same.

and that's alright,
because this is my domain,
I now make the rules to this game.

things will be different, I'm not going to lie.

this is what happens when I'm made to color inside the lines.
I think the instructions on how to hurt me are inscribed on the inside of your ringlet curls.
Broadsky May 2020
you can rest your head, honey, I see the wrinkles of your furrowed brow.

you can rest your feet, darling, there’s no one chasing you around.

you can rest your heart, sugar, no one’s going to break it now.

and you can rest your body, baby, you don’t have to make a sound.
loving yourself isn't an easy thing to do, but with patience and forgiveness the love for oneself will grow.
Broadsky Apr 2020
waking up with the morning sun

makeup still on from the night before

eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep

"it's too early for this" I mutter as I lay tangled in these raspberry colored sheets, tossing and turning hoping to shade myself from any glimmer of responsibility

but it doesn't work

mutual confusion

mutual pain

we've been here countless times before

I had work in the morning, and it was nearly 6am

it was too early in the morning

but we stayed up and talked instead of going to bed
i'm sleepy and so are you
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