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Broadsky Apr 8
the face of a man whose children I almost had

he bought me a teal house that needed some work- but it wasn't that bad

spending hours in a stream finding every last crawdad

laying on my back in a field on a summer night feeling glad

these are the things that make me mad

a man who's loyal to no land

what things are in the drawer of your nightstand?

shouldn't I know first hand?

this feels like I'm sinking in quick sand

the announcement of someone new loving you didn't tear me apart

it's you sleeping with your brother's wife that did me in, sweetheart

who did you outsmart?

whose lives are kept in the dark?

locked and confined to the four corners of a house

you turn the lights off and take off her blouse

broken vows

what happened to the man who couldn't even hurt a mouse?

when you look in the mirror what do you see?

blue eyes as deep and vast as the sea?

a face full of deceit?

grabbing all the things you gave me, wishing I kept the receipt

bury your self respect in concrete

let your face burn scarlet when they ask

"so how did you two meet?"

black eyed susan vines

when and where did you both cross the line?

what you've done feels like swallowing turpentine

but it's all fine

good luck trying to untangle yourselves in these web of lies.
I found out he's sleeping with his brother's ex-fiancé her and i were close friends when he and I were together years ago.
Broadsky Feb 25
dust has collected in this once filled room of my mine

it's floated and settled on the last few things left behind



now i can say this empty space is all mine

8 years of pacing this room

8 years of shouting at the moon

8 years of sleeping til noon

just to ignore the fact I meant nothing to you

so much anger has made home in my bones

the way you used to speak about me felt like being casted with stones

I used to try and drown out your tasteless, colorless tone

you type "she's dramatic" in a text on your phone

I expected this feeling of indifference to feel free with no stop lights

yet this empty space

and this empty mind


with what I've known this whole time

that all too familiar feeling of restlessness has come to an end

and even though there are still memories burned into my head

I don't believe I have anything else left unsaid

I envied your callousness

I despised your self-righteousness

and i ached at your lack of consequence

what caught your eye was never my elegance

but rather my callowness

as the ice in your drink swirls and melts

and you're blaming me besides everyone else

as your anger starts to swell

just remember it was me who wasn't treated well

we can keep our heads down while our eyes meet on the street

while you pretend I don't resemble meadowsweet

and that we never danced in my kitchen with me on your feet


to be honest

in the end

we were always offbeat

when you chose to secede

I found you to not be an aesthete

if you could agree

to be without me

this story is begging to no longer be told

so maybe I'll revisit this time of my life when I've seen how my life will unfold

til then my king is fallen on this chess board

my feelings are buried far past the sea's shore

and I've finally

stopped keeping score
Broadsky Feb 24
running his fingers through my hair like a strong wind through tall grass in June
the coolness of his lips on mine like a summer swim in July
feelings for him coursing through my veins like a meteor shower sweeping across the night sky in August
I love him.
sowing seeds, growing flowers for the bees, I want to climb the tree of he- to taste the gifts he has for me.
he's my summer honey.
Broadsky Nov 2021
if all our minds were candy dispensers
then a penny for my thoughts would get you a taste of sour on your tongue
you'd grimace and scowl and feel it in your lungs
and i'd ask "did it feel like running through a candy store when you were young?"

cinnamon candy too

there's always enough bad thoughts to go around,
which one do you choose?

I'll take the pills they tell me to
some sugar helps the medicine go down,
isn't that true?

i'll just have to wait and see
and in the mean time i'll try to believe
that being 24 is really hard
at least that's what they've told me

a heaping double scoop of asperity
leaves my guests looking at me warily
giving me just a cake sliver of clarity

I'm getting tired of eating macaroons,
I hope my time here in candy land ends soon.
I’m finally starting to feel better.
Broadsky Jul 2021
1, 2, 3
There was you and me

4, 5, 6
your colorful bag of tricks

7, 8, 9
we'd share a bottle of wine.

These are the memories that send chills up my spine.

You were acid,
I was alkaline.

I used to pick the petals off a celandine, hoping
"maybe he'll choose me this time."

I thought our love to be phantasmagoric,
when in fact it was hardly auric.

leave it to me to always be metaphoric.

You impacted me in ways I can't describe

please believe me when I say this isn't my diatribe.

this is me trying my best to transmogrify.

my original stimuli,

you have no idea what you signified,


This is me trying my hardest to say goodbye.
numbers were always your thing
Broadsky Jul 2021
I'm hurting

the random waft of your cologne makes me feel like I'm going crazy

because you aren't here

pushing the elevator button to the 7th floor to watch the sunset





because what goes up

must therefore come down

and honey,

we're crashing

at a million miles an hour
August 2020
Broadsky Jul 2021
light my fuse on fire and set me aflame
watch as you singlehandedly set me ablaze

what is it like to watch me burn, baby?
I'm no better than cinder, ashes in an urn.

lately I feel just like charcoal residue,
remember when I was sweet and wet like honeydew?
do you remember when I was good to you?

how much longer can we pretend?
that we know when this war will end,
I can't express how badly I miss my best friend.

charging towards each other from opposing ends of a battlefield,
no matter how much I beg,
your sword you will not yield.

pull out your guitar and play a chord
I don’t know how much longer I can afford
to run around on this chessboard

moving pawns and rooks
when we should be swimming in ponds,
and reading books.

thoroughly covered in brambles
I‘ll wait as you amble

who knew we could get so tangled in something we thought we could handle?

we’re filled with pride and jealousy,
resentment and envy too

how can we come back from this?

what did we lose?
sketching with graphite
I don’t want to fight
just take me back to that campsite
on that hot July night.
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