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Angela Apr 22
I swore I would never be put back together by someone else again.

But when you’ve incurred hundreds of stitches
trying to reconnect your own jagged pieces,
you tell yourself that it’s better this way.
Better to allow someone else to be your adhesive
than to risk shattering completely.

But then she leaves.

Her duct tape grip is ripped from my skin and I am broken again.

I will have to learn how to put myself back together one day.
And so, I reach down and pick up the first piece of glass.

I will bleed forever without her.
Roger Mar 2
As a young man
I bought a bottle of aged bourbon
leaving it as a reminder
that celebration was near,
but it became my biggest failure
and my expectations flushed
down like brown bloodied bile.

I washed away nights of sin with gin
and begged mercy between breaths
but even then I had known I'd chosen less
as I dabbed my hands with lemon soap
I wrote a goodbye note 'Cheers
to the bottles I never broke open--'
Riddhima Jun 2018
Realize, you are still in depths of the three fold sleep
in your dreams he still comes,do not tell him every dream of yours
he drowns in haze,
sprinkling waves of old memories over your burnt temples
blowing up particles of dust in the wind-
then all you see is hazed reflections ,

He is jealous.He puts rocks
you do not realize
you think he paves ways for new dreams
one dream
other dream
you can traverse , crossing the galaxies of hollowness ,
realize, the truth
for once draw sounds of breathe within dreams with courage
you will see how two breathlessness , unstructured dwells in your veins
just before the dawn break
you see a bird
two or three
fluttering here and there .
Riddhima May 2018
The city of lunatics
Snatching semicolons
Left on pavements
Of incomplete poems
Over mouths pregnant with scattered letters
Wrapping singed skin
In dots and full stops
With loveless chokes writ on their faces
Lost in bruised
Riddhima Apr 2018
as the mouth tries to speak
words of  damaged love
letters swept away by
imperceptible humanity rippling on the edges of the winds
where the girl swings
between unknown wings
and ruthless silence
as the facade bites her skin
Pray for Asifa
Zoe Mae Jan 2018
I wish you'd go away
I'm tired of your voice
I hear it night and day
As though I have no choice
It's been over a year
Since I last saw your face
You looked just like a deer
But I was froze in place
I'm sure you've since moved on
While I dribble out this trite
And my voice is long gone
Like a black cat in the night
Eyes cracked open like

the clam peeking out at sea;

the morning beckons.
Garbage, filth,
the literal ****
stain on your
perfect, porcelain abode.
Wash me away with all of
the heat that
you can muster. The
burn is vital.
I flourish
on the notion that
I'm needed.
An inadequate being,
I'm bound to this misery;
living in
a hollowed shell like
the mollusk.
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