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Stuck in a jail cell

"Up and Adam"

You have to obey their rules

Or no basic freedoms. No garden of Eden.

No equality.

No excuses.

They own your space

You wonder why that matters

They suppress your dreams and passions

Yet flaunt the same to aid in their suppression.

Try the limited ways in which you can create or share your visions

Not one person seems to see or enjoy

artistic creations that you have worked with with limited resources to employ.

They wouldn't do this to Picasso
To: Aristotle

However, this is the future.

There you are

Beating all the odds

Your position stays the same

Communications in question

"Why must I always have a forgotten and unknown name?"
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Cannot escape from this prison named Time

Determined outcomes mock me from other side of the bars

I cannot live chained to my unmatched expectations
The sound of the clock ticking is like a countdown to the moment it all blows up in my face
Colm Jan 2020
It's drive and focus
   Edge and flexibility finesse
It's youth which fades
   Bulls On Parade
   And my curse midst blessing
   One of many things
BEST my meaning, interesting
   As for one more year
   This old mortal
   Is king
Forward any doubters
   Doubts trying to bring
Win once and they're happy. Twice and they're concerned. Three times and it's official, you are evil empire.
James Daniel Nov 2019
Always by side
You’ve guarded my heart
For so long

I remember going busking
With you
Outside the supermarket
And I dropped you at my feet
And the homeless guy
Smiling at me

And when
I went to that place
The made bed
And Red light
The smiling girls
And I sang Valerie
And walked out
Passed the guard
Following me out
Cigarette in the street

We were all unmade
And I still am

You’ve guarded my heart
I believe

You said I’m worth a chance

The gates open and close behind me

Now I’m moving
It’s time to use my feet
Each other we’ll still see
I’m going out into the world
Make believe
Colm Aug 2019
Gentle dawn
Tilts her head to a simple side
Just like a lover

Her embrace and longing kiss
Opening wider than a day is long
And a night is alive

With ease and gentleness alike
Her hand comes to rest
On my resting knee

As I gently reach for a single moment
Turned memory
Which can be savored for eternity
A Girl Named Sunrise, daughter of mother nature. Dawn for short.
She said and shouted
She ordered to dismiss
He tried to express

She shocked her head
Her smart was greater
But her anger increases

He had to go
When she could know
She ran after him to do

To maintain and fix
Her fault, but it becomes late
Why we lose our gift

Under honor ,is named
when one get the reasons and forgives the others fault, the world becomes good
Colm Feb 2019
It's a cocktail in which memory mixes with sensation and sound. To become even moreso drunk on you. In the remind of those moments once shared, in that certain, southern, American town.
Absolutely beautiful
Colm Feb 2019
Tomorrow is coming, like a train of iron on a track of steel and nothing can stop it.  Nothing that is or ever will be derailed. Tomorrow is coming between friction and steel.
A Train Named Tomorrow
why hurricanes are named
after people, not things.

- v.m
short start to a busy day
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