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Johnny walker Feb 22
All I have Is time to think upon my life and to where I go, from here to perhaps eternity with my true love at my

Inseparable In life so may It be so In death I just can't live without her so I keep her spirit with for l"ll never let her

If I did my life would be at the end so I'll keep her spirit with me each every day for In my sleep I call her name but as yet they haven't  been

But perhaps they never will this won't ever stop me asking In hope one day I'll be heard and I'll hear Helen calling my
When I sleep at night I know I call her name but as yet no reply but I live In hope
Yuki Feb 17
In the coldest of days
through the sighs
of the wind
I still was aflame
for I heard your voice
calling my name.
Angelo A Feb 17
I'm climbing this mountain
even though it scares my skin,
and turn the breath that I exhale
into a cloud that spells a name.
A name I'm not allowed to hail
or it will keep on echoing.
Now the wind kept on whispering
to just leave the mess I'm in
because it knows that I'll fall again
and go back to the beginning,
and it'd be easier if I just let go
the painful grip of this solid rope.
I don't see a glimpse of hope.
Good thing I wore an extra coat
even if I look like a joke.
I won't think to walk away
but now the sky is turning grey,
the ground I'm on starting to fade,
the stars above start to awake,
the moon says it's now too late.
I know it's fate to fail to get on top
but still I'll fight, for faith will not.
Then, tonight the wind just stopped.
Now it's silence that whispers "stop".
It begs for me to let me drop.
I start to ask myself on why,
and what's waiting on that height.
If I reach the top tonight-
I would forget the name, I might.
Although unsure, it's worth the try.
So I then pull with all that I can.
This time I chose not just to stand.
This time I might just win this one.
I can feel excitement in my hand,
Everything is going just as planned.
With so much determination,
fortunately, the sun is on horizon.
To add, I chanted all my motivation,
every word that I know is inspiration.
"Rejection", "Redemption", "Salvation",
"my friends", "my hobby", "my family ",
I went on until I accidentally
said the word that was keeping me
from ending this entire journey.
Your name, your name so heavenly!

The ground I was on became icy flat,
the sky darkens and began to spat,
the wind angrily began to flap.
I tried to hold myself intact
but the rope I held began to snap.
I screamed but there was no sound.
I couldn't see below, the ground.
Is this my end, the final round?
Well at least I die being proud
that I fought despite all my doubt.

Then I wake up, body in pain.
Why am I here, is this the way
to where I'm wanted by my brain?
I don't see any road nor highway.
All that is here is this rope and this mountain.
could i forget if i can't remember?
Lewis Carroll,
The numbers were driving him insane.

George Orwell,
His family didn't know yet.

Mark Twain,
A childhood on the rivers.

A pseudonym is a weapon like no other.
Thugger Feb 14
My body aganist yours, I touched all of you in delight,
Rhythms in the intoxication moved my body,
I felt you as I kissed your neck and you buried your back into me
The rush made my heart flutter in beats of irregularty,
Again, I kissed your neck and you looked at me,
I stared into your colorless eyes before losing to the attraction of your lips,
Emotions consumed my heart as my blank mind rested in a moment away from the shoveling mob,
But moments they only last their meaning
Your friends, they said something to you and you left
I stood there in the strobing light until my friends dragged me away,
We walked out and in the shining street light,
To my West, there you stood with concern in your eyes,
My destination changed as you looked at me,
But my steps betrayed my compass.
In these moments, I remember.
In these moments: What Is Your Name?
In Time.
Ffion Jones Feb 12
A rock sits on my heart
And your name is written on it.
God I used to write some depressing stuff xD
Alexander Feb 11
I write your name a hundred times.
A thousand times, a million times
Your name is beauty
Your name is love.
It's as calming as the mountains,
It's as graceful as a dove
I will pay my fines
I'll pay my dues
Whatever I have to do to be with you.
Your name, your name, your name
You are my name
I miss you, even when you killed me.
Aisha Feb 9
what are we without our names?
why do we need our names to be said out loud?
it gives us the feeling of being seen
the feeling of being alive
it makes us exist
after all, what are we without our names?
faces without a voice,
voices without a sound.
words only exist if we say them
written or not
but names... oh, names
our love has a name, our sorrow has a name
the sadness and the grief
the light that shine on our eyes
everything that lives, everything that exists
everything we feel and don't feel
names are the base of everything
even things that are yet to be named.
after all, what are we without our names?
Some stories
never end
they just continue on
long after
you are gone
every time
they mention your name
the angels sing a song
Maria Etre Feb 7
I just
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