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Celestial Mar 2
Escaping me these twilight hours,
I fear the dawn will come,
And I will have no rest.

Time usually filled by dreams of power,
Now looking for a crumb,
Feeling like a guest.

The day will now sour,
Unable to numb,
Failing the quest.
Celestial Mar 2
Something learned from gaining
Then stolen by draining
We then are caught
The lesson taught

No sooner is it achieved
Is it lost and unretrieved
Sought after by one after another
A secret kept from our sisters and brothers

I wonder now where mine,
Will go in time
Hidden I keep it as a treasure.
The longer I can, it will pleasure.

For it is necessary to see
My plans untarnished by the greedy
My goal worth moving toward
Is continuing forward.
Celestial Dec 2020
To you I applaud.
Your eyes will always say more,
Than that you covey with,
Words and gestures recalled.

Thank you for your sypmathy,
And what you can afford with empathy.
What I can't explain,
You hold and wait.

For my words and what comes,
From them.
I'm sorry to fill your plate.
But you say it's ok.

It is not yet full,
And you could never have enough,
Of me!? You forgive my confusion,
You believe in my pull.

I'll still say what a fool.
Don't you see this pool?
I don't see where I'm standing,
Yet you're here with me.

The water is nice,
And I'm so good at,
Pretending to breathe.
Now we've rolled the dice.

Save yourself,
You are what is important.
Fate is not with me and,
I am not boyant.

After my admiration,
Please float away.
To show my weight,
Can't hold you and my obsession.

To sink rather than swim.
I can give you the excuse,
Of currents and lack of strength.
That goes to no length.

Your eyes tell me those,
Are my lies.
So why? When we try,
Do my feet stick.

The tears add to the pool,
And I move in everyway.
The ground swallows my ankles,
Making soft shackles.

I'm so good you believe too,
That I can breathe.
Thank you for listening to my plea.
I watch your eyes,

As they let go.
You now float and the grip,
It weakens then slips.
I'll say goodbye and standby.

I can breathe I say.
It was the best anyone could do.
You can't float, you don't want to.
It's better here, hidden, keep them safe.
My letter to those who have all left.
Celestial Dec 2020
As I am not,
At my core,
Part of this group.

I am the outsider, and reason,
For which it was formed.
I know I will miss,

Small parts and messages.
I can not fully understand.
However, I do.

More than you might think.
What comes with the words,
"I will die for you."

Still you are unbelieving,
Of the fact I would.
So, with this knife must I prove?

Or give it?
For someone else to carry the dead
The ending is the same.
Celestial Dec 2020
The most beautiful,
Olive to be driven.
Fast and reliable.
Unique, like me, unobtainable.

Treated with respect,
Manuel transmission on a bet.
Small, getting from a to b.
Your radio never let me feel alone.

The first I got for myself.
Misfortune was given once more.
Bestowed on my life was a choice,
To be kind, or wary.

Kindness is always my choice,
You paid for it.
More than I.
Only two weeks were you gone.

When I saw you, I was in tears.
Shocked, horrified,
At the mirror of what my soul,
Had been through.

To come back once more,
Through you I saw my broken self.
Breaking more,
Miss you and the freedom.
Fiat 500 pop 2013
Celestial Dec 2020
I was in my dreamland.
The safe place I had made,
In childhood, to keep myself.
Disturbed I barely woke.

Impaired I thought,
If I go back I'll wake,
It will be over and I won't remember.
I don't remember much.

It continued,
I felt more come off.
More words were spoken.
People, "She can take it, I asked."

No such question was answered,
From me at least.
My limp body positioned upward.
My place gone, coherence erupted.

I was screaming at me,
NO! Move do something.
A soft "no" was whispered, and I fell.
Fully exposed now, I walked.

"Are you ok?" "I'm going to take a shower."
The water softened my skin.
The door opened. "Could you not?"
"It doesn't matter. Does it."
Worst parts of my life.
Celestial Dec 2020
It burns,
The way it creeps.
The wrongs all done.

Culprits I let get away,
For I found reason.
In actions which led to dismissal.

It wasn't as bad.
The past proved worst.
New pain is here.

A new form of mistrust,
Swirling in my head.
Moving to my heart.

Saying you knew better.
The knives will eventually,
Create their own wall.

My blood truly hasn't,
Spilt yet...
Though I fear,

One day I will pull,
Pull them all out.
By myself and let it pour.

Truly I will then,
Be no more.
I will have nothing more to give.

No room for another.
Errors I make,
Will no longer haunt.

Nothing, that sounds pleasurable.
Makes sense to me,
To prove myself, that is me

Not what rises from,
This pain.
Is it not better?
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