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Inday Mar 15
She instantly wakes up with a shock feeling the blood boil from her head down to her toes; its the sound of that door.

The repetitive sound of that door slamming is a reminder of the poison in her life who seamlessly seeps into her heart continuing to infuse her mind with hate.

That door is used for a swinging entrance into her soul leaving it with touches of darkness until she simply can't understand how to love another person; how to empathize with another's time of distress. She loses touch, suffering to understand what love is.

The life who uses that door brought her into this world and smothers their existence with cold truths, lies, neglect, and stories of their past; inflicting damaging images and thoughts that cannot be unheard.

She's trying to persevere, but they persist to acknowledge their unreceptive response to her cry's for help, it destroys her light; leading her down the path where the poison starts to consume all her thoughts and distorts her rights to express herself with the constant feeling of never being heard.

You built darkness in her, and every layer effects even the smallest of challenges in life but you left her with a flame that continues to burn.
Monet Echo Oct 2018
If you ever climb a mountain
There's something you shouldn't do
Do not stay at the peak of the mountain
Simply because of the view

You can stay there for a little bit
Enjoy it while it lasts
But when the time comes
Let the past be the past

If you hold on to a moment
Till you've held on far too long
You'll miss the enjoyment of today
And that moment becomes a worn out song

So if you dwell in the past
Let go and move on instead
Once you look forward you'll realize
There are only more beautiful mountains ahead

As you move on you'll want to look back
At the things that you've come over
The peaks, the creeks, the valleys,
The glaciers, the rivers

Look back. That's okay!
Take a minute to reflect
Your past can help you prepare
For what might be coming next

While you're looking though, be careful
With how your time is spent
Because every moment looking back
Is one less step towards your next ascent
I've gone through a struggle of not letting go of my past. Most people have a hard time letting go of the bad stuff in their past, but I think just as many people have a hard time letting go of the good stuff. We spend too much time admiring the "good old days" and wishing we had them back. It keeps us from fully experiencing the "now" and from truly moving forward. I'm not saying to forget everything you ever experience. It's perfectly okay to fondly reminisce about good memories or to every now and then cry about bad ones. Just don't DWELL in your past experiences.
LoneBottle Oct 2018
I got zillion tracks to the light
But i chose the one that lights bright
I crawl first and then i stand
Unaware of the snags ahead
I begin to walk through the lane
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
Tragedy is still caring for someone who wants the worse for you.
Stop caring about them
Timur Shamatov Jun 2018
Know you are worth everything you need.
You are, and always will be loved,
Specially when no one is around.
Love is internal.
         Never ending.
                    You are Love Itself.
Bea Pineda Jun 2018
It’s already 4 am
I suddenly woke up
I found myself still waiting for your message—an apology
But I saw nothing
I was urged to click the call button
Thinking that you’re also longing for my presence
But I was wrong
You were on a phone call with somebody else
I expect nothing but a shattered heart
But no, it was not what I expected
No tear was shed
I felt nothing at that very moment
And I heard a whisper saying, “Don’t have second thoughts of going back.”
I stood up and walked away with a dagger in my chest.
I saw a train and said, “come and ride, I’ll bring you to your destination in no time”
I looked at my bare feet and I saw that they were tired walking
I was about to ride the train, but I chose to walk even my feet were full of nothing but blood and thorns
So I sat at my favorite bench where I used to wait, in order to breathe
Then I stood up and begin walking

a note was left on the bench
“You may visit, but don’t ever come back”
Kassey Jun 2018
Letting go of someone
Is maybe hard
But accept what happen
Forgive the one that has
You don't deserve
Someone who will
Hurt you all the time
But someone who will
Stay on your side
Whether you're happy or sad
He's there to wipe your tears
Heal the your scars
Draw a smile on your lips
Look closer to your eyes
Will make you feel safe and loved
Says til death do us part
I will be always by your side
Even if hundred years passed
His love will stay the same
As the old times
Every memory
Are worth to keep
Remembering it
Will make you smile
It will not make you cry
Just look at the sky
Hope that someday
All those hopes
Will come true
That person you wish
Will stand at your side
Close your eyes
Breathe deeply
Feel the calm breeze of the sea
Put your feet on the water slowly
Walk gently
Calm your mind
Don't think any
Painful memory
When you feel the sea
On your body
Open your eyes
Get down gently
Under the sea
There's a thousand differeng story
Let the moonlight
Be your guide
For this night
Live in your dreams
Forget everything
Blink twice
You're life is not a mess
You're not what others say
You're not sad
You're not  your mistakes
You're not a failure
You're what you want to be
You're happy
You're the product of lessons you've earned
You're wiser
You're a survivor
Of many rainstorms
You went through
You learn to dance in it
Now your drowning in your dreams
The person you've been looking for
Is breathing next to you
Wearing a sweet smile
Holds your hand
Goes up
To walk with you in the sand
We know each other
For several years
Now you left me in tears
Haunted memories
Moments that we cherish
It's all gone
Everything about us is done
You hurt me
I loved you
You're happy
I am in pain
For the sake of love
This is what I gain
Knowing it was only a game
Fake love
Hidden lies
I wish I could just die
Every moment that I cry
I thought letting you go
Was not that easy
You hide the truth
I still knew
I am setting you free
But always remember
When you lose me
You can't win me back
You hurt me once
I'll hurt you thrice
Yes, I keep silent
I don't say
Any single word
If I say one
I'll make sure it's true
And that truth
Will haunt you
Until the day you will die
I'll make sure
You won't forget
Any line
Our past
Your mistake
Will never leave you
Unless, you say sorry
Beg on me
Say it's all your fault
You're the one who's wrong
But I won't hope
That thing will happen
You're a stone cold
And too young
To know
The real meaning of love
Let someone go. There are not the only one who will love you
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Some, guilting myself, use reverse-psychology
To aim for a timely desire
Through patient methods…

The “I-don’t-want-to-be-a-bother” thought
Chains me down to be present in a social crowd,
And put on the cute quiet-boy card.
How is that any more sociable than being social?
I don’t know…even I don’t understand my ways.

I’ve also put on self-depriving airs
To deviously slurp compassion from people
When I wanted to hear that people care for me,
Even though, obviously, just being present
Should be caring enough.

Let this be a caveat lest others
Fall for the shy stunts.
Using poetry as a medium for confession I think helps me learn more about and from myself.
AKM Sep 2017
I feel hollow.
It tears me up,
Wears me down.
I try hard,
But nothing comes in.
Where's the sorrow?

Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember
The people we used to be.
It's hard, too,
To feel the sorrow
Even though you're right next to me.
We will see each other.
Not today, not tomorrow.
But when I, too, rest in peace.

In these hollow graves,
Many years later.
I'm not going to brood,
Not going to spoil my mood.
You may not feel my sorrow, buddy.
But it's there stored deep in me.

I'm coming back for you one day.
Do you follow?
Because it's hollow, my sorrow.
None of my friends has died, and touch-wood none will,
But I don't know where I got this idea from.
I'm just 13, by the way.
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