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Bygones will be Bygones
and their baggage shall beg
to plow again.

Between the gains and confines
of the wrestled soul,
behind his silver buttons
and navy knitted nylon
beneath it grey,
breathes the pain
of his flourishing.
you win some, you lose many more ;)
Sleepy, rest your head
Shh, don't regret
All that you met
Along a rocky road
I know right now there's a lump in your throat
a sea full of tears, you stuck on a boat
This boat will keep you safe, I promise
Close your tired eyes, there's nothing to miss
the arms to hold you were never supposed to be his
Don't worry now, sleep off your yesterdays
Lie silently in comfort and dream of simpler ways
Dream of softness and love that stays
nadine Aug 8
i am tired
of waking up
in the middle of the night
at the sound of
my skin tearing itself apart,
i can no longer remove
the stamp of
your lips and hands
off me;
my sides splitting open
so my scars ensconced
deep beneath the surface
can tell the story
of how i fell for you.

i am tired
of staying up
with nothing but
the company of the moon,
awaiting for its eclipse,
blinking away
fragments of what we had —
filled to the brim
with adoration —
although fleeting.

memories of
how you held me —
only distant.

the clock chimed
reminding me
of late night drive throughs
around the crevices
of my wreckage of thoughts —
spilled and separated;
full of you,
only you.
(until now)

milky boy!
Ski Apr 2017
I give up the crown I've been wearing
Shifting my chin up high though it's a bit light
Spreading my hands wide just to cover sight

I rather be a tree rather than a Queen tonight
Swaying my wings through the wind quietly
Dancing with the darkness in the pale moonlight

I picture myself swimming across the sea
Got full of my own tears as a company
Serving those eyes a show as you can see
Should've sent this one as well yesterday but still got no mood so here it is. Have a blissful one ahead, blessed souls.
in the cool room
desks, white light
my head slowly nods
the film ends--
too hot for tears
outside, the trees
drink deep
pen scratching
on, eyes strain--
yet another blank page
Poem of past, and future-present.
Rachel W Nov 2016
I am weary but I cannot cease my toil
I have wasted enough time on frivolous pursuits
Yet they are my only respite from the world placed upon my shoulders
The dark softness of the night sky beckons me away from my work and wakefulness
But I cannot cease!
I cannot rest, no matter the personal cost! For the consequence of my failing shall be a much higher toll!
My future in turmoil
My family flummoxed
The joy of my life leeched away by ghoulish specters I cannot fight off, only bow before
And I want it all to end--yet I wish to live my dreams and fulfill my hopes!
Woe be to the laborer who serves the demands of those they love!
No rest seems unselfish, no indulgence is guiltless, the self is stripped away to become a slave of the labors of love!
O sleepless rest! O restless sleep!
How I long for the simpler days of childhood!
How I long for the sweet sleep of the innocent, to which I can never return!
Woe be to the weary soul!
Anne Curtin Nov 2016
Don't worry, there is a way out.
Don't worry, God already knows.
Don't worry, we will find the answers.
Don't worry, daylight will come.
silas Aug 2016
in theory,
summer vacation seems like the perfect getaway
especially while i'm suffering through my classes in school
so seemingly serene, a needed moment of rest
like i could escape every problem in my life
if i could just hold the hands of summer

in reality,
it just reminds me of my loneliness
the heat beating me down into oblivion
leading me to thoughts i wouldn't have time for in school
my future, a muddy slope
my love life, a trainwreck stuck on loop
my friends, a distant memory, a fright of ghosts

the only thing i've learned this summer is
"be careful what you wish for"
written on the 18th of june, 2016
published on the 1st of august, 2016

college starts on the 10th of august and i'm so not ready
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