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Purcy Flaherty Oct 2022
The infinite answer.

There is no end, only new beginnings!
I suspect that infinity is almost as small as it is large, though I feel a little bigger because I know how very small I am ...
I suspect there's none, one, and more than one infinity; simultaneously disappearing and reappearing like quantum movement.
noren tirtho Jan 2021
I wish I could see how I
look behind the mirror...
without any light,
or surface.

How would I appear
without my reflection?

I wish to take the journey into
that vast expanse of formlessness
where nothing matters:
shapes, colours and even movements.

A trapped shadow
harbours a similar desire!
Matthew Feb 2019
Fly away
little butterfly
your wings
are moving
away from
my reach
farther than
I see
A two word per line poem collab with
The sun warms my once chilled body
Through pains of glass in a fast food pain glass window.
The activity of life is artistic scenes
rows of color
Fresh Smells of exhaust
The sounds of engines roaring
The chatter of the morning customers
The sweet laughed of children and grandfathers
My heart beats with pride
Simply seeing new visions of a day
Out and about
Alive and simply being a witness
to the activity of life
A visitor amongst the crowd
Feeling the summer days start from the night.
I feel truly alive and deeply spirited.
Sethnicity Mar 2018
Those who choose to dig deeper
must be willing to accept the dirt as truth
and the mess as proof
The only resolve is sharing tha loot
with those who seek not to be aloof  
those who can recycle  
improve reuse
Otherwise your pursuit becomes futile and vanity in roots
That holds you trapped in a place that never bore fruit.

Like a Pirate
Tied to a ship
who's sunken into
frozen winter drifts
Yelling at everyone who passes by
Uneffected Bitter Colder Less Productive
An Ivory Tusk Burned in private on public telivision
What is gained in the retelling and redistribution of historic ills should always be measured by the need and desire to cultivate future enrichment and wisdom from the source not fashioned into a rusted sword to beheld in anger and revenge...
That is to say the value in revitalizing history is never found in giving it teeth but giving it light and understanding.
Tess Calogaras Mar 2016
So many times
Trying to turn reasons
Into rhymes
Newest muse
Desperate attempt
Only to fall short
As soon as attention
Wide eyed girl
Obsessed may I
Lacking depth
As soon as
Emotions copied
Or furthermore
With weights and stools
Climbing higher
Reaching further
Grasping air
While the painted red smile
Walked further north
And the Abled girl
With wide frames; golden bay
Lingered patterned
Against broken scooters and watched
While I made a fool over feet
In autumn leaves and new beginnings
You held my arm
While minds wander
Of heavenly thought
Of what it would be like
To hold your hand
And not mess it up
With my idiotic tongue
And presumptuous lip
Always rushing
Like one constant race
When the rules
Clearly states
Walk not run
Try to slow my tracking feet
From making another big leap
Intensively driven
Pretty glass eyes girl
Did you want me to admit my defeat?
Tessa Calogaras
Copyright 2016
Stan Gichuki Jan 2016
Movements will stand still.
Silence  will shout,
God am stainless still,
A minute of silence, Holy Spirit is hunting souls stainless.
Death celebrates birthday the moment sin are committed like suicide,
Don’t wish to see tomorrow, ‘cause tomorrow is so painful,
Tomorrow joy will get married to sorrow,Blessing will be overpowered, bravery will be coward,
Tomorrow joy will get married to sorrow,
and Adam will ignore Eve to get married to serpent,
Tomorrow Human will be Evil servants,
Tomorrow Abel and Cain will have illicit *** and give birth to Avatars
....................             .....................                  ........................
....................             .....................                  .......................
...................             ......................                   ........................
“I wanna live forever young, do you wanna live forever?”
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