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Ana 12h
when i get sad,
i think back to when you
loved me.

how the weather
was warm,
and you cared for me
more than ever.

but now the weather
is cold
and i’m no longer
loved by you,
but by people who
never really cared about
my well-being.

i act like i love them too,
but i’m still desperate
for the warm weather
to return,
and maybe you
with it.
Ana 1d
everytime you told me you loved me
it sounded sinfully real
so i fell for it
and those three words
broke my heart into three more pieces.
hey sorry guys that literally all my poems are about this, i just relate the most to this idea:)
Ana Apr 17
she accepted people’s bad behavior,
because she thought,
they went through  difficult things.
yet, she invalidated her own feelings,
even if she knew what she went through.
Ana Mar 19
in the movies
we are supposed to hate the bad guy.
the villain, the one who ruins everything.
but we continue to watch,
because the bad guy keeps us hooked.
he always leaves us wanting more,
wondering what will happen next.

i get it now.

you've got me hooked.
and i can't escape you.
i don't want to escape you.
you and your twisted ways.
Ana Mar 18
our love wasn't some
basketball player and
cheerleader story,

it was written on pages
of an old book.

you were my Mr.Darcy,
and I was your Elizabeth

I liked our love,
it was old and meaningful.

but you wanted new,
so I flattened the pages
of the book, and cleaned
the cover.

but still,
you picked the girl
whose novel shined the
brightest in the stories.
Ana Mar 18
you with the smile that no
longer makes me smile.

you with the voice that no
longer brightens my day.

you with the laugh that no
longer makes me laugh.

you with your good morning texts that no
longer make my morning the best.

you with your smell of your
moms drinking and your
dog that no longer
intoxicates me.

you who changed, and is
never coming back.
Ana Mar 18
you have the
key to my heart,

you opened it
without any second

but you lied.

you told me i had
the key to yours.

so i believed you,
because why would
you lie?

i didn't realize
you lied,
until i tried
unlocking it.

then i saw how different
our keys were.

yours had perfect lines,

while mine was more
of an organic shape,
impossible to
fit into anyones.
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