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if suddenly
you forget me,
do not look for me,
for i shall already have forgotten you.
i thought you were
my paradise.
but all along,
my heart was lied to.

it turns out,
i was just in
the wrong
i was only travelling, in your heart.
It wasn't my own, not my home.
I needed to go back somewhere.
somewhere, that's not yours.
-jia m
she said,
β€œall humans have friends
who they trust, who they
share secrets and problems with.”

But what about me?
who finds it hard to explain,
who only cries to God,
words i couldn’t express,
to the people who failed
to understand my thoughts.

what about me?
who has been waiting all my life,
for someone who’ll understand,
for someone who will stay,
for someone i can share, my feelings
and thoughts,
for someone i can trust?

what about me?
why am i like this?
-jia m
i write random words,
not sure someone will understand what i mean.

I am not good at poetry,
but i try to make it look clean.

My choice of words are very boring,
but please do know that i am trying.

They're all mixed up, the thoughts inside my head,
so i write poetry, for the thoughts i should've said.
this was an accident and quick poem i wrote in my notes at my last poem i posted. I find it hard explaining, some ppl i know irl don't believe that. My words get mixed up whenever i try explaining, so i just let them think, what they want to think. No matter what i explain, my words becomes different inside their heads.
-jia m
all my questions,
were all unanswered.
when will be the time,
i can finally go outside,
and be free,
knowing that i have
all the answers
to the questions i've
been looking for?

for so many years,
i tried to search.
for all the answers,
that my questions longed for.

maybe, i should've not tried
to find the answers,
but to just sit down,
and think,
that i,
am the only one,
who answers all the
questions i've asked.
this was so random, but hopefully someone will understand what i mean. I am not good at poetry, but i try to make it look clean. My choice of words are very boring, but please do understand that i am trying. (this rhymed, and no, i did not make that on purpose **** might post that ***)

-jia m
i’m a normal person,
who walked into your life.
i’m a normal human,
who naturally faded from your light.

I looked at you once,
and you stayed in my sight.
I would always think of you,
during day and night.

You were a passenger,
on my train of thoughts.
and i was only a passerby,
in your world of doubts.
hi im back, no one missed me but i missed writing poems. also this poem was inspired by something that happened to me just last year. I don't know his name, or his voice. But he stayed in my memory like we were close. I'm just a stranger to him, and so is he to me. therefore i am only a passerby, who walked into his world and left without even saying hello or goodbye
-jia m
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