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Heavy Hearted Jan 22
The cruelty of the the human mind-
To lose, to keep, to hide, to find
Half our life be only true
If somehow the mind allows it to...

To forget; well sadly nothing truly competes
for it's the most merciless of our minds feats:
Nothing can be real
if your memory can't on cue:
Regurgitate information,
ephemerally true.

To perform, to recite, to repeat, and understand-
through blackness- pathetic, forget it, regret it
Oh how the mind cruelly demands.
A troubled mind's much like a web
Tangled in memories unsaid
mace Jul 2020
i was left alone
in the epidemic
All humans inside
I'm outside, seeing these horrible things

And i remember that i can't remember.

that I've probably forgotten
Where are my parents?
Where is my home?

No humans on sight, i think they're all dead
oh no, they're all inside it turns out,
I'm the one who's considered dead

Perhaps i am dead
because feeling alive is so distant and far away

And i can't remember.
Written somewhere in April, at the beginning of all the self-quarantining.
Iska Nov 2017
I am the trending poem.                                                            ­            
         you see me and I make you feel alive
                                             so you like me and re-post me
                                                              ­    then you leave me alone to die.
I am your forgotten lines.
             you created me with a careful love
                                                          an­d decisive rhymes
                                      and then to the bottom of your page I'm shoved.
I am forgotten, alone and unloved
                           a faded smile a broken dove
                                               I once was beautiful, touching.
                                                       ­   now, I've been replaced, I'm nothing.
Kyra Wilder Oct 2017
When I was in 8th grade I remember envying the girls who still got to go home to their dad.

Who gets called princess and actually feels like one when their dad holds them.

Who are brave knowing that whatever comes at them has to go through their fathers first.

When I was in 10th grade I remember crying over girls who still got to go home to their dads.

Who can post fathers of their dad being the best and meaning it.

Who can confidently date knowing if anyone hurt them, their dad would hurt them ten times worse.

Who can be shown what a real relationship looks like.

When I was in college I hurt over the girls who still remembered what their dad looked like.

See, my father is a backwards glance.

My father is a shallow breath already hesitating on speaking.

My father is forgotten.

And I have his face.
inspired by Safia Elhillo
Wasted Youth Oct 2015
I watched you grow while I'm waiting to stand on my own
I'm still waiting, and sinking
The rain blocks air from my throat
Time goes regardless of if I'm growing heartless
You left me undone
I'm waiting for someone to pick the pieces up
All I can do is push them under a rug

You're soring, but I'm barely crawling
I want to let go and slip away
I know there's no place for me
And I don't want to know how you've been
But I'll still ask
I won't wait forever for this transition to pass
Any longer I'll let go and sink
My undeserving body will lose the air I stole
When the bubbles stop I'll finally give back to the world
MsAmendable Jul 2015
Trying to feel the thinness of air,
Running through your fingers like silk
Gently pushing around you in a soft embrace
Intangible tendrils wisping around your face
Ever present,
And forgotten
Madisen Maureen Aug 2014
You are Earth.
So beautiful, full of life, love, and colors.

I am Pluto.
So misunderstood, sad, lonely, and forgotten.
- m.s.

— The End —