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SoVi Mar 2020
Words are eluding me
I can't help but whimper.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Aleena Sep 2019
Sloth and slow
Unable to quaver
Full of life
Mary May 2019
Your words are like an arsenic drip
  slowly destroying me from the inside
Tierramxrie Apr 2019
Understand that silence is actually loud.
A woman’s silence is very deafening.
Poetic T Mar 2019
In a world of noise,

            you were my silence.

And I just listened to you all day.
substantial breakable quiet, the moon
shimmers above, a great beacon of tranquility
the night whispers a hidden new tune
and hides its face in an attempt at humility
quickly the sound is gone too soon
a misty white evening
with boats on the bay
the water churning, until it is gray
an empty stillness weaving
the tapestry of the night
a multitude of dreams, and quiet hearts
the living hold breath, at the magnificent sight
because of the silence, the mind can't help but spark
we are a simple people, it is with the absence of sound
Our scholars and our work, have become renowned
in the beginning, there was silence and today there still is,
we cannot live without the quiet, unbearable though it is.
I don't know what this is honestly.
mads Jan 2019
i don't want to tell anyone
i don't want to talk about it
if i talk about it that means it's real
i don't want it to be.
i know what this is but i can't say it im sorry
she remains anon Dec 2018
As I walk an all too quiet house
glass under my feet,
I look for the whereabouts,
the place my sanity retreats.
A temple modeled after the greatest intentions
and point of my attention.
I hear the clocks
ticking a warning, looking, a response,
reminding my woes
of the sky I'll never know.
This home is built of memories
not concrete or tile or trees.
Built off of everything I want to be,
how I devote my character to thee.
my only tyrant.
My pain and misery,
deliver me
from this toxicity.
Come back, knock, the door
anything to make it louder once more.
Unknown Oct 2018
I have finally come to the conclusion,
that I do not love myself.
that I don't love the way i smile,
or talk,
or laugh.

I hate that I am quite,
that I'm introverted and
would rather prefer to spend my days alone,
rather than surrounded by people.

I'm trying to improve how I view myself,
however, how do you change your perspective
when you have been living it for years?
to those that dont love themselves. this has been my biggest struggle this year.
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