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Hugo Pierce Dec 2021
Quite is what I need
less noise
more time to read
the world needs constant attention
but the headphones help a little
give thanks to anc
I just want space to be me
I cant help but mention
my rapid ascension
up past the tallest tree
with less noise in my ears
I will overcome fears
the quite will set you free
Quite is a state of daily meditation
julius Dec 2021
you will never understand how much i hate myself.
how my throat collapses and closes in on itself.
and how tired i am. this aching body is an empty vessel.
sometimes my veins still ache to bloom red roses.
i put my headphones on and the whole world becomes a drone.
a blur of colors and half assed dreams bleeding together.
do you remember that january night in the snow?
we held each other close so we breathed the same smoke.
rosy cheeks and ripe noses, gray eyes and frozen toes.
someday, maybe soon, i'll choose to go through my skin.
by way of rope or knife, i'm not quite sure yet. but it will be scarlet.
my white tissue paper sliced and torn apart by your fingers.
my favorite time of day is any time spent with you.
your arms are home to me, and my heart rots inside out.
i want to scream far and wide into the cold dark sea.
and drown in your recycled oxygen, kneel at your feet.
i will never be more than a kicked dog, a hollow corpse.
oh darling, don't cry for me, this is how it's supposed to be.
this is the epilogue to something, somewhere
Sajida Maryam Sep 2021
For hours and days
Besides the darkness , and the breeze upholding the chaos
When it annealing em eyes, to heal the smear  
you roar from inside, till it gets quite again
Meeting yourself
Lyn Apr 2021
Sunny day
feels like
there is only
you and me

the sun light
hit my sight
curtain down
on their own

few inches between us
could feel your fingers
exploring my hair

on that sunny day,
only we knew
what happened
between us
SoVi Mar 2020
Words are eluding me
I can't help but whimper.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Mary May 2019
Your words are like an arsenic drip
  slowly destroying me from the inside
Tierramxrie Apr 2019
Understand that silence is actually loud.
A woman’s silence is very deafening.
Poetic T Mar 2019
In a world of noise,

            you were my silence.

And I just listened to you all day.
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