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Chad Tannous Apr 23
Ms. Del Rey says “the world is made for two”,
but her idea of two is some fresh hell;
it’s seems that Lana thinks a girl’s abuse,
is cinematic fodder one can sell.
The other woman sings about her man.
“sO pOPuLIiSt” with flowers on her head.
While some may come from poor & tell the tale,
Del Rey wears being poor like it’s a dress. 
But voices that she channels in her songs,
Bespeak a femme fatale alone, and they,  
Are both no one, and everyone in one.
The guardians of endless summer days.
Sonnet (without the last two lines)  about Lana Del Rey.
elish Sep 2019
if you read this you might find this funny,
texts about a self-proclaimed problematic girl
but isn’t she really one?

did u ever show her that you love her?
do you think she even felt it?
are you sure that you love her?
if yes, then why are you doing this to her?
do you think she deserve this?
words can ****.
and I think you are a murderer.
words cut deeper than a knife
Cyd Aug 2019
Somewhere we were two crescent shaped bodies hidden away in a house owned by a bank
The broken blinds didn’t completely block out the lights so I only saw you in fragments
Mystery intriguing the deepest parts of my mind

Neither of us wanted to be in solitude so we climbed under the sheets where enigma could meet enigma
In the darkness you muttered something
Those words you spoke held such animus
Yet you dressed and fed them to me so well

Two young fiends just feeding off the breath and standing on the shoulders of the other
Today I'm wearing my tears in plain sight, in the ducts of my eyes
In contrast to the rage in yours so maybe well look like we actually
belong together
Cherisse May Sep 2018
I've been so used to being lonely and self loathing that I end up pushing everyone away, hoping that it'll all go away.

This nasty feeling inside me needs to stop.

But something's telling me the only way I could ever do that is if I make myself stop.

Stop, halt. Ending.
These inner demons rising beneath my bedsheets trying to strangle me, trying to devour me whole. They're unstoppable, and I'm terrified at what I might do next.

I'm starting to lose all hope.
Cherisse May Sep 2018
If I were to die tonight,
Will anyone ever wonder
Where I go
Or how I went?

If I were to die tonight,
Will my research
Be finished without me
And my friends graduate?

If I were to die tonight,
How will I ever explain
Not going back to school, or passing my requirements?
Will my teachers even care, or will they fail me?

If I were to die tonight,
Will a seat be empty
During the college entrance test
At the testing site?

If I were to die tonight,
Will a classroom ever notice
How one student is gone?
Or will they simply dismiss it as me being late?

If I were to die tonight,
Will all my bad memories
Dissipate into the air,
Or will people still talk bad about me?

If I were to die tonight,
Will all my mistakes vanish
Or am I taking all of them to my grave,
Dying with humiliation?

If I were to die tonight,
How will I be remembered?
Am I simply a stupid kid,
Or am I just dust of the Earth?

If I were to die tonight,
Will my family ever realize
How much I've been asking for help
But they simply dismissed it?
If I were to die tonight, will anyone truly raise awareness for other kids with suicidal tendencies?
Because no matter how much people are raising awareness on a national scale, people locally treat it with little to no care. There's so much stigma surrounding depression and suicide. If you were to tell someone you feel depressed or suicidal, chances are they'll say "get over it" "you're overreacting" "you just want attention" "its not that bad, at least you have a home" "you should be thankful to God since he gave you life" "you have it better than ____" "suicide is a sin and being depressed is a sign of lack of faith", and these kinds of thinking ****.

I can't take it anymore.
samantha page Sep 2016
they want to be different, greater
don't they realize to their own words they're a traitor?

they're a debator, educator, investigator, negotiator
but how?
how can they be so different when they all say the same things?
how can they be so ignorantly hypocritical?

love everyone* they say whist full of hatred
hang out with your friends they say when alone in bed
you never talk to me they say although they've never tried
go outside they say from deep inside
get off your phone they say while on the computer
just be nice they say when they're actually a persecutor

so much and do so little
want to become more while becoming less
they guess it's a success when they oppress
but it's just a mess

things they should be saying to themselves to us
but we are all people too, not slaves to command or objects to discuss

this and that and everything
but I say


for it is better to say nothing at all than to participate in the
parade of puppets who profusely preach phony phrases.
I'd rather remain silent than take part in this cacophonous,
hypocritical, ignorant, perfunctory mess that we call
*s o c i e t y.
Viseract Aug 2016
It's hard to tell your friends when you're feeling pretty bad
And elaborate on the situations that have made you sad
It's even harder to tell my Father just yesterday I felt like dying
Yet flawlessly and effortlessly I can tell my Psychologist without trying

It's ****** isn't it? That I trust a stranger more than the family
I grew up with, lived with, the worst parts of a better me
Some days I look around and ask myself if I am proud of
What I have achieved and whether or not it is enough

Satisfaction from the parts where I know I've done well
Disappointment at the aspects that will **** me straight to Hell
So I question life, I wield a knife, makes me so depressed I self-harm
So now you know why I bear the scars, up and down my arm
very true, I try not to lie. I like to think myself an honest man
WitheredWings Apr 2016
They say I could be like sand near the seaside
And you the push and pull of the ocean
So you build and break me like the tide
Move sand away from my hands in motion
While I'm left to wait for the moment we collide.

They say I will cause your waves to break
Then how come you slither and never uncurl
With every squishing move forward I create?
Then how come even when caught, you whirl?
Even when in possession your storms culminate?

If I could only see into your whirlpools so deep
Be mesmerized by your blue, like being asleep
To fish for pearls of knowledge about you to keep

For though you gobble up any nautic attempt,
Though you defend with sloshed foam and current,
They say I am the shore and you are my ocean
And after all there is one true notion:
Your currents kiss my sandcastles every day
And willingly, my sand grains float your way.
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