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  Sep 22 onyx
caught in a conflict
one has my time
one has my attention

he has my heart
the other one has my affection

my heart is tied to both
but the strings are getting tangled

which one do I have a future with?
onyx Sep 20
oh love
i don't think you understand
i adore you regardless
  Sep 18 onyx
kaleidoscope, hanging rope
so many options, so many ways to go
but so many ways to fall
can you handle my all
I guess only time knows
time is so fickle but so are my fears
time is so riddled with endings
that's why I keep you near
interlaced, preventing heartbreak
but no matter the amount of effort the sum is pain
so I worship the rain in my dry spell
I focus on the power in myself
to stand tall and plan for the many ways I can fall
I wish the best for myself
onyx Sep 8
of course i'm happy for you
i'm just unhappy for me
you deserve this, but i don't
onyx Aug 26
i wish you would share a piece of your soul with me
and i wish you would let me share a piece of my soul with you

i wish you knew that ive never wanted to give my soul to anyone
but i want you to know my soul better than everyone
onyx Aug 25
i was so close to ending it all
to giving up
but how can i give up
when you're still going so strong
and after everything youve been through
i can see that you're going so strong
how can i leave when you're still here
i'm so proud of you
onyx Aug 21
the song that reminds you of me
and the song that reminds me of you
side by side
like we will never be
i wish you knew how much you mean to me, but maybe that will scare you away
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