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Darryl M May 8
Look around you,
What if I told you that this Life is full of dreamers.
That’s easy to comprehend, right?
But the main question is, if any of them would enjoy a dream about you?

Unlike dices, you ain’t an easy pick.
Hitting on you would be a gamble with my heart.
Coz you falling for me, seems like a myth.
Diamonds never become fossil.

I don’t own time, but time for you I have.
Forbidden is fake love around you.
Forfeited is your heart to be played with.

A Queen bows not,
But if my Love became the King,
Would your Heart bow?
Em MacKenzie Nov 2018
I’ve been wearing a mask and telling lies
to anyone who will listen in this town,
and sunglasses can hide your tired eyes
but they can not hide your frown.
I’ve been saying all the right words
every day and on repeat,
the song blends in with the birds
and the traffic on the street.

I’ve been lying in bed,
arguing with the silence in my head.
Every book I’ve read
just says the same things that you said.
I’ve been lying in bed,
thinking I’d be better off dead.

I’ve been walking with a limp and a crutch
even though my legs are working just fine.
And I’m always thinking but never say too much,
but I will never turn down a line.
I’ve been speaking all the wrong thoughts in my head,
but no matter what I do they seem to never go away.
I’ve tried replacing them with the righteous ones instead,
but it’s tantamount cause the instinctive ones just stay.

I’m lying in bed,
arguing with the silence in my head.
The sunlight I dread,
I much prefer the nighttime instead.
I’m lying in bed,
starving though I’ve just been fed.
I’m lying in bed,
thinking I’d be better off dead.

I didn’t get to choose the colours for my painting, but I swore that I tried my very best.
And what do you do when you hate your creation?
Do you hang it up with the rest?
I packed for a trip with no return
but skipped bringing anything essential,
I had to walk a path just so I could learn
that every action is consequential.
And I’ll tell you now that even the right type of misery can be happiness
it all depends on what you yourself choose to feel.
Nothing is perfect so it’s best to embrace the mess,
it can be imaginary but we both know it’s real.

I’m lying in bed,
arguing with the silence in my head.
Every single layer I shed
is consumed by ink and lead.
I’m lying in bed,
hoping for a second chance with each med.
I’m lying in bed,
thinking I’d be better off dead.
Sam Jul 2018
This is an anthem
for my heart
who just lost the battle
to gain your love.

This is a cue
for the drums
to start the beat
when I raise
the white flag.

This is a ceremony—
I should start.
An event of telling you
that I give up.




Not because I'm weak
or because I'm tired.
It's because I see
that your love isn't me.

I'm happy for you
as I forfeit my long dreams
along with my feelings.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
tyja the cat Jun 2018
tell me what I’d lose
floating free to the dark light
tell me what I’d see
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
Not meant to be
Means nothing to me
I am unpersonified,
A bounty on every breath
I ceased to exist
At 5 months conceived
I was born a miscarriage,
A mistake, a not meant to be
Fate has no ties,
No threads to weave
Im a mess up in the
Fundamental tapestry
Even god seeks my death
To take back what's not mine
Defiant, deviant, I don't abide
My life is not forfeit
Unbound, unbalanced, unknown
I fight for the right to LIVE.
saniyya Mar 2016
It's funny, you would always say that you're the best 2k player out there,
but I doubt it because you forfeit before we even got started.
Stone Fox Jul 2015
I forfeit you often in tiny moments lingering like age..To a titanic of an opponent I know I will never defeat. You.
You're the mighty unbreakable door, with no handle nor **** to turn, neither knocker or bell to ring. You are the only door that is not a slave to any metal. Not even a cursed object like skeleton keys can force it open and break into your secret thoughts. It opens from one side and one side only. Your side.
I've watched you slip behind your door and get lost inside yourself.. Never taking anyone with you. Slipping through time in a compelling labrynth, hidden somewhere behind those dark intoxicating eyes.  Those eyes that make me often forget what I'm saying midsentence.
The spark to the match of my irrelevant jealousy, driving me to the brink of insanity. Making me restlessly patient for your return from the door and back to reality, or the reality we physically share.
I want to get lost with you, take me through your door. I want to see more than you show, and know all the things you never say. I need your raw unyeilding commentary and this unwanted vail you hide behind lifted: exposing you bare.
I've been stealing bits of you over the years while you were unaware-but it's no longer enough.
I want to finally see all of you at once. Not the glimpses and echos that I have collected and pieced together under your nose for all these years. Like some common stalker..
That version, my version of you, is forever unsatisfying and incomplete. It will never be enough, who you are in my head and who you are when we are together, is only a shadow of the you let me see. I want the version you keep locked up, the one you  never share.You may be content being lost inside yourself alone, but even so, it doesn't have to be that way.
I beg you, stop keeping to yourself. Keep me instead.
Together, we will be the perfect trade.

-Stone Fox
Stan Feb 2015
Oh, darling, you need somebody to chase you
But forgive me, my legs won't move no more
Find yourself a fast runner because you run like the wind
And I'll just stay here, with my feet on the moon, loving you [standing] still.
Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
I'm overwhelmed and I just want to give up. I just want to give in. Because I swear there's no one near me who's listening. So I'm screaming "Olly olly oxen free" to whatever strength is hiding within me.
Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
I know
I have control
but I don't want to anymore.

I was out of control
in the worst of ways
and somehow
I miss those days.
I can't figure out if I'm okay with winning this battle.
I'd much rather forfeit today.
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