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Trefild Apr 12
no matter how he's telly-sold
in connection with the country he's running
that toilet hound is hella cold
like in that game with hiding & hunting
he plays the calm with that poker face put on
but so **** plagued by what's
after he vacates the throne he's overstaying on
that makes a polโ€“troonish immunity-vesting law
not to mention a name he's all afraid to call
one capable of making snow piles get taken care of; alโ€“
โ€“most like what one of the Kremlin pr๐ˆmary hobbies
is about (taking care of); things may go ballโ€“
โ€“istic like missile launching
off like the '99 bombings
it's that Navalny that bugs him
so much that he's gotten
put inโ€“to a pen; enclosed
in it like an ink cartridge
an episode of the series of events the whole
blue marble is watching
like some "Netflix" show
since that poisoning prior to the 2020 fall
"look, the pants of yours are on fire", - goes a decrier
"they aren't mine", - retorts the old-timer
bugged like the Kremlin halls by a sterling mole
every luster, every wall, even where you pay a call
hence, like a means of exchange, a note
which is clear as a sector, though:
keep your lettuce hole in the manner of a readies vault
namely, closed, it's not safe at all
call it Hunt in the game because/Ethan Hunt operation 'cause
it's duck soup
[hunting/eat and hunt; the Kremlin scene from the "Ghost Protocol"]
like a tuned taxi straight from a workโ€“
โ€“shop, an armed squad's already hastening your
[Daniel Morales' taxi car; taxes trait]
**** way, so before it's too late, you'd prefer
to vacate; the task force is soon to be taking your door
off like a maid's underskirt, with a chainsaw, I surโ€“
โ€“mise; then you're sure gonna get laid, but, of course
with your face to the floor; call it **** *******
'cause you get taken by force (task force)
there's gonna be arranged a **** court
you're in for incarceration just for
a bunch of deviational words
but that's a rel๐—”[ei]tively merโ€“/but that, in a way, is a merโ€“
โ€“cisome case, in the worst
you, in the way of an orโ€“ganization that's turned
bankrupt, are gonna end up shot down in the wake of the storm
[shut down]
like that guy from Yekaterinburg (Vladimir Taushankov)
a "Nineteen Eighty-Four" course as if damnation enforced
yet the **** nation's dispersed
the way about half of it behaves is perverse
it's like an insatiable *****
restrained by the gorge, f#cked, ***** to the core
but not seeming to complain getting more
just what a dictator lusts for; tamed like a herd
of blasted sheep, but playing on words
in the wake of a burst
you've got a unit of a navy submerged (ship, blasted)
which is also a way I would portโ€“
โ€“ray the situation in short; a painting by words
despite all the wrongs the knaves have performed
there are still zombies getting proโ€“
โ€“Russian-TV-fed & those
preferring to be wearing rose
colored glasses; walking bags of flesh & bones
in that understanding mode
despite the outrageous syst.
stuff like the above & the Idokopas dwelling told
to belong to that rotten ex-KGBist (rotten, berg)
[cagey/cage a beast]
[was] rather whelmed with gold
[had] a Las Vegas taste to it
by dint of a gambling zone
[had] a lounge with a stage equipped
with a metal pole
something's gonna get raised, a tip
like an extra dough
as a form of favor; get
some shots for a centerfold
if you fancy getting a prize (skrrt)/don't wanna end up empty-handed
but with jesting aside/jesting sh#t abandoned
he must think he's exceptional
to him & his men that hold
their henchman roles, all those nether folks
are nothing but expendables
Trefild Apr 6
the way I approach time's rather simple
it's a Victorian ***, I'm Jack the Ripper
**** it like a crash-hot spitter
waste it like a massive twister
feel so, even though I bag some scrilla
(about time, blasted zero)
a bad side(s) wielder
hope that that's not till I/hope that's not until I
have an encounter with the
black-tect figure
[scythe; wither]
Trefild Mar 7
like an assassin equipped with poison darts
a t๐—œme-killer's at it, in biz. with toxic bars
to๐—ชards ๐—”๐—ก outfi๐—ง of office cats
known as "Electronic Arts"
at the time it was found
a certain game of thine is shut down
like a chipmunk, I went nuts
as, for keeps, I'd lost ๐— ๐—ฌ ๐—–๐—”๐—ฅ๐—ฆ (lost)
styling which, several hours were spent
thanks for all the time wasted
don't even have screen captures of them
awesome, amazing!
when it comes to discussions like games get
human noggins go crazy
it's not them themselves are factors to blame on
it's, among things not mentioned, such situations
now getting ๐—•๐—”๐—–๐—ž
to those r๐—˜sponsible for that scoundrelly act
and probably not gi๐—ฉ๐—œng an ounce of a f#ck
๐—Ÿike a tire drifting down a speed track
it's gon' get smoky & hot
barbecue; go hit a dog & bone & contact
a local smoke eaters squad
'kin to "Rebel", I scream f#ck the suits
[keen; ice cream]
like somebody chosen to opt
for a punk-like look
and I serve lines as though in a shop
๐—”ppetite to hunt unfulโ€“
โ€“fi๐—Ÿ๐—Ÿed; you're in it to make bread like *******s
but don't be swift to get laid-back, don't chill
ak๐—œn to potatoes & sh#t
like th๐—”t, better maintain your eyes peeled
better still is beating a hasty retreat
si๐—ก๐—–๐—˜ in the same f#cking field
I am; the Creeper, in it to prey like a priest
[sins; pray]
as if you were ****** in religion
I'm speeding your way like a whip (vroom vroom)
in other words, you're in for some mule-treatment
(foursome? what foursome? horses of the apocalypse?)
["M.U.L.E."; believe it or not, but this one is a purely blind hit]
as you're being a game in this b#tch
which, in turn, is the reason I'm playing a bit (with words)
to say it in brief, you're simply collation to get
let me add a medieval taste to this sh#t
arranging it akin to the H & the G
[a range]
not "H" & "G" as in hunter & game, though
"H" & "G" as in Hansel & Gretel
i.e. with you getting ablaze like a witch
after this one, might be given a place in a list
of ones given to making it lit
a kind of mood to dump on you
a multitude of bottled *****
whereafter put a match to use
you might get me twisted now (not literally, though)
but that would make nothing short of fire news
exorcism bout
as it's like getting demons out (get it?)
guess you, EA, have already figured out
what game my pen is steamed about
it's "NFS: W"
better late
than never, eh?
Trefild Jul 2020
you'd be PUT INto confinement
in a lunatic asylum
for posting a pic. some look at as quite spiteful
[for some info, check the notes]
doing what Navalny
does, you would get a fine in
the sum of a few tens of millions of rubles & aside from
that, your bank account would get frozen
[not to mention later things happened to him]
that's Putin being riley
and for certain content getting posted
you'd get your front door chainsawed in
the middle of the night by special forces
after they have stormed in
you'd get toppled to the floor, then
you'd get beaten
the whole picture's having your li'l kids screaming
then some of your stuff becomes forfeit
later, it turns out you aren't the right person
they've left with your property stolen
that's the rotten syst. working
anomie's growing
US Eng

The picture's Russian-language caption translates as
"get an axe, meet guests from mountains".
People of the Caucasus - that's what thought those lead the case and taken the posted picture as offensive.
Moreover, the picture was posted by tens of other users, but those lead the case don't care about that fact.

The source (a Russian-language article):
Trefild May 2020
my lines are so plain
that next time
you wanna fly someplace
instead of contacting an airline
you may write my way
Trefild May 2020
got to meet a pedagogue
who might let out of his
wretched gob
some mockeries
something like this
"perhaps, he has a paralysis"
when in the course of classwork
you're not taking
notes of what's on the blackboard
that snot's painting
got to meet an insolent boy which
might start an altercation
since that ***** is annoyed with
3 out of 5 you'd rated
his "top significant" work with
despite the case that
it's simply according
to the teacher's direction
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