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MsAmendable Feb 28
We were what we were
And we are what we are.

There is many necessary things about the past
MsAmendable Feb 28
The Mundane is sacred too
Without it you are ungrounded
The there profundity in the simplest things


Are you truely Serene, or do you amputate yourself of the chaos of life
(  and think yourself above it? )
MsAmendable Feb 28
All water flows
towards the sea, they say
I think what happens when I cry
Is that I would like to be washed away
Ice melts beneath the heat of my flesh
Life giving water drips
From my eyes to my hands
To my finger tips
And to the sea
Snow melts
To soften and nourish the earth
And leave tender spaces
For the young things to bloom
The heat of my passions cool
Like mist in the trees, it settles
On my skin
Mischievous and solemn -
spirits beckon me, they tug on my clothes
To dance, or die..

I've been washed away
MsAmendable Feb 28
In the future
When I hold love around me like a cocoon
And it unbecomes my being -
I hope I remember you
Even as my wings unfurl from under my skin,
As I take my first breaths
And fly
MsAmendable Feb 28
Each day builds upon each other
Wiping clean and making new the same
Soft leather, creased from touch
Each breath overlaps, makes no demands

Life is like a great glass marble,
changing hands
MsAmendable Jan 8
There is beauty in suffering too sweetheart,
to revel in the pains of existence
I think maybe I suffer and love
in equal measure
and, God!- what a way to be alive
MsAmendable Jan 6
And yet, you ask me to be a part
Of my own destruction
And I see this all,
and choose to shut my eyes
Because a destruction of self
Is a necessary tool
Of transformation
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