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  Aug 2018 MsAmendable
Mike Adam
Go into space-

Where are


MsAmendable Jul 2018
Some days it seems
The gleaming city across the river
Is not just built of glass, but mirrors
I see myself in every face I pass,
I do not go there often
  Jul 2018 MsAmendable
ethan gaskill
to the girl
still picking up
pieces of her heart
like books dropped
in a hallway

"hi, my name is ethan
i'd like to love you
if that's okay with you"

your heart can be kintsukuroi
we'll fill in the fractures
left by some past fool
with gold

because what better material
to rebuild a broken heart?
than the material from which
knock on wood
our rings will be made?
MsAmendable Jul 2018
Dear hands,
You have created me
As I have created with thee,
Not quite fine,  my dear
It's time,  my dear
to change.

And now,  
as sunlight turns to dusk,
Though you've scribed me in the dust
Peerless portrait on the floor,
The iron room has locked it's door
Behind me

My friends,  
it's time for me to rest
Though I know you did you best
But the light is growing dim
And you know I cannot swim
In shadow

My art
I had scrawled it in the dark
And now it is torn apart
Not quite fine,  my dear
Divine,  my dear
MsAmendable Jun 2018
an absence of life.
A disconnection of the soul from the body,
The extrapolation of nothingness
The encroachment of cold
The cessation of zest
MsAmendable Jun 2018
Time keeps slipping past
I try to hold on,
But it sits like so much water
In clumsily cupped hands

I am the tip of a restless drill
Backed with the force of inevitablity
Carving endlessly through thick fog,
the blindness of what's to come

I am pushed,  endlessly on
And when I look back I realize only
How distant now, my old reality was
And I'm pushed ever further away

Every moment begins and ends without consent
If I'm ready to relinquish one present for the next,
Every moment passed is a loss to the current of time
Which I Greive,  yet I gain another

She remembers neither my glory nor sin,
In an unmarked world, I am born again
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