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MsAmendable Dec 2021
I crave that which I should not consider
It is no measure of my ability ;
Except, perhaps, the fragility of my heart.
On a whim, I could feel that warm embrace
At once so near and yet so far apart
But no! my life's path leads me away from her temptation
I am resolute.
And yet..
My mind often travels to when we met
Two beings aloof and opposed -
Until the damning touch
Of soft velvet
You'd laugh if I told you
MsAmendable Nov 2021
We are made of starlight and shadows,
Shining despite our darkness,
Laughing against the night
MsAmendable Nov 2021
Life is like the air;
Always changing, always moving,
We breathe it in with ever-gasping lungs
It sustains us,
Keeps us moving, keeps us going
Keeps us changing.
It flows around us, through us
In us.
I love the storm.
It fills the sky with power
Becomes a masterpiece of air;
The wind ripping through the trees,
Swirling skittering leaves left scatteredĀ 
To dance on wet grey pavementĀ 
The unassuming air reigns supremeĀ 
Lord of the elements,
Firey and wild
MsAmendable Nov 2021
The moment passed
Before I knew it was gone
I kissed you
It did not hesitate as I had;
A Traveller,  midway
It had already gone

You did not kiss back
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Before the world came darkness
And at its end was peace,
But chaos calmly churned between,
A violent masterpiece
MsAmendable Oct 2021
Say hello to my tomorrow
When mercy ends today,
Raise your arms to embrace sorrow
As life's last love dies away
MsAmendable Oct 2021
I can see the end beginning
When the beginnings begin to end
This wild winter wind is softly winning,
My blood, tears, and snow will blend
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