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lost Sep 17
one day, peace may come and ill hold it in my embrace and never let go
lost Sep 17
just minutes ago,

someone fell in love

deeply, intensely

or slowly but surely

just minutes ago,

someone dear has passed

isn't it crazy, how one life can pass?

in the blink of an eye, a world full of love can slowly go through varied emotion.
lost Sep 17
"I'm not good enough" you state,

yet to me, you're one of the beautiful wonders of the world.

you're the thing that makes me want to keep going

you're why i haven't given up.

one day,
i hope i can teach you to view yourself how i view you.

lost Sep 8
sitting here, quarter-past four,
thoughts erupting through my head

out my mouth, to your mind

these thoughts so divine,
which were once only mine
random aha
lost Sep 1
sitting here, quarter past two
crying my eyes out listening to you

deserving the hurt i feel
from what i put you through

i never wanted to be the one to bring you pain
but darling, it’s quarter past two and you’re crying again.
lost Aug 24
change is inevitable,

but what if i want to change everything about myself

why is it such a hard task?

to change my personality would be best for everyone

my bad qualities gone,
shifted into someone others deserve to be around
ba  d
lost Aug 24
watching him, standing there
brings me pain one can not bear

the hollow eyes, once emerald green

once lit up by evening dreams.

those hollow eyes, once full of suprise
now reflect major despise
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