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Liz Carlson Mar 2018
you see me with a smile
on my face and
making sarcastic remarks.

i must be perfectly okay.

yet im still thinking about 10 minutes ago,
when i was letting my pillow
soak up all my tears.

i was the girl laying on my
bedroom floor,
the same song on repeat.

tears come and go,
but the pain lingers.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Be happy,
Don't be ******,******, ******,
****** makes you snappy,
Snappy snatches away all the trace
Of the glow on your  face.
Be joyful,
Don't be mournful, mournful, mournful,
Tears falling bucketful,
People will say,"Look at her,so woeful.
Be confident,
Don't be diffident,diffident,diffident,
Diffident makes you immature,
Gives you a mousy  nature.
Always cheer,
Never sneer,sneer,sneer,
People away from you will veer,
You will be left alone dear.
Laughter is the best medicine,
It boosts your adrenaline,
Many friends you will win.
Laughter is infectious,
It is so contagious,  
Happiness will be rampant,
That no sorrow can dampen.
Enjoy life. Don't complain and be a wet blanket.Face your problems and you will come out much stronger
Alexa Picaulima Apr 2017
We're all living in a world where being happy is the main challenge; where everyone's ****** and the only peace is silence.
Being kind
Moving in the grind
Wasting No time
Head on
Into the abyss
Of devious monsters
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