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Grey May 20
And with just one word,
I watched as my dreams crashed down,
unable to hold
when life's harsh realities
beat down on their fragile frames.
May is the month of tankas and ten words, I guess.
Lady Ravenhill Jun 2018
The flowers you planted
Bloomed all over my skin
Grew wild in my head
Their sweet nector filled my veins
Until you went away
Your garden left for dead
Forgotten by our original sin
Now all that remains
Is this single bouquet
And true love disenchanted
©LadyRavenhill 2018
This song
Will never disappear
It will never have been here

But it won’t be forgotten

Cause the words
Will never have been seen
The chords will never ring

And it’s all come out rotten

Cause the name behind the words
Will never be known
Never be known
And the heart behind the art
Will never be shown
It will go unknown
But that’s okay
All our names will one day fade away

The note
Will never be replied
The ink will never dry

Cause it won’t see the light of day

It’s smeared
between the irony
This world will never see

What I was trying to say

Cause the name behind the words
Will never be known
Never be known
And the heart behind the art
Will never be shown
It will go unknown
But that’s okay
All our names will one day fade away
Lillian Harris Jan 2016
It's alright
If you decide
To be in love
With someone else
Or that you were
Mistaken in the notion
That you somehow
Needed me

I know that my heart
Is heavy to hold,
So if your fingers
Have gone numb
Please just
Let me go
As gently as
You can.
For when you change your mind about me.
Anastasia Webb Jul 2015
last time we made love.
   stagnant heat bitter night,
    the smell of petrol from the highway,
        the old wind out on the balcony,
              our open windows,
our thin white curtains,
    our industrial city,
      our smogged stars.
                               and then –
our fast breathing and oh gosh,
           when you slipped your skull against my mouth
         i swear i could taste the scene:
some romantic technicolour western
     we’d watch in our friend’s garage
                        on their old TV.
                            (years gone past)
your hand against my skeletal
       cheek; our wandering minds;
                    our palm tree resorts,
       our electric hollywood dream;
          the setted sun
               the golden beaches
                       the tangerine taste in my mouth
                            from your love,
           the smell of our skin.


Dornish Bastard May 2015
By a kitten's innocence,
A boy was fascinated.
"She hasn't met the world,"
The boy said.

"Have you met the world?"
Asked his brother.
"I know of killers and thieves,"
Was the boy's answer.

Not of sights, adventures,
Of love, life and its secrets.
By the world's cruelty,
A boy was disenchanted.
Inspired by an exchange I witnessed. Nonverbatim.
EP Mason Jan 2015
And why
is it shameful for a suicide to be fuelled by love?
why is love not good enough for you?
do you know the heartbreak behind love?
the stabbing pain deep inside your stomach when you see the one you love
embracing another
the pressure to be perfect
the loss of passion
the gain of boredom
the desperation when you feel them slipping through your fingers
the harshness of a reality without them
a reality so pure and plain that it seems useless to live there
to carry on without them
because in the end, what are we without love?
mindless, heartless, broken, bland.
don't you dare tell me that love is not enough
the sadness of a broken heart, is enough to send anybody
toppling over the edge.
slipping away.
More of a stream of thought than a poem.
© Erin Mason 2015
Michael Amery Aug 2014
We run from the rain,
Take shelter beneath buildings
And flimsy umbrellas
Afraid to get wet
As if the rain might wash that which is us
Down the street drains,
More sewage to be chemically treated
Before we pump it through the pipes
To shower over our heads
Safe this time as it is controlled by man
Nature's tears confined,
Man's nature defined.
Michael Amery Aug 2014
The day will not arrive when the bird awakes and thinks "Not today, I don't feel like attending to the worm."

Nor will there ever be an ant who sits back and does not do its part for the industrious colony rather living off the labour of its fellows like so sort of parasite.
Blah. This didn't go very far.
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